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The New International, August 1946


Attention, Subscribers


From New International, Vol. XII No. 6, August 1946, p. 162.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


Difficulties beyond our control have again made it necessary to skip publication of the June and July issues of our magazine. The circumstances under which it is necessary to publish have not improved sufficiently over last year to permit us to resume the publication of twelve issues a year, as we had hoped.

Although our registry with the Post Office lists us as appearing every month “except June and July” (carried in our editorial box since August 1945), we will honor all yearly subscriptions for twelve issues.

The September issue will be devoted primarily to articles on the works and significance of Leon Trotsky. Stalin with be reviewed by Max Shachtman, Five Years of the Communist International by Albert Gates, The New Course by Irving Howe. The Trotsky Heritage and the Workers Party will be an evaluation of the contributions of Trotsky to the program of the WP. Daniel Logan will contribute an article tracing the development of Trotsky’s view on the Russian question.

This issue will be an important theoretical contribution to the relationship of Trotsky’s ideas and the programmatic views of the Workers Party as developed over the last six years. Every reader of The New International will want this issue as a real addition to the arsenal of Marxism.

James Barrett, a regular contributor, has informed us that he intends to continue the controversy on how to fight fascism. His health has, unfortunately, not permitted literary work in the past months.

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