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The New International, December 1946


Business Manager’s
Memo to Our Readers


From New International, Vol. XII No. 10, December 1946, p. 290.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


Last month’s issue of The New International announced the launching of a campaign to obtain 500 new subscribers to the magazine by January 1, 1947, and also to increase the bundle order sales, based upon increased sales to individuals and increased coverage of newsstands.

Now, in December, we are at the halfway mark of this campaign and are able to report the following achievements.

(1) A substantial number of the 500 subscriptions and new readers sought have been obtained. At present, our agents in the cities of Chicago, New York and Newark (Herman Mies, Paul Bern and Sol Berg, respectively) are leading in the getting of subscriptions, with Herman Mies of Chicago in the lead with 14 new subs. Many of our agents are busy at work on this subscription campaign, but have not yet begun to tum in their results.

(2) New York city has led the way with increased sales and distribution of The New International to its agents and on city newsstands. Over 700 copies (an increase of 250) were placed on the important newsstands of the Bronx and Manhattan last month, with prospects for further expansion into the borough of Brooklyn during December. As a result of this expansion, the press run of The New International was the largest it has been for a long time during the month of November and the current month of December. Some 3,500 copies were printed and distributed.

Other agents have responded with increased orders of the magazine.

Typical of the work done by our New International agents is that of our representative in Cleveland, who writes us the following:

“I’m enclosing a postal note for the first three subs in our New International drive. Three down and twelve to go. A list of all our Labor Action renewal subscribers has been divided up and assigned to various comrades for obtaining New International subscriptions.”

This activity of Comrade Douglas is typical of that carried on by many other agents of The New International. Some cities, however, such as New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, etc., have fallen down on the job as of this writing and will have to perk up sharply if they want to fulfill their subscription quotas. This goes particularly for New York City, which has a quota of 175 to obtain.

(3) The overseas circulation of The New International is now the highest it has been since the end of the war, approximating 600 copies each issue. New subscriptions are constantly coming in, together with requests for bound volumes, back issues, new bundle orders, etc. This foreign circulation promises to grow steadily henceforth, and will be further increased once it becomes possible for the European countries (England, France, Belgium, etc.) to engage in dollar exchanges for payments. The New International, along with all printed matter, cannot as yet be sent to Germany, where it would undoubtedly have an excellent circulation if it were permitted entry.

Thus, at the halfway mark, the campaign of The New International stands excellent chances of reaching its final goals, BUT much yet remains to be done.

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