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New International, August 1938


The Editors


From New International, Vol.4 No.8, August 1938, p.226.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


WE continue to feel the pressure of a mere 32 pages, especially now that we have increased the margin separating the page-columns in order to facilitate reading. The result in this issue is that, in order to include the material which we believe will be of greatest interest to the readers, we have been reluctantly obliged to omit a number of our more regular features.

Thus, the monthly comments by the editor had to be left out; so did a number of valuable book reviews (we confess frankly that our book department continues to fall short of requirements and wishes, and that we have not lived up to our promises). In exchange, however, a full measure is being given of other material.

We think we are succeeding more and more in finding a “balance” between an organ of opinion into which the breath of living controversy never penetrates and the “open forum” organ which pretends to no views of its own and is open to controversy for its own sake. It is precisely because we have such confidence in our views that we do not fear but welcome controversy.

In the first few months of publication, new series, we have already given the floor to anarchists to reply to our criticism of their policy in the Spanish civil war; and to critics of “Kronstadt” to reply to the position taken in articles by John G. Wright and Leon Trotsky.

In the current issue, we have three significant discussions going at the same time. Hal Draper, secretary of the Young People’s Socialist League (4th International) takes issue with two of the review’s editors on the question of the Labor party, on which more is expected in the future. Max Eastman and James Burnham continue the discussion started by the former’s article in a recent Harper’s which the latter criticized in our June issue. John Dewey, America’s foremost exponent of progressive education, well known also not only for his service as chairman of the Commission to Investigate the Charges Made at the Moscow Trials Again Leon Trotsky but also for his writings in philosophy, makes his criticism of Trotsky’s recent Their Morals and Ours, to which Trotsky will reply next month.

Also in the next issue will be several articles held over from August and a number of new contributions. There will be Max Shachtman’s article on the diplomatic origins of the Stalinist People’s Front policy, and an article by E. Robertson on Canada’s role in world politics, with special reference to her relations with England and the United States – the first article on the subject in our review although the Dominion is both geographically and politically of vital importance to problems in this country. And, as usual, lots and lots more.

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