Collection of texts on
Israel-Palestinian Conflict


Photo galery


May Day 2001, Victory to the Intifada!

Pulverizing a Nation: Seizing Land in Palestine by Rod Holt

Vengeance is Mine, Says Israel Defense Force by Gideon Levy

Open Letter to President Arafat by Salman Abu Sitta

The Palestinian Question and the Struggle for Socialism in the Middle East

The Action Committee for One Democratic Secular Republic


Zionism, Anti-Semitism and the Colonial Revolution by Nat Weinstein

Occupation is the Atrocity by Edward Said

America’s Israel by C.G. Estabrook

In Defense of the Right of Return to Palestine by Salman Abu-Sitta

We Just Want to Live Normally by Libby Brooks

Israeli Soldiers Protest Unjust War

53 Israeli Soldiers Open New Chapter in Struggle for a Democratic, Secular Palestine!

Stop All U.S. Aid to Israel!

Emerging Alternatives in Palestine by Edward Said

Tyrants Tremble When Soldiers Say No! by Nat Weinstein

Israel’s Economy Continues to Slide by Rod Holt

Tank Tactic Shocks Israel by Jonathan Marcus

Palestinian Women Political Prisoners Suffer Renewed Harassment

Israel’s Conscience by Anne Karpf

Israeli Generals Back ‘Unilateral’ Withdrawal by Lily Galili

‘In Three Hours, I Heard 28 Missile Strikes’ by Phil Reeves

Hundreds of Palestinians Storm Hebron Prison by Khalid Amayreh

I Watched a Soldier Shoot at Children by Lucy Winkett

Witnesses Say Israeli Police Executed a Boy by Ahmad Sub Laban

Two Israeli Soldiers Explain Why They Said No! by Tal Belo and Asaf Oron

Statement by the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Unions Protest Israeli Bombing of Palestine Union Headquarters by Bob Mattingly

The Jewish Question: A Marxist Interpretation by Abram Leon

Stop U.S. Aid to Israel! by Carole Seligman

Between National Liberation and State-Building by Nadine Picadou

There Are No More Words by Adam Shapiro

Israeli Officer Charges “Dirty War” by Sergio Yahni

The Israeli Refusenik Soldiers and the Antiwar Movement by Carole Seligman

Resolution on Mid-East Conflict by San Francisco Labor Council

Not in Our Name by John Pilger

End Zionist Aggression and Occupation of Palestine by Movement for the Re-foundation of the Fourth International

What we learned and what we can learn from A20 by Martin Schreader

The Message Was Clear by Shirley Pasholk

Massive Antiwar Demonstration in San Francisco by Carole Seligman

Largest Ever Anti-Zionist Demonstration in London by Rumy Husan

Monstrous Crime in Jenin by Phil Reeves

Blitzkrieg In Palestine by Mumia Abu-Jamal

A Tale of Two Occupations by Mumia Abu-Jamal

True Lies About US Aid to Israel by Richard H. Curtiss

Fear and Learning in America by Robert Fisk

The Curses of Nationalism by Anne Winkler-Morey

Please, Dad, Tell Me: How Do I Stop Being Complicit by Sarah Shields

Israel ‘Celebrates’ Fifty-Four Years of Heresy and Bloodshed by Neturei Karta

‘The dirty work of Zionism is not finished yet’ An excerpt of an interview with Ariel Sharon in December 1982

Palestine: From Statelet to Protectorate by Yacov Ben Efrat

Critical Remarks on “From Statelet to Protectorate” by Rod Holt

What Should a Palestinian Think? by Ahmed Bouzid

A Strange Kind of Freedom by Robert Fisk

Albert Einstein Signed Protest Against Israeli Fascists (1948)

