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The New International, December 1935


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From New International, Vol.2 No.7, December 1935, Inside back cover.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


Beginning next year we intend to stabilize the publication of our magazine on a regular monthly basis. We are fully aware of the great responsibility that such a statement imposes upon us; but we also feel that it is now possible to realize this objective in view of the splendid cooperation given by our readers. In other words, to us this represents a problem of common efforts and once the necessary prerequisite is attained, the solution, for which we are striving, should also be possible.

We have appealed to all of our readers to assist us in extending the circulation of The New International. A full and complete response to this appeal will automatically solve the problem of regular monthly publication and all indications so far point to a response even beyond our greatest expectations. Quite a few readers have sent in new subscriptions. Three of our best supporters comrades, F.X. Ferry of Chicago, F. Remus of Northville, Mich., and Ray Saunders of New York City, have sent in more than one subscription each. No doubt this example will become a spur to others to do likewise.

In the future issues we intend to go more deeply into discussions of the fundamentals of Marxism in order to help restore this indispensable weapon to the labor and revolutionary movement. Great events are taking place, not only on a world scale, but in the labor movement of the United States as well, and we feel that we are in a position to make serious contributions to such a discussion. To make this worth while, however, in its fullest and most complete sense, we must pay the greatest attention also to the rather tedious work of extending our circulation. Ideas become power once they penetrate the masses and it is in this spirit that we have asked for support from our readers. With the indications that we already have, that this support will be given, we can promise that no stone shall be left unturned until we really have a regular monthly publication always filled with material touching on the most burning problems of the movement and serving as a serious means of Marxian education.

Some of the party branches have also made increases in their bundle orders. Naturally, this is one of the very effective ways of increasing our circulation. But in this respect it is important also to remember the financial aspect of an extended circulation. Thus, for example, the Los Angeles branch increased its bundle order and it always makes prompt settlements, whereas the Toledo branch, while it has consistently increased its bundle order, it is almost as consistently lax in making settlements. Unforunately this latter example is not the only one. Several branches have permitted their accounts with The New International to lapse beyond all reasonable proportions. This should be a warning to all the delinquents. We should now put our shoulders to the wheel and build up The New International to become, in the full sense of the word, the powerful instrument it is destined to be.

Herewith we also acknowledge the most recent prompt response on previous pledges made to our sustaining fund from comrades Konikow, Remus and Johantges. With further sustained efforts and intimate collaboration between the publishers and the readers, our magazine is bound to gain.

The Manager

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