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The New International, January 1941


Manager’s Column


From New International, Vol. VII No. 1 (Whole No. 50), January 1941, p. 2.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


The advent of a New Year usually calls for resolutions and expressions of optimism on January 1. The resolutions are generally forgotten on or before January 2 and the optimism gives way to hopelessness and dejection. Though the second World War is already an actuality and reaction in America is on the order of the day, Revolutionary Marxists can make resolutions and not forget them, for they have a task to perform. They can be optimistic and maintain their optimism for they are certain of the correctness of their theory and the direction of their goal.

Most readers of The New International are either organizationally connected with a Marxist party or they are sympathetic to it. For those who have made resolutions and those who haven’t, make one now that will require little effort on your part – but will mean so much to the maintenance of The New International – one subscription besides your own in 1941. Help us establish a 32 page magazine in 1941. If every reader obtained one additional sub, a 32 page N.I. would be assured.


Max Shachtman’s article on the Russian Question in last month’s issue we were sure would bring requests from branches and individuals for additional copies. We were correct in assuming this so we increased our press run considerably. Though many extra copies were mailed out, we still have several hundred left. If orders are placed immediately, we will supply anyone with a reasonable number of the December issue for the cost of postage only (1½ cents per copy). Branches should take advantage of this offer for promotional work and free distribution. Or if you want us to mail copies to anyone, anywhere, send us the name and address with the accompanying postage and it will be attended to immediately.


Last month we made a request for contributions for defraying the expenses of foreign mailings of the N.I. So far we have received very little, but one contributor writes as follows:


Enclosed find $1.00 that I hope will enable you to send some New Internationals to foreign countries. It seems to me that it is even more important for the New International to be read abroad than here at home. There is no problem of censorship here yet, and if you are able to break through in the countries that are already at war you should continue to reach every possible reader.

I’m sorry that I cannot send a bigger contribution for this purpose, but I have a family and my job doesn’t pay too well – but I will send some more in next month.


Comradely yours,

Another writes:


Here is 50 cents to be used for your foreign mailing. I pledge 50 cents a month if I don’t get fired.



If we could get 20 people to contribute 50 cents per month or 10 to contribute $1.00 regularly, the foreign mailing problem would be solved. We are sure that among our readers there are 10 or 20 who can.


A new bundle order from Baltimore leads us to believe that the comrades there are as serious about literature as they are about their jobs. A little cash and an increase would convince us.

Though somewhat reduced from their original bundle order, the Akron Debs Branch has now stabilized their bundle and they’re paying up.

We were gratified to have the Akron Branch settle their bundle order obligation completely. Their bill was once $21.00. They have done a magnificent job in liquidating it. Akron now takes its place with Boston, Worcester, St. Louis, San Francisco and Youngstown in owing nothing to this office. We were particularly pleased to hear from Youngstown having almost given up hope of ever hearing from them.

St. Louis has found a bookstore that is willing to handle the N.I. regularly. Literature agents in other branches might do well to try to place the N.I. in bookstores. We’ll do the mailing, you get the customers.

Chicago Central is slowly but surely catching up on its back bills and Bob Sherman, their literature agent, is really getting some results in gathering subscriptions.

Chicago South Side now takes a separate bundle and we’re not worried about their paying or their activity.

A little cash and an occasional letter would be very much appreciated from Cleveland. We won’t be harsh until we know the circumstances.

Los Angeles has made a colossal effort to liquidate a colossal bill. We hope they continue with the effort.

Newark better show a little life in the matter of payments commensurate with your increased bundle.

The same goes for South Philadelphia. Your balance is still too high.

Last, but not least, New York is catching up on what once was a big debt The new literature agent is working hard and efficiently. All we need now is a real increase in circulation.


Don’t forget your New Year’s resolution. At least one new subscriber for each reader in 1941.


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