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The New International, October 1944

Editor’s Notes


From The New International, Vol. X No. 10, October 1944, p. 306.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


As the reader will note, the study of our German Comrades, Capitalist Barbarism or Socialism, which we began to print in last month’s issue, is printed this month, complete from beginning to end, in a convenient special supplement. We considered this such a worthwhile contribution to the problems of Marxism today that we went to the extra expense involved in adding so many more pages to the usual thirty-two-page issue.

The publication of this document has left us less room for other material. We are therefore holding over for publication in the next issue or issues a number of articles of special interest. One is the long-delayed continuation of Karl Marx’s historic attack upon Herr Vogt. Another is a first contribution to a study of the latest fashion in politics – “mass psychology” – with special reference to one of its specialists, Erich Fromm. The article is written by a new contributor to The New International, Harris Warner. A criticism of the attitude of the Negro intellectuals toward the Negro problem in the Unite States constitutes the theme of a review by Freddie Forrest of the study of the American Negro question by the Swedish sociologist, Gunnar Myrdal. Ernest Lund has written an analysis of the relations and conflicts among Russia, England and the United States, with special reference to the “mysterious” Teheran Conference. The twenty-seventh anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution will also be commented on in a special article.

Crowded for space, and compelled to print only those articles which, like the reviews of the five trade union conventions, could not be postponed, we had to refrain most reluctantly from commenting on three of the most important questions of the day: Tragedy and Treachery in the Warsaw Uprising; the Liberation of Paris and the Prospects of France; and Allied Post-War Plans for the Demolition of Germany. Another article we were compelled, just as reluctantly, to hold over was an analysis of the situation in much discussed and little known Argentina, written by one of our comrades in Buenos Aires. Well, all these next month, too.

Finally, we plan another article on the Socialist Workers Party, which is now engaged in a “discussion” which is certainly one of the most curious – and most saddening, as we shall see – in the history of the Trotskyist movement. In view of the fact that the questions under discussion are of great concern to all revolutionists, both here and abroad, and the fact that in spite of this the discussion is not brought into the light of day (in accordance with a practice which the SWP calls, of all things! Bolshevism), a comment on the “discussion” in our next issue will prove interesting to our readers.


Because of the special value of the study of our German comrades, Capitalist Barbarism or Socialism, which is published as a supplement to this issue of The New International, we have decided to print an extra number of the supplement itself. Many readers will undoubtedly wish to obtain an extra copy for another friend or comrade. They will be available to all – first come, first served – who write to The New International, 114 West 14th Street, New York 11, N.Y. Price per copy of the special supplement, postage included, is twenty cents.

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