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New Interventions



New Interventions, Volume 13, no 4, Summer 2011 — Contents

Theodor Bergmann, The Tragedy of Paul Levi: A German Revolutionary Between Communism and Social Democracy
Mike Jones and Alistair Mitchell, Isaac Deutscher
Chris Gray, The Heritage We Find Indefensible and the Myth of ‘Pabloism’
Harry Ratner, Capturing the Capitalist Citadel: From Outside and From Within
Oded Pilavsky, Who Am I?
Moshé Machover, Oded (Odik) Pilavsky
Paul Flewers, Ten Years On: The Historical Significance of Al Qaeda
Terry Liddle, War on the Heavens: The Rise of the New Atheism
Andrew Coates, The Flight of the Intellectuals? A Look at Paul Berman’s Latest Book
Mike Jones, Kosovo: The Successful Intervention?
Paul Flewers, Porterhouse Bloomsbury? The New College of the Humanities
Mike Belbin, The Lone Crusader and the Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Humanist Workers for Revolutionary Socialism, Reports from the USA
Harry Ratner, Review: Alexander Baron, From the City From the Plough
Harry Ratner, Letter: Stalinism and Revolution
Paul Flewers, Afterword: Riots: Fish Rot From the Head



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