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The New International, October 1946


Press Manager

Business Manager’s
Memo to our Readers


From New International, Vol. XII No. 8, October 1946, p. 226.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


In last month’s issue of The New International, we announced our intention to begin serious efforts for the revival of the magazine – its subscription lists and its general circulation. Our announced program was along four definite and distinct lines:

  1. Regular, systematic appearance of the magazine.
  2. The beginning of a subscription campaign to expand our list of regular readers.
  3. Arousing of the bundle order agents of The New International to increase their sales at bookstores, newsstands, etc.
  4. Efforts in the direction of expanding the pre-war foreign circulation of the magazine.

Now we want to report on the preliminary, but by no means complete, results of our first efforts. However, we want it clearly understood that this is only a beginning effort. Not only have we a long way to go, but we also want it understood that we really have yet to get underway.

(1) The last two issues of The New International have appeared on time, to the dot. They have been in the hands of readers and bundle order agents either the last week of the preceding month of publication, or the first week of the month of publication. In most instances, the former. This is a good start toward our systematic appearance.

It is our hope and object to see to it that next year, 1947, The New International will become once more a monthly magazine, with 12 issues each year. This is not yet guaranteed. It depends exclusively on the good results of our campaign to put life back into the magazine’s circulation and finances. We hope to be able to announce this news in the future, but meantime, the frequency of our publication has not changed. There will be ten (10) issues published this year, 1946.

(2) We take this opportunity to announce that beginning next month – November 1946 – there will be a subscription campaign to build up The New International. The next issue will contain full details on this – our offer to subscribers, our quotas to agents, etc. This will be a big step in our campaign in behalf of the magazine.

(3) Some, but not enough, of our bundle order agents have begun to respond. Miriam Evans of Detroit is conducting a drive for more newsstands to display The New International; Ken Hillyer of Chicago is working hard on getting some subscriptions. We wish that our agents would follow up along these lines. In the next press manager’s column, we shall publish reports on the various activities of these agents. Only a start has been made.

(4) Foreign circulation, in the form of subscriptions, has been reviving nicely-with subs coming in from India, France, England, Australia, etc. But renewal of contact with bundle order agents is more difficult and there is no particular progress to report on this front. Efforts will continue.

And there’s the story as of now. Plenty of room for improvement, but a fairly good start. We will continue our progress reports toward the rebuilding of The New International in future issues.


Press Manager,
The New International

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