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The New International, September 1941


Editorial Notes


From New International, Vol. VII No. 8 (Whole No. 57), September 1941, p. 194.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


In spite of the most trying circumstances, we have managed to continue publication of The New International for more than a year and a half. It was possible only because of an unwavering determination on our part to keep in existence the best Marxist theoretical magazine in the country.

Naturally the world-wide character of the Second World War has been the single, most powerful obstacle to the continuation of the once large circulation of the NI. At one time our international circulation was the bright spot. The magazine was sent to all part of the world, the Far East, South Africa, Australia, Europe and South America. The war blockade has prevented the NI from reaching its former subscribers and readers.

Even so, we haven't given up trying and still manage to maintain a fair international circulation. The magazine still gets through in one country or another; its value has been increased a thousand-fold because of the limitations on publications, censorship and other bourgeois instruments of suppression.

Only a few weeks ago, the NI was advised by the United States Post Office Department that the publication has been barred from Japan. The communication from the post office in Tokyo, Japan, addressed to the American post office reads as follows:

Please note that two ordinary articles mailed by New International Publishing Co., 114 West 14th Street, New York, N.Y., addressed to E.K. Nobudiima Komagome, Hayaskicho, Hongo-Ku, have been retained by the authorities here, in accordance with Article 46, Section 1, of the Universal Postal Convention, as their contents (The New International, Vol. 7, No. 4) fall under the prohibitions of Section 1 (d) of the same article.

The article referred to in the above censorship is as follows:

The sending of the articles mentioned in Column 1 of the table below is prohibited— (d) Articles whose admission or circulation is prohibited in the country of destination.

The Japanese censorship notwithstanding, we are going ahead. The best way to insure breaking such restrictions is to guarantee the issuance of The New International. This is most important. The Editorial Department will do its part. We ask our readers to do theirs by subscribing to the magazine and insuring a wider circulation.


The next issue is already in preparation. Among its contents will be: The Theory of Bureaucratism, by Max Shachtman; The Anatomy of Jim-Crowism, by David Coolidge; Roosevelt Reformism, by Albert Gates, and a review of Louis Fisher's Men and Politics, by Irving Howe.

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