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Labor Action, 6 January 1947


Irish Nationalists Suffer Attack by De Valera Gov’t


From Labor Action, Vol. 11 No. 1, 6 January 1947, p. 3.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


DUBLIN, December 12 – Resurgence, organ of Sinn Fein – an orthodox republican party and the cradle of the present De Valera administration – was seized this month by the political goons of the De Valera party.

Sinn Fein’s sectarian loyalty to the principles of the pre-liberation republican struggle – even if anachronistic – embarrasses the neo-totalitarian imperialist capitulators who pose as the legitimate heirs of the republican struggle, even if it entaols police terror, internment, special courts, denial of elementary political and civil liberties, to the masses.

The confiscation of Resurgence is in connection with the railroading to the gallows of a young Irish Republican Army man, Henry White, who appeared before a rigged military court on an alleged charge of murdering a police officer. Although we may disagree with individual terror as a political weapon, we must defend the right of terrorists, to a proper trial. Nothing of the kind was given to White, however. In addition to confiscation, the printer of the Sinn Fein has been charged with sedition. Excerpts from the editorial in question follow:

Another soldier of Ireland has fallen into the hands of the Republic’s enemies and is fast approaching his martyrdom. This much is certain if the present course of Fianna Fail justice is allowed to take its way.

Henry White has been handed over by the Black Police of the North to their equally shaded brothers of the South, and now he awaits his death, which sentence will inevitably be passed on him, after his mockery of a trial before the Special Criminal Court is over.

We must congratulate these servants of the FF regime on the smooth and efficient manner in which Henry White was delivered across the border. As far as Jerry Boland and Basil Brooke are concerned, there is no such thing as a border when their own ends are to be served. Surely this is proof sufficient of the hypocrisy and falsity which exists between the Free State and the Six Counties over the issue of Partition. It is obvious that “We serve our common master, His Britannic Majesty,” is the working basis of both governments.

But if there is no Partition for the persecutors of the Republic, let them remember that there is no Partition for the soldiers and followers of the Republic. The pendulum of death swung south two years ago to take the body of Charles Kerins: now it is swinging north to take from us the body of Henry White. Oh Irishmen, Republicans, arise from your lethargy and stop that pendulum in its deadly swinging. Let it come to rest, a deadly omen of doom over the corrupt Free State Administration of Leinster House.

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