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The New International, January 1935


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From New International, Vol. II No. 1, January 1935, Inside back cover.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


WITH SUCH enthusiasm as the December issue received we will certainly reach our goal of a circulation of 6,000. Each month sees a jump in subscriptions and in the bundles ordered.

We seem to be quite successful in Europe, too. From the German comrades in France we are told: “Our comrades in Germany have received your magazine. They welcome it with great enthusiasm ... Though it is very dangerous to bring so voluminous material over the frontier they nevertheless will do that because it is of high value for the propaganda amidst the Stalinists.”

And the Socialist Bookshop in London writes: “Please increase order for New International to 36 copies monthly.” (An increase of 24.) Herbert Straussberg, London, increases his bundle from 4 to 8.

Westland, one of the largest newspapers in the Saar agitating for the status quo, informs us that the Nazis have by a ruse taken hold of the paper but asks us to send the magazine to them under a different name and address.

The Boston branch receiving a monthly bundle of 75 writes, “We would like to have twenty more copies of the December issue at once.”

The Columbus branch at its first meeting decided to start in with an order of 30 and tells us that “this small order is by way of introduction. We should double, triple and quadruple it in no time.” The Allentown branch, too, is beginning to receive the magazine, starts off with 10 and assures us “We will increase that as soon as sales get under way.” Oakland, Calif., begins with a bundle of 15. We expect many more new bundles from new branches of the Workers Party and branches which have not handled The New International previously.

A subscriber from Chicago writes: “I have found the magazine of great interest and full of information. I am enclosing two one year subs.”

Comrade S. of the Bronx branch, New York City, is so far our star sub getter. He has brought in 4 subs in the past week.


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