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The New International, March 1944

Manager’s Column


From The New International, Vol. X No. 3, March 1944, p. 66.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


The last two issues of The New International had a one hundred per cent sale on the newsstands of New York City, creating an almost unprecedented situation in the business office. Many requests for the February issue containing the editor’s analysis of the Fight in the American Labor Party went unfulfilled – a state of affairs that evoke an obvious moral, to wit, a subscription to the magazine is your best guarantee, etc., etc.

Beginning with this issue, the press run will receive progressive boosts, a reflection of the upward trend of circulation and the start of a determined campaign to peg its index to a level the magazine has long deserved.

New subscriptions and renewals have been coming in at a fairly steady rate, but do not amount to a hill of subs, which is precisely what the situation requires. We realize that it is more difficult to compete with Labor Action’s pace at the NI price, but agents might conceivably treble our present circulation by soliciting NI subs with the identical effort and time. Every reader of Labor Action is a potential reader of the NI.

New York City led the sub-getters last month, with California in the second slot. Other cities heard from (in a whisper): St. Louis, Philadelphia, Columbus, Rochester, Dunkirk, Washington, D.C., and Detroit. Our agent in Hartford, Conn., not only sells out his monthly bundle but pays his bill as though it were a simplified income tax return. Note to Chicago: thanx for cleaning up those old red figures. Feels swell to tote a clean slate, doesn’t it!

The British magazine, Left, lend-leased Reva Craine’s article on Bolivia: Colony of the U.S.A., from the July 1943 New International. Third time, too.

The April number of The New International will feature the second part of Paul Temple’s dissection of technocracy, the conclusion of Ria Stone’s series on China and an article on Spain by Miriam Gould. Plus, of course, the editor’s Notes of the Month and book reviews. Reserve your copy now by subscribing for yourself, friends and shopmates.


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