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The New International, April 1942


Manager’s Column


From New International, Vol. VIII No. 3, April 1942, p. 66.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


The March issue of The New International was well received by its readers. In New York City an excellent record of newsstand sales was set. Several literature agents sent in requests for additional numbers of the March issue. Most interest was centered around the articles dealing with an economic review of the year 1941 and the first section of the brilliant thesis on the question of India (completed in the present issue).

As one reader wrote us, “I want you to know with what pleasure I read The New International each month. In times like these it is indeed a pleasure to read a magazine of such profound theoretical penetration and understanding. It is in the best classic Marxist tradition!” (H.T., New York City.)

The subscription campaign being conducted by The New International, in collaboration with the weekly newspaper, Labor Action, has been progressing. There is still another month in which agents can secure the $1.00 special six-month combination offers to both publications ($1.25 in New York City). Many new readers and subscribers have already been added to our list and we hope to continue this during the month of April. In next month’s issue we shall announce the final gains of the drive. Meanwhile there remains a whole month in which to get $1.00 or $1.25 subs!

We are pleased to announce that The New International still has a wide circulation in various foreign countries, where its arrival – as always – is eagerly awaited. Throughout South America, England and certain countries of the Far East The New International still continues to arrive more or less regularly.


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