Zionist Ideology, the Non-Jews and the State of Israel by Ur Shlonsky

“Generous” Offers by Raja G. Mattar

Support the Palestinian Struggle for National Liberation by Michael Schembri

Punishment By Detail by Edward Said

National Student Organization Calls for Divestment from Israel

The US has Killed 32 Security Council Resolutions Critical of Israel

They’re Jumping In Head First by Akiva Eldar

Ethnic Cleansing by Starvation by Rania Awwad

Palestinian Activist Jailed by New England Committee to Defend Palestine

The Israeli Killing of Ian Hook by Annie Higgens

A Letter from an Israeli Refusnik by Yigal Bronner

Yale Group Pushes for Divestment by Lauren A. E. Schuker

Palestinian Activist Released


The Hurt Pride of Uri Avneri by Israel Shamir

Just the Word “Peace” Is Not Enough by Shimon Tzabar

Should there be a Jewish State? by John Spritzler

65 Palestinian Women in Israeli Prisons by Al-Awda

Rachel Corrie: Murdered in Cold Blood by Rasha Saad

Hidden Hunger in Palestine by Jonathan Cook

Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Children by MIFTAH

Israel’s Apartheid Wall by Gideon Levy

ADC Must Disinvite Rabbi Lerner and Colin Powell

Eight Palestinians Killed in Israeli Raid on Gaza by Nedal al-Mughrabi

Israeli Divestment and the Charge of Anti-Semitism by Joseph Kay

Palestine: The Reek of Injustice by Emma Williams

Life for Captives in Occupied Palestine by Gideon Levy

My Brother Was Murdered by Israel by Sophie Hurndall

Roadmap To A Concentration Camp by Mahir Ali

Two State Solution? by Bonnie Weinstein

A Roadmap to What and Where? by Edward Said

End the Fake Evacuations by Gideon Levy

A Road Map to Pieces by Bushra Fouz Mohammad

The Appalling Loss of Humanity by Gideon Levy

Wanted Man by Gideon Levy

A Summit of Peace or Pretense by Mazin Qumsiyeh

Trafficking in Persons Report 2003—Israel by US State Department

Zionism, Anti-Semitism and Fascism by Nat Weinstein

No End to the Growing Settlements Insult by Amira Hass

Walling Off the Covenant: Jewish Identity In the 21st Century by Marc Ellis

Palestine: Over 3,000 Killed, 28,000 Wounded in 1,000 Days

Palestine’s Hounded Men by Samah Jabr

Reject the ‘Road Map’ Petition by Amer Jubran

Playing Chess with the Angel of Destruction by Gabriel Ash

Suicide’s Most Willing Accomplice by Jennifer Loewenstein

Inalienable and Sacred by Salman AbuSitta

Blind Imperial Arrogance by Edward Said

‘No Arabs, No Terror’ by Barbara

An Israeli Who Defends Suicide Bombers by Raffi Berg

On Ethnic Cleansing and the Solution of the Arab Question by Leaders of Israeli Zionism

What if Palestinians Ask for Equal Rights Instead of A State? by Guy Chazan

Dreams and Delusions by Edward Said

Cry, the Beloved Two-State Solution by Ari Shavit

Middle East ‘Road Map’ Fails to Tackle Key Issue of Occupation by Ilan Pappe

Question of Single State Is Unavoidable by Ali Abunimah

The End of Zionism by Avraham Burg

The War Game by David Hirst

The ‘48 Nakba & The Zionist Quest for its Completion by Ilan Pappe

Behind the Geneva Agreement by Rod Holt

Geneva: Different Deal, Same Mistakes by Mustafa Barghouthi

Hands Off Amer Jubran by Amer Jubran Defense Committee

Resolution to Stop Deportation of Amer Jubran

Why The U.S. Fears Amer Jubran by Bonnie Weinstein

For a Unified, Democratic Palestine by New England Committee to Defend Palestine

SF Labor Opposes Deportation of Amer Jubran

Israel’s Apartheid Wall Aims at Ethnic Cleansing by Mustafa Barghouthi

Israel’s Jerusalem policy, Sparta and Apartheid by Menachem Klein

Reversing Reality: Coverage of Israel and Palestine by Sarah Weir

Geneva Accords: A ‘Bantustan’ Palestine by Iqbal Jassat

Zionism as a Racist Ideology by Kathleen and Bill Christison

Israel Admits it Lied by Chris McGreal

The Israeli Lobby by Brian Schwartz


The History of Christian Zionism by Don Wagner

The Geneva Accord: Racism Repackaged by Salman Abu Sitta

Lift the Siege off Nablus, Balata and Beit Foreek! by International Solidarity Movement

