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The New International, June 1941


Manager’s Column


From New International, Vol. VII No. 5 (Whole No. 54), June 1941, p. 98.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


With the publication of this issue, the third thirty-two page number since the decision to double the size of The New International, it is conclusively proved that we are publishing a magazine second to none in content, in its selection of theoretical and discussion articles, in important contributions to revolutionary thought – in other words, the finest Marxist theoretical organ in the country today.

No more can it be said that there is not enough reading matter, as was said about the sixteen-page size – the new thirty-two pager has not only enlarged the size of the magazine, but has brought with it an improvement in its content.

We have done our part in putting out this magazine and in fulfilling an unusually high standard, and we expect the branches to meet us half way by doing their part. A start has already been made. But it is necessary to go further

In a few cases the branches have already responded. The New York YPSLs have increased their bundle from 75 to 125 copies; the Philadelphia YPSLs from 10 to 15 copies; St. Louis from 25 to 35 copies; Kansas City from 5 to 15 copies. We are waiting to hear from other places. What about it, Local New York? And Chicago! Los Angeles!

Bookstores and newsstands that carry this type of literature will be glad to display it if you bring it to their attention; union educational department and libraries should be interested in at least one subscription each; university libraries should also be approached for a subscription; professors and teachers of political science, economics and sociology, among others, should be visited and/or written to, given a sample copy of The New International, and approached concerning a subscription; meetings of current events clubs, political science groups, etc., should be covered regularly; schools, classes in economics, political groups should also be covered with sales of the magazine; and, above all, wherever workers congregate, at meetings, parks, parades, the N.I. should be sold. Lists of all expired N.I. subscribers will be sent to all branches, and these should be covered by individual visits without fail.

The New International CAN be sold, but it takes plugging and work and concentration to do it. It MUST be sold, if we want to continue its publication on the present basis.

We cannot emphasize sufficiently the importance of consistent, day-to-day plugging by street sales and the visiting of contacts, the necessity for hard, conscientious work, the importance of having sample New Internationals with you no matter what work you are doing.

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