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International Socialist Review, Fall 1956


Statement by the Editors of The Reasoner


From International Socialist Review, Vol.17 No.4, Fall 1956, p.121.
Transcription & mark-up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


This number of The Reasoner was already printed when we received the resolution of the EC of the Communist Party (Sept. 9) calling on us to cease publication.

We wish to make it clear that we have at all times been willing to find a solution to the problem of our unofficial publication, provided that this gave effective guarantees that means will be found whereby minority views in the Communist Party can be fully posed, developed and sustained: and whereby full and frank discussion, of the type to be found in this number of The Reasoner, can continue. In our view the present facilities in the official press are quite inadequate to meet this crisis in Communist theory; and the editorial control is not such as to give confidence that minority rights can be safeguarded.

Up to this time the leadership of the Party has refused to enter into any discussion with us on the various proposals which we have made, nor have they offered any compromise on their behalf. We are confident that if the leadership will suggest means by which

full and frank discussion can continue, and minority rights be safeguarded, a solution can be found which will end the present danger of dissension. We, on our behalf, are – and always have been – willing to give way to an official discussion journal (with certain obvious safeguards), and would; be glad to discuss turning The Reasoner outwards, to fight the intellectual battles for Socialism among the people in the manner of the old Left Review, with a broader and more representative editorial board.

After studying the statement of the EC which is to appear in World News we will be willing to submit further information, and answers to specific questions, to any branch or committee of the Communist Party.

Finally, we wish to make clear two points.

  1. None of the contributors to this number are in any way committed to the above statement.
  2. We state categorically that we are not responsible – directly or indirectly – for releasing information disclosed in a Tribune report of last week.

J.S. & E.P.T. 11 Sept.

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