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Labor Action, 5 May 1947


Spanish POUM Appeals to
Workers of the World

(January 1947)


From Labor Action, Vol. 11 No. 18, 5 May 1947, p. 4.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


The following appeal from the Spanish Partido Obrero Unificacon Marxista (Workers Party of Marxist Unity), was sent to revolutionary socialist organizations the world over. While we would not put the emphasis on governmental action of the big powers in the manner of the appeal, relying primarily on the initiative and action of the working class of the world, we most certainly solidarize ourselves with the struggle carried on inside and outside Spain by the militants of all organizations. That is why we pre-publishing the following appeal. It comes from inside Spain, from valiant fighters in the cause of socialist freedom. We call upon all working class organizations to stand with the Spanish struggle against Franco’s fascist regime.Ed.

The P.O.U.M. to the Revolutionary Socialist Organizations in Europe and America


From its last illegal meeting at some place in Spain, the Central Committee of the POUM sends you its fraternal greetings across the borders of our big fascist jail.

Not a single moment since the end of the civil war has our party abandoned its fight against Phalange’s regime made of terror and misery. Hundreds of our comrades were shot, tortured and imprisoned: this is the most evident proof of our combativeness and our faith in the final victory.

At the beginning of 1947 – year of the victory against fascism – the POUM renews its wish to play an important part in the battle for the liberation from fascism of the Spanish working class.

We are strongly convinced that in spite of all the haggling of Spanish reaction and international capitalism, at last victory must be ours.

The decay of the fascist regime is already most evident. The help of English and American finance will not be able to save it.

The present revival of the labor movement is very promising. With the strikes of Catalonian workers begins a new stage.

We are fighting – and shall fight in the future – convinced of the effectiveness of our efforts. But in the present capitalist world, nothing can be – nor shall be – closed up within the tiny limits of the national borders. Our fight is your fight. HELP US!

English workers! Your solidarity can be conclusive. You must require that the Labor Government keeps its electoral promises. You must force upon it the total break with France.

American workers! Mobilize yourselves for your brothers in Spain. Prevent business exchanges with Franco’s government!

Italian workers, Argentine workers! Fight for the cancellation of the commercial treaties concluded with the fascist government of Madrid!

Workers of Europe and America! Unite in order to help your comrades in Spain. By your united efforts, accelerate the defeat of Spanish fascism. .

Let international solidarity be effective!

We believe in it.

Spain, January 1947

The Central Committee of the POUM

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