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The New International, July 1944


Manager’s Column


From The New International, Vol. X No. 7, July 1944, p. 194.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


It took a long pull to get there, but here we are – on the threshold of our second decade of publication.

To all of our many friends and readers we take this opportunity to thank them for their long and loyal support – with the somewhat boorish reminder (the business manager’s curse) that without their continued efforts to obtain new subscriptions and financial contributions all their good intentions are of little practical assistance.

If this special commemorative number seems only properly substantial in size for the occasion, consider what a tremendous asset it would be to the revolutionary socialist movement if we could print forty-eight pages every month. Unfortunately we will have to be content with the normal thirty-two in the future – unless you readers change all that.

An apology is in order to the contributors of paid greetings and congratulations to this Anniversary issue, whose generosity made possible the enlarged size of the magazine this month Due to technical difficulties, we were forced to reduce the space allotted for their felicitory messages. Any other alternative would have forced us to cut or delete whole sections of articles. We feel sure that our friends will forgive us our reluctance to make any typographical trespasses in this regard.

As a matter of fact, the editors received or themselves prepared sufficient material to fill an issue double the size of this one. Here are some of the articles we would have been overjoyed to include, but couldn’t:

We’ll try to squeeze as many of these as we possibly can into the August issue.

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