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The New International, January 1946


Business Manager’s

Memo to Our Readers


From New International, Vol. XII No. 1, January 1946, p. 2.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


New Year’s greeting from The New International staff. We look forward to the year ahead with the confident expectation that our magazine will find an ever-widening circle of readers. On our part we will continue to emphasize the type of article found in the December issue – analytical and lively treatment of important issues, particularly those on the American scene. We hope that NI readers who have sold Labor Action subscriptions to their shopmates will follow them up with subscriptions to the magazine.

The subscription drive started in November ends on February 1. If you hurry you can still take advantage of our special offer. This special offer gives you:

  • One year at only $1.50
  • One year and a copy of the book The Fight for Socialism at only $2.50

Beginning with this issue the price of The New International is being increased:

  • Retail price. 25 cents per copy.
  • In bundles of five or more. 15 cents per copy.
  • One year’s subscription. $2.00.
  • One half year’s subscription. $1.25.

We believe the following preview of the contents of future issues will convince you that neither you nor your friends can afford to be without the NI in 1946.

W.H. Emmett, well-known Australian Marxist economist and author of The Handbook of Marxism contributes an article on economics.

Miriam Gould, in an article entitled Women, Biology and Socialism, discusses Helene Deutsch’s latest book, The Psychology of Women.

The GM strike will be the subject of a detailed analysis and review by Jack Wilson, who reappears as a contributor to the NI upon his release from the Army. Old readers will recall his articles on the rubber industry at the time of the CIO organizing drive; the role of John L. Lewis, etc.

Max Shachtman continues his series on the balance sheet of the differences between the WP and the SWP during the war.

I.J. Enright is preparing an article which analyzes the efforts of Gerald L. K. Smith to revive the old Ham ’n’ Eggs movement in California.

The series by Henry Judd which starts this month will continue with articles on England and France in the February and March issues.

Other interesting articles will cover the developments in Argentina, report on Congress, reviews of timely books, etc.

The polemical material on how to fight fascism aroused considerable interest and we invite the comments of our readers on this subject.

The delay in bringing out last month’s issue was due to unavoidable technical difficulties. However, with this issue we are starting the new year right and we hope to continue to meet our publication date in the following months.

Paul Bern

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