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New International, August 1949




From The New International, Vol. XV No. 6, August 1949, p. 212.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


In the July issue of The New International the last installment of Victor Serge’s The Year One of the Russian Revolution appeared. The ten sections from Victor Serge’s work were issued in ten issues of the magazine from March 1948 to July 1949.

This important book provides the only detailed account of the first crucial year of the new Bolshevik regime in Russia. While The New International translation was somewhat abridged, in its 50,000 words it contained much important material completely unavailable elsewhere. Those of our readers who preserved these issues now have a significant addition to their libraries.

We have received a number of requests for single issues to complete the sets of friends who had failed to get all the numbers. We have been glad to comply with all such requests, and will continue to do so whenever possible. Now, for those of our readers who do not have any of these issues we have made up a limited number of complete sets, as follows:

Part I – The October Insurrection (March 1948).

Part II – The Counter-Revolutionary Socialists (April 1948).

Part III – The First Flames of Civil War (July 1948).

Part IV – The Dissolution of the Constituent Assembly (August 1948).

Part V – Summary of the First Months (September 1948).

Part VI – The Dispute Over Brest-Litovsk (October 1948).

Part VII – The Revolution in Finland (November 1948).

Part VIII – “Left-Communism” and Inner-Party Conflict (January 1949).

Part IX – The Suppression of the Anarchists (February 1949).

Part X – Life and Culture in 1918 (July 1949).

We have set a special rate for these complete sets of only $1.50 postpaid. The magazines are, of course, complete with much additional material. Send in your orders to: The New International, 4 Court Square, Long Island City 1, N.Y.

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