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The New International, November 1945


Business Manager’s

Memo to Our Readers


From New International, Vol. XI No. 8, November 1945, p. 226.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


The war seriously affected the growth of our magazine. Lack of manpower not only curtailed our circulation but made it impossible at times to even meet publication deadlines. In September we reorganized the editorial staff and business department and already our readers can see the improvement in content and efficiency. Unfortunately, we have not been able, as yet, to catch up with our printing deadline. This will still take a little time.

In spite of our difficulties, the New International continues to be the leading journal of Marxist theory in this country. With further effort we aim not only to improve its content but also increase its circulation.

We are initiating a modest drive to obtain 500 new subscribers to the New International by the first of the year. We are going to mail a sample copy of this issue of the magazine to every subscriber of our companion, weekly newspaper, Labor Action. Members and supporters of the Workers Party plan to visit every friend of Labor Action to obtain a subscription.

Beginning with the January issue the price of the New International is being increased:

Retail – 25 cents per copy
In bundles of 5 or more – 15 cents per copy
One year subscription – $2.00
One half year subscription – $1.25

For this drive we have


One year at only $1.50
One year and a copy of the book The Fight for Socialism at only $2.50

By taking advantage of this special offer you can obtain a copy of The Fight for Socialism, a new book on socialism and labor, written by Max Shachtman, the editor of The New International.

Take advantage of this special offer to renew or extend your own subscription from whenever it expires.


Buy your friends a year’s subscription to the New International.

All our friends can help us increase our circulation by placing copies of the magazines in bookstores and newsstands. If you know any place that will handle the New International, send us the address and we will handle the rest of the promotion from here.

Before you lay this magazine aside:
Subscribe Now! Subscribe for Your Friends!

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