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Permanent Revolution

London. The organization of the Permanent Revolution Group occurred after a two year faction fight inside the larger Workers Power group in Britain. It took place entirely internally without leakage to the outside world, and which resulted in some 24 members of WP (Britain) and a handful of international co-thinkers being expelled.

The newly constituted Permanent Revolution Group went on to publish 24 issues of a substantial theoretical magazine of the same name and a few pamphlets.

The Group lasted for seven years before dissolving in 2013.

The dissolution statement, which can still be found on the ghost of the PR Website, ends by saying “… we will direct our efforts and resources to building those initiatives, regionally, locally and nationally, that we believe offer a way forward that is more effective than the maintenance of ourselves as a distinct group – for example, the Anti-Capitalist Initiative, Marxist Networks and radical trade union and campaigning organisations…”

We have most, but not all, of the magazines and assorted leaflets and would very much like to complete the set! Issues 5, 11, 12, 15, 16 17, still outstanding.These scans were provided to the Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line by the Splits & Fusions Blog run by Rob Marsden in Britain.

No. 1 July 2006

No. 2 Autumn 2006

No. 3 Winter 2007

No.4 , Spring, 2007

No. 6, Autumn, 2007

No. 7, Winter, 2008

No. 8, Spring, 2008

No. 9, Summer, 2008

No. 10, Autumn, 2008

No. 13, Summer, 2009

No. 14, Autumn, 2009

No. 18, Autumn, 2011

No. 19, Winter, 2011

No. 20, Summer, 2011

No. 21, Autumn, 211

No. 22, Winter, 2012

No. 23, Summer, 2012

No. 24, Autumn, 2012

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