Palestinians Ready to Push for One State by Mark Lavie

Israeli One-State Awakening by Peter Hirschberg

Bring the Troops Home Now! by ANSWER

For the One-State-Solution by Sami Aldeeb

Diagnosing Benny Morris: Mind of A European Settler by Gabriel Ash

Moral Decay and Benny Morris by Ali Abunimah

Two-State Solution Sells Palestinians Short by George Bisharat

Israel’s Execution Troops Face Death Quiz by Conal Urquhart

‘Each Day the Government Becomes More Dictatorial’ by Yonathan Shapir

Sharon Is not the Problem, It’s Zionism by Ghada Karmi

A 15-year-old Palestinian’s View of the Hague and ‘the Wall’ by Iltezam Morrar

Orthodox Jews to Burn Israeli Flag Statement by Neturei Karta International

Pursuing the Millennium: Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel by David Hirst

The Suicide Bombings by Jorge Altamira

Israel Seeks to Extend Silencing of Anti-Nuke Whistle Blower by Eric Silver

Down and Out in The Hague by Yoel Marcus

Gaza Enclave: ‘Jail Inside A Jail’ by Mitch Potter

Ariel Sharon’s Message of Peace by Amer Abdelhadi

On Extra-Judicial Executions and Zionist Colonialism by Mazin Qumsiyeh

The Chilling Implications of the State Killing of Sheikh Yassin by Robert Fisk

Sheikh Ahmed Yassin: The Man and What He Really Stood For Introduction by Rod Holt

Obituary: Sheikh Ahmed Yassin by David Hirst

Another Zionist Crime: The Murder of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin by Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss

Another Red Line Is Crossed by Amira Hass

By Any Means Necessary by Ghada Karmi

The Unmentionable Source of Terrorism by John Pilger

The Nail in the Wood: An Interview with Ismail Abu Shanab by Paul Hilder

A Letter to the Editor of the Washington Times by Rabbi Arik Ascherman

Israel Is Heading for Disaster by Ilan Pappe

A Warning to Those Who Dare to Criticize Israel in the Land of Free Speech by Robert Fisk

Urgent Appeal for Donations to Help Palestinian Refugees in Rafah

No Sign of Fatigue by Danny Rubinstein

‘Until When...’ The Horrors of the Israeli Occupation A Film Review by Carole Seligman

Israel Shamir: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing by Roland Rance

Zionists and Palestinians — The Lies of the Israeli Peace Movement by Richard Hugus

Israeli Activists and Intellectuals Recognize the Right of Return

Two Peoples, One State by Michael Tarazi

Vanishing the Palestinians by Ghada Karmi

A Schoolgirl Riddled with Bullets and No One Is to Blame by Chris McGreal

Israeli Officer: I Was Right to Shoot 13-Year-Old Child by Chris McGreal


Zionism is the Issue: Building a Strong Pro-Palestinian Movement In the US by Lana Habash and Noah Cohen

There Will be No Middle East Peace Without Justice by Robert Fisk

Twilight Zone: A Feast of Rotten Tomatoes by Gideon Levy

Zionist Logic by Malcolm X

What May Come After the Evacuation of Jewish Settlers from the Gaza Strip: A Warning from Israel by Uri Davis, Ilan Pappe, and Tamar Yaron

What Indians And Palestinians Share by Justine McCabe

The Suicide bombers: The Sacred and the Profane by James Petras

Watching the Gazan Fiasco: The Shame of It All by Jennifer Loewenstein

The Plan for Genocide in Gaza and Judaization in Galilee by Julie Saad

Behind Sharon’s Bloodbath in Gaza by Yossi Schwartz

For a Democratic Secular Palestine by Musa Al-Hindi


A Borderless State Pending Territorial Expansion by Nizar Sakhnini

The Notion of the ‘Jewish State’ as an ‘Apartheid Regime’ is a Liberal-Zionist One by Gary Zatzman

So You Say You Want Democracy? by Mumia Abu-Jamal

One Racist Nation by Gideon Levy

When Jews Behave Like Nazis, They Become Nazis by Khalid Amayreh

The Economy of Gaza by Sara Roy

Ethnic Cleansing and the ‘Moral Instinct’ by Edward S. Herman


New Memories for Beit Hanina’s Children by Mike Odetalla

Seventy-One Percent of Palestinian Refugees Live Below Poverty Line by Saed Bannoura

