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The New International, May 1941


Manager’s Column


From New International, Vol. VII No. 4 (Whole No. 53), May 1941, p. 82.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


THIS IS THE SECOND thirty-two page issue of The New International since the decision was made to double its size. We believe that our readers will agree that this and the last issue are vast improvements over the size and content of their predecessors. Needless to say, we are determined that the future will bring even greater improvement and that with the help of the branches of the Workers Party and all of our sympathizers we will maintain The New International in its present format until –?

Nor can there be any complaint about the promptness with which the editorial board has labored to produce this issue on time. Here it is the early part of May and you actually have the May issue in your hands. This fact alone should enable branches to immediately increase their sales both on newsstands and otherwise. Furthermore, our plans call for the appearance of the N.I. every month with the same scheduled promptness.

As we have said in this column before, all of our plans depend in a great measure upon what the branches do in the way of bundle order increases and payments, subscriptions, etc., and what our readers do in publicizing and getting new subscribers for the N.I. With our 32-page magazine, finances become even more important than they were before. The life blood of any revolutionary publication is subscriptions.

Space does not allow for reporting the standing of various branches. We will report this next month when we feel certain that our 32-pager will have justified its production. Los Angeles still tops the branches with the largest bundle order outside of New York. Kansas City was the first branch to increase its bundle since the appearance of 32 pages – with the comment that it was a fine issue.

We are now certain that some of our literature is reaching the British Isles. A letter from Scotland states that several issues of the N.I. have been received and asks for back issues that failed to reach this particular reader. It is encouraging that the large expense involved in foreign mailing doesn’t all go to the bottom of the sea – and we appeal again for contributions for this special fund which we set aside for this very important source of distribution.

We want more comments and suggestions on what you think of the N.I. Suggestions will be carefully considered and comments will be encouraging – and we want them even if they be unfavorable.

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