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Labor Action, 15 July 1946


Paul Bern & George Clarke

An Exchange of Letters

(June/July 1946)


From Labor Action, Vol. 10 No. 28, 15 July 1946, p. 3.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


June 17, 1946

Local New York,
Organizer Socialist Workers Party
116 University Place
New York City

Dear Comrade:

Both the Socialist Workers Party and the Workers Party have in the past elections run candidates for Mayor or for Representatives to Congress, or for City Councilman. We are planning a campaign once again and we feel that it would be a tragic error for the SWP and the WP to compete for the same office.

The workers of New York have a right to vote for revolutionary socialism as a tendency in the elections – and against Stalinism, Tammanyism, Norman Thomasism, etc.

We are thinking specifically of arrangements whereby a representative or representatives of your organization can meet with a representative or representatives of our organization. At such a meeting we can discuss plans to avoid competing candidates and explore the possibility of presenting the program of revolutionary socialism as against the programs of the Stalinists, reformists and capitalist parties and related questions.

Please communicate with us at your earliest convenience.


Comradely yours,
Paul Bern, Organizer,
Local New York


July 2, 1946

Local New York, Organizer
Workers Party
114 West 14th Street

Dear Comrade:

We have received your letter of June 17th, 1946. The Socialist Workers Party is entering a slate of candidates for the following positions in the 1946 New York Gubernatorial elections: Governor, Lieut.-Governor, Comptroller, Attorney-General, and U.S. Senator. We trust this information will be helpful for you in determining your position in the coming elections. We wish to inform you also that it is contrary to the policy of the SWP to enter any united fronts for propaganda purposes. This excludes the possibility of a joint election campaign.


Fraternally yours,
George Clarke, Organizer,
Local New York

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