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Labor Action, 26 May 1947


Open U.S. Doors to Immigration
of Jewish People!


From Labor Action, Vol. 11 No. 21, 26 May 1947, p. 8.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


Six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis.

Not a finger was lifted by the Allies to help them.

The United States and Russia kept the doors of their vast countries closed, while England limited immigration into Palestine.

Although the Nazis did the actual killing, the guilt for millions of deaths lies equally on the heads of Roosevelt, Stalin, Churchill and the entire Allied world.

Total Extermination – or Freedom

The recent tragic history of the Jews proves that present-day capitalism breeds a new kind of anti-Semitism – an anti-Semitism of total extermination. The continued existence of capitalism means death and destruction for all Jews in a personal sense. Only the abolition of capitalism offers any hope for Jewish life. If anything can be learned from the bestial assaults of capitalist anti-Semitism, it is that the real solution for the Jewish people lies in their unity with the working class in the struggle for Socialist emancipation.

250,000 Jews are homeless, a million more live in insecurity, seeking a place to go, but face a world of barriers. The WORKERS PARTY demands that the United States opens its doors to all the displaced persons. This must be one of the main demands of American labor. At the same time, together with the international working class, we support the pressing demand of – Open the Doors of Palestine.

The United Nations – Thieves’ Kitchen

Palestine is now being kicked around by the “Big Three” in a game of power politics in the struggle for oil and strategic bases.

Britain, ruled by a Labor Party that sacrificed Socialism for “national interests” – maintains the White Paper, organizes a reign of terror in Palestine and plays off Arab against Jew to divide and rule.

Russia, at the U.N., has just made an about-face. Just yesterday, the program of the Stalinist parties was opposed to Jewish immigration into Palestine. Poland prohibits the Jews from leaving this pogrom-ridden country. The Stalinists of Palestine join the boycott of Jewish goods. Russia is throwing a bone to the Jews to embarrass the U.S. and Britain and at the same,time cynically supports the Arab ruling class.

The United States too plays a double game. You must be patient, says U.N. Delegate Austin of the United States to the DPs who rot in European concentration camps two years after the end of the war in Europe. In spite of all the pretentions of Congress and Truman about the United States being the most liberal and democratic country in the world, Immigration barriers are maintained. Every statement “for the Jews” is matched by one currying favor with the feudal Arab ruling class. The politicians want both Arab oil and Jewish votes.

The Only Road – Jewish-Arab Unity

The struggle for Jewish national existence cannot be achieved by relying on British, Russian or U.S. imperialism. Neither can it be achieved by individual acts of terrorism. It can be attained only by the unity of Jew and Arab in a common front against imperialism.

The Zionist leaders, by their policies of Kibbush Avodah, separate unions for Jewish and Arab workers, by opposition to a constituent assembly based on universal suffrage, keep Arabs and Jews divided and play into the hands of the British imperialists and the reactionary Arab effendis, who in turn incite the Arab people against the Jewish masses.

Jewish rights in Palestine can be obtained only in a struggle against imperialist rule. The entire population – Jews and Arabs – must be mobilized in a struggle for a constituent assembly that will guarantee the national rights of both Jews and Arabs in a free, independent Palestine.






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