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The New International, March 1943


Boost Our Press!


From The New International, Vol. IX No. 3, March 1942, p. 66.
Marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


Two hundred and fifty new subscribers for The New International, one thousand new subscribers for Labor Action, by June 15! The readers and friends of both papers are mobilizing for a joint drive to raise the banner of socialist thought and socialist action higher than ever before, in the very face of a difficult world situation and the rise of reaction. They are backed by the enthusiastic approval of the hundred or more delegates and visitors to the recent conference of Workers Party activists.

The magnificent progress made by Labor Action during the past year gives us good reason to believe that LA will hold up its end of the drive. But The New International quota cannot, unfortunately, be simply left to the initiative of even its most devoted readers. Each one seems to labor under the delusion that the magazine appears exclusively for his personal and private political education, and will continue to appear as long as his personal and private need exists, regardless of such mundane matters as rising printing costs, etc.

Let us explain, without going into further detail, that such is not the case. An organ of socialist education must be constantly expanding its sphere of influence or it fails in its purpose. It cannot allow itself to shrink to the proportions of a private discussion bulletin of its editorial board. The New International is proud of its position as the outstanding organ of socialist education in America. But its influence needs to be extended in a large way.

An entirely new push will be required to bring in the 250 subs that will mean so much for the continued publication and improvement of our magazine. “Two hundred and fifty new subscribers by June 15th” is not just another slogan fur talking purposes only; it is the only way of giving the NI a wider sphere of influence.


$1.00 for six months.
$1.50 for one year.


$1.00 for six months.
$1.75 for one year.

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