Socialist Voice


Socialist Voice: Marxist Perspectives for the 21st Century was an online journal published in Canada from 2004 to 2011. During that time 475 articles were posted on the website; many were also distributed by email to subscribers. In addition, Socialist Voice published 17 pamphlets in both hard copy and pdf form.

The founding Editors of Socialist Voice were Roger Annis and John Riddell. They were subsequently joined by Ian Angus. Over time, contributing editors from Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Nicaragua, and the United States joined the project, and an online discussion forum, SV-Circle, was created for discussion among editors and readers.

Most of Socialist Voice’s editors and contributors had been involved, directly or indirectly, with the current of the Fourth International led by the Socialist Workers Party (U.S.). Socialist Voice represented the only organized break from the SWP-led current after 1983.

The creation of Socialist Voice was sparked by the expulsion of John Riddell and Roger Annis from the Communist League, the SWP’s affiliate in Canada, on the grounds of their support for the movement against the U.S. war in Iraq. The first issue of SV contained statements by Riddell and Annis on this issue, along with replies by the SWP.

The dominant theme in Socialist Voice was international solidarity, expressed above all in support of Cuba and its allies in Venezuela, Bolivia, and elsewhere. It frequently published translations of statements by leading figures from those countries. SV was a partisan of Palestinian freedom, opposed U.S.-led attacks on Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan, and strongly supported popular movements in Haiti.

In Canada, Socialist Voice favored indigenous and Quebec sovereignty, regularly publishing documents and articles that were not widely available, and it was an early advocate of ecosocialism.

It often jointly published articles with other radical publications, including Green Left Weekly, Links, Seven Oaks, Rabble, and Socialist Project Bullet.

In March 2011, the editors announced that they were suspending publication, explaining that “our commitments to broader movements for justice and social change have made it difficult for the editors to devote the time that a publication of this scope requires.”

Some notes on this archive

The Socialist Voice Archive contains all of the articles and pamphlets published by Socialist Voice between 2004 and 2011. The articles were originally posted one at a time on the website; many were also distributed by email and in hard copy. For convenience, we have grouped them into PDF files, each containing the articles for a full month. The actual date each was originally posted is given.

For privacy reasons, email addresses, phone numbers and addresses have been removed. Hyperlinks have been removed, but many URLs remain, although most no longer work.

Comments posted on the SV website by readers are not included, except where the editors reposted them as separate articles.

Subject collections


Israel-Palestinian Conflict

Contents by Issue, 2004-2011


April 2004

The Iraq War and the Antiwar Movement / John Riddell and Roger Annis
Is Iraq the New Vietnam? / Roger Annis and John Riddell
With the People of Iraq — Win, Lose or Draw / Fred Feldman


May 2004

Health Workers Take on B.C. Liberals / Roger Annis and Derrick O'Keefe
U.S. Army Retreats from Fallujah / Roger Annis and John Riddell
Lessons of the B.C. Hospital Strike / Roger Annis and John Riddell
What Socialists Learned from the Winnipeg General Strike / Ian Angus


June 2004

The Nader Campaign in the U.S. Elections / Roger Annis and John Riddell
The Stakes for Workers in Canada’s General Election / Roger Annis and John Riddell
Announcing the Socialist History Project


July 2004

Canada’s Federal Vote Deals Blow to Capitalist Rulers / Roger Annis and John Riddell


August 2004

Blood on the Hands of Canadian Imperialists in Haiti / Roger Annis


September 2004

Ottawa Still Hostile to Post-Referendum Venezuela / John Riddell
Venezuela, Najaf, and New York / Fred Feldman
Iraqi Kurds’ Suspicion of U.S. Grows / Roj Shuhe
New Book Explores Cuba’s Revolution / Roger Annis
Protest Fire-Bombing of Pennsylvania Socialist Campaign HQ / John Riddell and Ernest Tate
The 2004 Election and the Left: Some Lessons from Quebec / Richard Fidler


October 2004

Iraq and the Transition to Sovereignty: The Lies Continue / Ernesto Gómez Abascal
Washington’s ‘Regime Change’ Plan for Cuba / Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada
Russian Labour Still Reeling from Capitalist Shock Therapy / John Riddell
Mighty Empire Fears Small Rebellious Island / Felipe Pérez Roque


November 2004

We Call Upon You to Stop This Massacre / Kassim Abdullsattar al-Jumaily
Bush’s Election Has Decided Nothing / Fred Feldman
Canadian Bolsheviks: The Importance of Canadian Popular History / Dale McCartney
Recollections of the Late 1950s: How Marxists in the Unions Reached Out to Student Radicals / John Riddell


December 2004

Vancouver, Toronto Meetings Celebrate New Edition of Canadian Bolsheviks / Roger Annis
With Fallujah in Ruins, Protests Across Canada Condemn Bush Visit / Roger Annis and John Riddell
Socialism: The only "better world" / Celia Hart
Venezuela, Cuba Strengthen Ties / Roger Annis and John Riddell
In Defense of Humanity: The Caracas Declaration.


