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The New International, June 1944


The Notebook


From The New International, Vol. X No. 6, June 1944, p. 162.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


The only verbal ambiguity you will find in this issue of The New International comes in the following sentence: The big news of this month comes next month, which is our way of saying that plans for the publication of an enlarged Tenth Anniversary Issue of the NI have completed. July 1944 is that Marxist milestone and we’re pleased to be proud.

Ten years is a long life in a field where the magazine mortality rate is something to make paper manufacturers wish they were in the black gas business. Ten years of publishing a journal of revolutionary Matxist analysis is an achievement that borders on the supernatural, and as the editors will readily attest, was nearly as impossible as we could make it sound.

But the NI survived and grew because the firm, clear voice of its partisan doctrine HAD to be heard above the swirling cacophony of world events. Now tenacity has reaped some measure of its reward.

The July, Tenth Anniversary, issue of the NI will be the finest in our history IF the contributions of our readers make it possible for us to print all the articles on tab. Here are a few:

Ten Years of American Labor’s Struggle, by David Coolidge; Ten Years of The New International, by the editors; Bureaucratism in the Revolutionary Movement, by Max Shachtman; The Revolutionary Tradition in America, by J.R. Johnson; hitherto unpublished letters of Friedrich Engels to Karl Kautsky; an unpublished article on the Italian Revolution, by Leon Trotsky; Lenin’s speech to the Eighth Congress of the Russian Bolshevik Party.

All these – and others – will see the light of publication if our friends take time and trouble to use the contribution blank on the back cover of the current issue. If readers decline to have their names listed on the greetings page of the forthcoming commemorative number, we’ll list them anonymously.

And if the gods and our readers’ pocketbooks are with us, we’ll enter our second decade of publication, to garble T.S. Eliot, not with a whimper, but with a bang. Send us your contribution NOW, so that it can be entered before the printer’s deadline.

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