On Bread and Democracy by Samah Jabr

An Open Letter to An Artist by Mike Alewitz

Why Does the LA Times Recognize Israel's 'Right To Exist'? by Saree Makdisi

A Sacred Right by Salman Abu-Sitta

Hamas vs. Fatah: More Than Meets the Eye

How Hamas Turned on Palestine’s ‘Traitors’ by Peter Beaumont, Mitchell Prothero, Azmi Al-Keshawi and Sandra Jordan

Politicide and the Failure of the Two-State Solution by Naseer Aruri

A Setback for the Bush Doctrine in Gaza by Ali Abunimah

Welcome to ‘Palestine’ by Robert Fisk

The CIA and Fatah: Spies, Quislings and the Palestinian Authority by Mike Whitney

Palestinian Doctor Paints Picture of Gaza Under Siege by Mark Almberg

Putting the Cart before the Horse: An Answer to James Petras by Bonnie Weinstein

Engaging Hamas and Hizballah by Ali Abunimah


The One State Declaration by various undersigned

Why Israel Has No 'Right to Exist' as a Jewish State by Oren Ben-Dor

Israeli Public Demands Ceasefire Talks by Ali Abunimah

A Prison State: Life in Occupied Gaza by Stephen Lendman

U.S. Labor and Gaza by Larry Adams, Michael Letwin, and Brenda Stokely

Which Road for the Revolutionary Workers of Israel by Yossi Schwartz

Citizenship Law makes Israel an Apartheid State by Amos Schocken

The Palestinian Bar-Mitzvah by Bassam Aramin

End of the Two-State Solution by Saree Makdisi


Gaza Editorial

Stop the Siege and Blockade of Gaza!

Israel’s Onslaught on Gaza is a Crime that Cannot Succeed by Seumas Milne

Gaza Massacres Must Spur us to Action by Ali Abunimah

Israel Resumes Gaza Bombardment

Obama and the ‘Special Relationship’ by Joshua Frank

Moon Light by Mike Odetalla

Stop the Bombing and Blockade of Gaza!

Let Gaza Live by Christine Gavreau

Call to Action on Gaza by International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN)

War, Natural Gas and Gaza's Marine Zone by David K. Schermerhorn

A 'Police State' Celebrates by Nora Barrows-Friedman

Why Israel Won't Survive by Ali Abunimah

I Could Not Save a Single Child by Ellen Canatrow

Family Grieves Killing of 13-Year-Old Report by Palestine Center for Human Rights

A Palestinian Voice: Does Israel Really Have a Right to Exist? by Susan Abulhawa


Gaza in Plain Language by Joe Mowrey

Israel Bombs Gaza’s Agricultural Sector to the Brink by Eva Bartlett

Israel Is an Apartheid State and That’s Why They Are Losing Legitimacy by Judy Rebick

Historic Victory at Oakland Port—Israeli Ship Blocked from Unloading

Jewish Challenges to Zionism on the Rise in the US by Gabriel Ash, Emily Katz Kashawi, Mich Levy, Sara Kershnar

Israel Rejects Call for International Probe into Attack on Gaza Flotilla Amy Goodman interview with Max Blumenthal

All At Sea by Yvonne Ridley

An Anti-War Movement That Won’t Cave to Obama or Israel by Glen Ford

Blockade: Dockers Respond to Israel’s Flotilla Massacre and Gaza Siege by Greg Dropkin

Israel’s Video Game Killing Technology by Jonathan Cook


Outrage at Killing of Jawaher Abu Rahmah by Joseph Dana

Egypt’s Uprising and its Implications for Palestine by Ali Abunimah

Vittorio Arrigoni, A Fallen Palestinian Hero by Amer Jubran

Palestinian Youth Movement Statement on the September 2011 Declaration of Statehood


Israel, Occupy Wall Street, and Anti-Zionism by Brian Kwoba

Turkish Court Indicts Israeli Military Officials in Murders on Gaza Flotilla by Ann Wright

