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The New International, February 1946


Business Manager’s

Memo to Our Readers


From New International, Vol. XII No. 2, February 1946, p. 34.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


The brief subscription drive has netted us a total of 252 new subs and a considerable increase in the bundle order sales. Branches of the Workers Party have been primarily responsible for the new subscriptions, but a considerable number came from readers of Labor Action who had received free sample copies of the December issue. These subscriptions are still coming in and we shall continue to honor them at the special price rate.

Most of the new subscribers took advantage of the special combination offer which included a year’s subscription to the NI and a copy of the new book by Max Shachtman, The Fight for Socialism. The book will be off the press in several weeks and these new subscribers will receive their copies in the mails.

Labor Action readers have sent us letters of thanks for the December issue, of which the two published below are merely samples:

G.P. of Iowa writes:

“Your copies of The New International received yesterday. Will try and take before the month is gone. Think it is wonderful.”

P.F. of New York writes:

“I wish to subscribe to The New International of which you have sent me the December issue. I thank you for this kindness and I learned much from the published articles. Also send a subscription to ...”

The results of the drive follow:

New York







Los Angeles






San Francisco




















Labor Action




Now that the drive is officially over, we want to remind our readers once again of the new subscription rates:

  • One year – $2.00 (Bronx and Manhattan) – $2.25.
  • Six Months – $1.25 (Bronx and Manhattan) – $1.50.

Many thanks to our readers and members of the Workers Party for their efforts in obtaining these subs. We know that this is only a beginning and that subscriptions will continue to roll in at the steady pace set by the drive.

Next month we hope to tum this column over to our readers who have a good deal to say about The New International.

Reva Craine

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