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The New International, October 1935


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From New International, Vol.2 No.6, October 1935, Inside back cover.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


COMRADE Trotsky, from his exile in Norway, assures us that he will henceforth participate as an active collaborator, contributing regularly to our magazine. We believe we can interpret this to mean that not one issue will appear without one or more of his penetrating articles dealing with the important questions of the international political situation and with the tasks of the international revolutionary movement.

But comrade Trotsky deplores the irregular appearance of our magazine. We all do. However, we shall try not to dwell on this point or to repeat past excuses. On the contrary, our problem is to make a turn, as it is popularly called, and to insure a regular and stable appearance. We propose to accomplish this in the following two ways: First by changing the frequency of publication for a short period. This issue has therefore become the October issue instead of the September issue. The next issue will be dated December, to appear, however, before November 20; we shall then have caught up with the calendar and each subsequent issue will follow monthly. Secondly, we propose to accomplish this by extending our circulation.

With this issue we make the start of a large-scale campaign for subscriptions of which the readers will find some further details on the other side of this back cover.

Our magazine speaks so well for itself that we can ask anyone who has read one or more issues to become a subscriber. As an example we quote from a letter received a few days ago from Cape Town, South Africa: “I wish in a small way to express the deep gratitude felt by the comrades here to the American comrades. First, the Militant and now the New Militant and The New International, have been the educators of the Bolshevik-Leninist cadres in South Africa. It is now our task to put into practise the Marxian theory, which has been inculcated into us chiefly through these organs of the working class, and to pass on to the workers of South Africa this theoretical weapon.”

In our subscription campaign we do not intend to proceed in the usual manner of such campaigns, or with much ballyhoo. That would not conform to the standard of our magazine, and it is not necessary. We do not offer special prizes in the campaign, considering that likewise as not necessary. Our readers are among the most active participants and the most serious minded students of the labor movement, who are interested essentially in its fundamental problems. Our magazine is so highly esteemed that the effective participation in the spreading of the ideas of living Marxism, for which it is the outstanding spokesman, will be sufficient reward. To all party branches and bundle agents

we will send special communications and give special details for the campaign. To our readers we say: Here is the way to assist us in assuring the regular, stable appearance of our magazine. It will help to bring in much needed funds and above all it will spread the idea that we support in common.

In this subscription campaign we consider it of the utmost importance to secure the cooperation of all of our readers.

The Manager

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