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The New International, February 1938


The Editors


From New International, Vol.4 No.2, February 1938, p.34.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


SCARCELY launched, we are already confronted with the problem of an annoying limitation of space. In this issue, we were compelled to leave out a number of interesting and important articles. Reluctant to omit any of the more topical articles, we finally decided to hold over an anniversary article on Rosa Luxemburg and Lenin by Max Shachtman, dealing with their differences above all on the organizational question. In addition, we were unable to print an article on The Frame-Up That Failed by Carlos Hudson, dealing with the attempt of the Stalinists to implicate the revolutionary trade unionists of Minneapolis in the recent murder of Patrick Corcoran, leading officer of the Teamsters’ Union.

Beginning with this issue, we inaugurate A Review of the Month which will appear regularly hereafter.

We call attention also to the beginning we have made in the field of foreign collaboration with the letter from Paris by Alfred Rosmer. He will continue to keep readers of The New International informed on the important developments in France, and all the indications are that there will be many of them in the months to come.

On hand, for publication in the coming number, is a thoroughgoing analysis of the new position on the situation in the Soviet Union taken by Brandler and Thalheimer in their recent pamphlet on the subject. Our analysis is made by another collaborator abroad who has been added to our list, Walter Held of Norway.

Also planned for speedy publication is a study of the economic and political situation in Mexico, next to the United States the most important country in the Western Hemisphere. It is hoped that a good deal of clarity will be introduced into the confusion created by the conflicting reports coming from Mexico about the Cardenas regime and the attitude towards it of the trade unions, the Stalinists and the adherents of the Fourth International.

Scheduled for publication is an article by Arne Swabeck, known to old readers of The New International, dealing with the trade union movement in the United States as it is related to the shifting political scene.

As for discussions, we have heard in reply to our last month’s invitation to the anarchists, from two men well known to the anarchist movement: Guy Aldred of Glasgow, Scotland, and T.H. Bell of Los Angeles, Calif. Their contributions will appear together with a reply in which our standpoint is presented. We suggest meanwhile a close reading of J.G. Wright’s analysis in this issue of the Kronstadt uprising of 1921, which constitutes such a large part of the anarchist criticism of Bolshevism.

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