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The New International, May 1943

Manager’s Column


From The New International, Vol. IX No. 5, May 1943, p. 130.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


Subscriptions to The New International have begun to come in with greater regularity since our last issue. It begins to look as if our readers are bringing the magazine to the attention of more of their friends – with the result that we are getting new readers, who appreciate the unique position of our review as an organ of socialist thought.

But these new subscriptions that come in are nothing compared to what we should be getting. Labor Action, the weekly newspaper representing the same political viewpoint as our magazine, now prints over 35,000 copies of each issue. The New International cannot be expected to come anywhere near that, under present circumstances; but there must certainly be many workers who read Labor Action who would also be glad to subscribe to the NI if they were approached by one of our present readers, shown a copy of the magazine, and told what an important aid it is in penetrating the political fog that surrounds us these days.

Back issues of the NI (1940, 1941 and 1942) may be sent to prospects; and if followed up with a letter or a personal visit, subs can often be obtained. Why not buy a bound volume of the NI for 1942 from us ($2.50) and use your unbound copies for samples? We depend on those of our readers who are seriously interested in the promotion of Marxist education, to make the effort necessary to keep the NI appearing regularly and enlarging its sphere of influence. A magazine like ours cannot grow on the temporary impetus provided by current events. There must be, in most cases, a deeper interest on the part of a prospective reader; and he must be shown carefully and by concrete example how the NI plays an indispensable rôle in the field of socialist thought.

So far, only NEW YORK has sent in satisfactory returns in the NI sub drive – around fifty new subscriptions. We expect a good deal more from New York; but the rest of the country is far behind, proportionately. The very modest quotas that were set are not yet fulfilled. New York will almost certainly meet or surpass its quota of seventy-five; there is no reason why other localities should not do likewise, if a systematic campaign is actually planned and carried through.

The special six-months introductory subscription to the NI is a proposition that cannot be equalled in value. We may not be able to make this offer much longer. Give your friends the opportunity of taking advantage of it, especially if they already subscribe to Labor Action. Show them how many articles published in recent issues of our magazine could be found nowhere else, how solid a contribution each issue makes to socialist clarity. TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY NEW SUBSCRIBERS IS THE GOAL!

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