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The New International, June 1940


Manager’s Column


From New International, Vol. VI No. 5 (Whole No. 44), June 1940, p. 98.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


In order to catch up with our regular date-line, the Management is determined to issue New International in three week intervals. This endeavor is of supreme importance in the light of the developments in the second imperialist world war. A number of important articles have already been written and others are in preparation now—most of them deal with theoretical and political problems arising out of the war; others with questions of Marxist theory and economy. We require not only the regular issuance of the magazine, but also an enlargement of its size to meet the requirements of the present world situation.

The increasing difficulties of an international circulation places a heavier burden upon us in the United States. We must take up the slack caused by the loss of readers in the belligerent nations. It means simply, that the branches must increase the circulation of The New International. They must insure its existence by sending in subscriptions. Above all they must be prompt in payments for bundle orders. Only in that manner will it be possible for us to continue publication.

In the past three weeks we have received only twenty-two new subscriptions. New York leads again with eight new subscribers. Five subs were received from Los Angeles. Worcester and St. Louis each sent in two. This is by no means a satisfactory showing. We expect far better results and we await especially, substantial responses from localities like Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Akron and Cleveland. We are certain that New York can do ten times better between now and the July issue of New International.

Payments for the May issue are slow in coming in. The literature agents must drive hard in this field and make certain that they meet their obligations. Over a hundred and fifty dollars is owing on bundle accounts. This is a situation which cannot be permitted to last very long. Delinquents face the loss of their bundles until they pay their bills. Such a step is necessary in order to keep the magazine alive.

In the last analysis, the decision rests with the branches, the literature agents and those comrades who are conscious of the indispensability of New International. Let us feel the response in immediate payments for bundle orders, increased subscriptions and wider sale.

The Manager

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