Oded Pilavsky

Who Am I?M/h1>

Author: Oded Pilavsky
Source: New Interventions, Volume 13, no 4, Summer 2011.
Prepared for the Marxist Internet Archive: by Paul Flewers & David Walters in 2017 & 2018
Copyright: New Interventions & Paul Flewers. Used here with permission.

* * *

Towards any anti-Semite, I am a Jew
To adherents of Greater Israel, a Palestinian
To white supremacists, I am black
In face of rampant Israeli nationalism, I am a diaspora Jew
To Jewish megalomania, a gentile
For European Neo-Nazis, let me be an Arab, a Turk and a Kurd
To Xenophobes, a migrant worker
To women haters, a feminist
In the presence of aristocrats, I am a commoner
And with smug generals, a conscientious objector



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