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The New International, May 1944


The Notebook


From The New International, Vol. X No. 5, May 1944, p. 130.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


Paul Temple’s analysis of the economic and political theories of technocracy (March and April New International) stirred a tempest in some quarters. The “CHQ” (Continental Headquarters) of Technocracy, Inc., ordered two hundred copies of the March issue and two hundred and fifty copies of the April issue. A California technocrat sent in cash for ten more and the morning mail continues to bear written evidence of a literary bombshell that really exploded!

In all honesty we must report that the comments were mostly of the taunting kind, denoting a high degree of loyalty that technocrats have to their movement. What did our readers think of the Temple articles? We’d like to have their opinions on this – and everything else – that appears in The New International.

A reader in Detroit writes:

“The Piece on Ups and Downs of the Labor Party Movement hit the nail on the head. Not only about the Stalinist tactics – deliberate lying, etc. – of the leadership of the Socialist Workers Party, but about the potentialities of the recently formed Michigan Commonwealth Federation. The leaders of the MCF are playing Jekyll and Hyde with their ‘principles,’ as witness their disgraceful antics at the PAC conference in Detroit. I guess we won’t get a Labor Party in the United States until the rank and file of labor, which has more guts than its leadership, succeeds in instilling some of it in the high places.”

A detailed, analytical article on the MCF is in preparation and will appear in an early issue. Written from first-hand observations in Detroit, it will include a history of its origins, development, leadership and prospects. However, it may be delayed to include the results of the MCF constitutional convention to be held in Lansing, Mich., sometime in July.

Subscriptions picked up slightly in the past month. New York City, Brooklyn and Reading, Pa., led all the rest, with subs received from Washington, D.C., Columbus, Berkeley, Buffalo, New Haven, Cleveland, Chicago, Cincinnati, Birdsboro, Pa., Brookline, Mass., and points as distant as Texas, Wyoming and the San Fernando Valley in California. Youngstown, Ohio, ordered a monthly bundle and two of the nation’s leading universities completed their files of The New International with bound volumes for the past years.

Incidentally, the bound volumes of the NI for 1943, long delayed by manpower shortages at our printer’s and binder’s, is now on sale. The indexed, red-covered, stiff-bound volume retails at $2.50. Your check, money order or cash, addressed to our business office will bring you this volume, post-free

We have assembled a limited number of volumes of The New International, dating back to the time of its initial appearance in 1934. These will be bound and offered for sale soon. Readers who are willing to part with unneeded or duplicate copies of early issues of the NI could make a worthy contribution to our press fund by sending them in to us for binding purposes.

Did you know that July 1944 marks the tenth anniversary of The New International? As part of our “tin” jubilee celebration, we are planning that issue to be the biggest and best value in our history, with special features and articles by past and present contributors. We are even toying with the idea of a slick cover in colors for the special event, and an enlarged issue. But more about that later on.

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