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The New International, May 1940


Manager’s Column


From New International, Vol. VI No. 4 (Whole No. 43), May 1940, p. 82.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


The maintenance of the New International is now more necessary than ever. It is the only revolutionary Marxist theoretical magazine in existence which carries out a principled struggle against the war. While the war pressure and the growing patriotic hysteria gains support among economic and political organizations of the the workers, the New International remains true to its banner!

The present issue correctly concentrates on the question of the war, Hitler’s forward march, the consequences of the war upon capitalism and the class struggle, and presents an analytical review of the prospects for the future. The editorial board is planning even more extensive studies on a series of problems relating to the war and growing out of the present struggle for the imperialist redivision of the earth. Special articles are now being prepared on the effects of the war on the United States, its economy and relations to the Western Hemisphere; a review of Russian and German economy; the fundamentals of Bolshevism; book reviews, and other special features.

The importance of the New International cannot be overestimated. It is a burning need and requires the support of every reader.

Despite the consequences of the war, the magazine maintains a large foreign circulation. No effort is spared to hold our international circulation despite the greatest difficulties. But it is precisely the difficulties of the war that creates a greater responsibility upon the American movement to make up for losses abroad, by an increase of our circulation in the United States.

The initial response has been good. Requests for over one thousand copies in bundle orders have been received. The New York local of the Workers Party took over six hundred copies of the April issue and has already paid for more than half. Chicago and Los Angeles with bundle orders of 250 and 200 respectively are next in line. Most cities have increased their bundle orders.

Within the last several weeks we have received sixty new subscriptions. New York is in first place, followed by St. Louis and Cleveland. But we haven’t heard a peep out of such places as Chicago, Los Angeles, Akron, Youngstown and Newark!

The business office is now preparing a nation-wide subscription campaign for the New International, but it is not necessary to wait particulars thereon. Every branch of the Workers Party, every reader of the magazine, can go right ahead getting new readers.

A good start has been made. It is not enough. Everyone, into the campaign for increased sales of and subscriptions to the New International!

The Manager

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