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The New International, June 1938


The Editors



From New International, Vol.4 No.6, June 1938, p.162.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


READERS who have been looking forward to the article, Their Morals and Ours, which was promised in this column some time ago, will, we are sure feel rewarded for their patience. Upon its receipt, the editors debated on whether to divide it into two or three installments, spread over the same number of months, or to print it in full in one single issue. Although our readers rightly prefer a larger and more varied number of shorter articles, we are confident of their agreement with the decision to print this most stimulating and brilliant article by Trotsky in one installment. Breaking it up to spread over a quarter of a year would have been an injustice both to the author and his readers.

Debate brings to mind the still controversial question of the Kronstadt uprising of 1921, on which Wright and Trotsky have already written in our pages. We have on hand two communications on the subject – one from Victor Serge, in Paris, the other from Dwight MacDonald, one of the editors of the Partisan Review. Crowded out of this issue, they will appear, with comment by the editors, next month, under the heading of Discussion. This is a feature of The New International which, as we announced in the editorial on policy that appeared in our first issue, the editors are concerned with maintaining and extending.

The July issue will also contain an analysis of the convention now going on of the Communist Party of the United States. Its new constitution, as our readers already have learned from the press, is “democratic” in a “new” sense, and has evoked a good deal of comment in the press. What it really signifies, in relation to the development of international Stalinism, will be dealt with in detail in our analysis.

Like our Discussion section, a number of other features, old and new, had to be crowded out of the current issue in order to make room for more pressing articles, above all the one by Trotsky. But we can promise our readers the re-appearance in July of The Editor’s Comments, which will be devoted largely to the recent political developments in Europe, the re-alignment of the imperialist powers in preparation for the coming world war – so vitally important for the policy of the labor and revolutionary movements – and to the position of the Soviet Union in the new picture which is being drawn.

Our Archives of the Revolution will also be resumed in the coming issue with the publication of an extremely Interesting speech by Trotsky in the early days of the Communist International. It deals with such pertinent questions as the nature of the united front, its relation to Soviet-bourgeois alliances, etc. It makes lively reading!

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