Siege Leaves 80 Percent of Gaza’s Factories Shut by Eva Bartlett


The Tragic Truth About the State of Israel by Luke Hiken

Why Gaza Must Suffer Again by Jonathan Cook

The New Obama Doctrine: From Gaza to Goma by Vijay Prashad

Statement on U.S.-Backed Israeli Bombardment of Gaza by United National Antiwar Coalition

Israel’s Segregated Buses by Ofra Yeshua-Lyth


Solidarity Saved Me from the Nazis by Suzanne Weiss

Mass Murderer Ariel Sharon is Dead by Steven Katsineris

The Legacy of Ariel ‘The Bulldozer’ Sharon by Jonathan Cook

Israeli Youth Refuse to Serve by Sarah Lazare

Holocaust Survivors’ Gaza Ad

From Gaza to Ferguson: the Working Class is Fighting Back! by Bonnie Weinstein

Gaza Massacres and Israeli Apartheid by Bruce A. Dixon

Israeli Civilians as Human Shields by Max Blumenthal

Four Little Boys by Dave Zirin

Stop the Massacre in Gaza by The National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers

Stop Arming Israel! by London Palestine Action

Solidarity with Palestine Statement by COSATU

Israel: Stop the Killing of Palestinians Statement from the United National Antiwar Coalition

Death and Devastation in Gaza by Ralph Schoenman

Solidarity with the People of Gaza by Graham Durham

From Ferguson to Gaza We Charge Genocide by The Campaign to Bring Mumia Home

The Shortest Distance Between Palestine and Ferguson by Jaime Omar Yassin

Israel: Settler, Colonialist, Apartheid State by Mumia Abu-Jamal

Gaza: Call to Action! Statement by the International Secretariat of the Fourth International


Turning Gaza Into a Super-Max Prison by Jonathan Cook

Israel Deepens ‘Collective Punishment’ of Gaza by Sarah Lazare

Israel’s Ugly Racial Holy War by David Sheen

Israel Forced Birth Control on Blacks by April V. Taylor

Israel Against the Jews by Pierre Stambul

Deadliest Year for Palestinians by Sarah Lazare

Israel’s Administrative Detention by Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association

Of Course, It is an Intifada by Ramzy Baroud

Arms Embargo on Israel by Steven Katsineris

Israel and the Syrian Refugee Crisis by Ramzy Baroud

‘Uninhabitable’ by Jon Queally


Checkpoint Violence: Blood and Occupation by Vijay Prashad

Free Muhammed al-Qeq by Steven Katsineris

Israeli Apartheid by Glen Ford

Logic of Murder in Israel by Ramzy Baroud

Israeli Airstrikes on Gaza by teleSUR

Colonizing Palestine by Nafeez Ahmed


Palestinian Hunger Strike in Israel’s Prisons by Marwan Barghouti


Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration by Hamid Alizadeh

Democratic, Secular Palestine for All Its Peoples by Barry Sheppard

Alliance Between Zionism and Anti-Semitism by Max Blumenthal

No Water for Palestinians by Zak Witus

Israeli Army's Lies by Jonathan Cook

Beginner's Guide to the Unrecognized Bedouin Villages of Israel by Aniqa Raihan

A Tale of Two Atrocities: Douma and Gaza by Doug Noble

Apartheid: South Africa's History, Palestine's Reality by Jonathan Cook

Murder at the Gaza Border by Juan Cole

California Professor Under Attack for Criticism of Israel by Nora Barrows-Friedman

Israeli’s Ideology of Genocide by Amitai Ben-Abba

Kill and Kill and Kill by Saree Makdisi

Israel: Living and Killing on U.S. Aid by Steven Katsineris

Palestine and the Impossible Two State Solution by Steven Katsineris

Palestinian Tipping Point by Nicola Perugini

UK's Labor Party and its "Anti-Semitism" Crisis by Kenneth Surin

Gaza's Economy Goes into Freefall by Jonathan Cook


Palestinian Children Killed by Israel in 2018 Have Been Forgotten by the World by Ramona Wadi

Israel's Largest Land Grab Since 1948 by Whitney Webb

One-State Solution Gains Ground as Palestinians Battle for Equal Rights by Oliver Holmes

One Democratic State of Palestine by Statement and Petition By The One State Assembly

Israel’s Latest Attempt to Erase Palestine by Ilan Pappe

Israel’s War on Innocence by Ramzy Baroud



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