January 2005

Against All Odds, Haitians Protest Illegal Regime, Foreign Occupation / Roger Annis
U.S.-ordered Iraq Vote Aims to Deepen Divisions, Spur Civil War / Fred Feldman


February 2005

Hugo Chávez: ‘We Must Reclaim Socialism’ / John Riddell and Roger Annis, Cleto A. Sojo
The Revolutionary Process in Venezuela: An Embryonic Workers and Peasant State / Coral Wynter
Quebec Left’s Merger Plans Spark Discussion / Roger Annis, John Riddell, Richard Fidler, Benoit Renaud
Growing Protests Condemn Ottawa’s Role in Haiti Coup and Repression / Roger Annis


March 2005

Reclaiming Socialism: Contributions to the Discussion / Derrick O’Keefe, Stuart Munckton
How Revolutionary Socialists Opposed the Vietnam War / Ian Angus
Cuba Will Not Make Concessions or Betray Its Ideals / Felipe Pérez Roque
Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution: A Debate / John Riddell, Paul Kellogg
Let’s Talk About Cuban Democracy / Ricardo Alarcón, Liset García
Capitalism Is Savagery / Hugo Chávez


April 2005

Working People Take Aim at Hated Government in B.C / Roger Annis
Ecuador: People Drive Out President / Duroyan Fertl


May 2005

On the Road to a New Society: Venezuelan workers debate workers control of industry and government enterprises / Bill Burgess
French Referendum Imperils Proposed European Constitution / Roger Annis
Humanity Has a Yearning for Justice! / Fidel Castro
Socialist Voice enters its second year; Launches email discussion group / John Riddell and Roger Annis
Letter to Progressives in English Canada: The Sponsorship Scandal and Quebec Independence / Pierre Dubuc


June 2005

The Sixties As They Really Were / Ian Angus
Canada’s Governmental Crisis: Rooted in Quebec Independence Struggle / Roger Annis and John Riddell
Time for Labour to Act in Defense of Medical Care / Suzanne Weiss
Reflections on a Recent Visit to Venezuela / Alan Woods


July 2005

Advances for International Solidarity at CLC Convention / Barry Weisleder
Iraqi Unionists Speak Out as Failure of Occupation Deepens / Roger Annis
International Resolutions and Statements from the 2005 Canadian Labour Congress Convention


August 2005

From Havana to Caracas and Beyond: The Spirit of Moncada Lives / Derrick O’Keefe
Cuba Five Win New Trial / Julie Webb-Pullman, Mike Fuller
Canada’s Generals Promote Government’s War Course / Roger Annis
Cuba’s People Cannot Be Cowed or Intimidated! Fidel Castro
Cuba and Africa: A History Worthy of Pride / Piero Gleijeses


September 2005

Imperialists Wield Deadly Force in Haiti; International Opposition Grows / Roger Annis
A Long March Towards Justice: The Cuban Five in Atlanta / Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada
Canadian Government Condemned for Rights Violations, Torture Policy / Roger Annis


October 2005

McGuinty’s Ban on Faith-Based Arbitration: No Victory for Women’s Rights / Richard Fidler
Canada And The New World Order: The Case of Haiti / Roger Annis
Western Canada Labor Battles Show Need for Solidarity / Roger Annis


November 2005

PQ’s Rightward Shift Opens Space for New Left Party in Quebec / Richard Fidler
Marxism and the Venezuelan Revolution / John Riddell
The Crisis in Kashechewan: Water Contamination Exposes Canada’s Brutal Policies Against Indigenous People / Mike Krebs


December 2005

Canada’s War Profits: Building a Relevant Anti-War Movement North of 49 / Derrick O’Keefe
Election Challenge to the NDP: Take the Road of Struggle / John Riddell and Roger Annis
Cuban leaders hail Bolivian election victory / Joaquín Bustelo, Ricardo Alarcon, Fidel Castro


January 2006

Bloc’s Election Challenge Reflects Changing Face of Quebec Politics / Richard Fidler
Federalist NDP No Alternative in Quebec / Richard Fidler
Socialism Is Not a Chance Option for Cubans / Francisco Soberon Valdes
‘Cuba Represents the Possibility of a Better World!’ / Felipe Pérez Roque
A Unique Resource for Marxists in Canada; Socialist History Project Documents a Century of Struggle / John Riddell


February 2006

Canadian Delegates to World Social Forum Discuss Election Result, Working Class Political Action / Roger Annis
Haiti Solidarity Bursts onto the Scene at World Social Forum / Roger Annis
Yankee Government Orders Second Round; UN Blue Helmets Repress the Haitian People / Granma Editorial
Our Society Will Truly Be An Entirely New Society / Fidel Castro
Cuba Seeks Revolutionary Renewal, Part One: Celebrating a ‘wonderful, triumphant year’ / John Riddell
Morales Election Is a Victory for the Bolivian People; A Reply to Left Critics of Bolivia’s New President / Fred Feldman


March 2006

Cuba Seeks Revolutionary Renewal, Part Two: Economic Reforms Fuel Cuba’s Battle of Ideas / John Riddell and Phil Cournoyer
Socialists Must Oppose Anti-Muslim Bigotry; Where The Militant Goes Wrong on Cartoon Protests / Sandra Browne and Robert Johnson
The Kirpan Ruling: A Victory for Public School Integration / Richard Fidler
‘Canada and the World Must Recognize the New Reality in Haiti’ / Patrick Elie


April 2006

Which Road Forward for the Cuban Revolution? / John Riddell and Phil Cournoyer
Review: Mike Davis, Planet of Slums / Derrick O’Keefe


May 2006

Into the Quagmire: Canadian Military Invades Southern Afghanistan / Roger Annis
Latin America’s Time is Now! / Nidia Díaz
ALBA: Agreement for the Application of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our America and the Peoples’ Trade Agreements
May Day 2006: Millions March, Boycott, Take Off Work and School for Immigrant Rights / Barry Sheppard
Ontario’s ‘Sharia Law’ Controversy: How Muslims Were Hung Out to Dry / Richard Fidler
Immigration Protests: An Inspiration for All U.S. Workers / Fred Feldman
World Solidarity Needed for Bolivian People, Government / Barry Weisleder and John Riddell
Which Road for the Bolivian Revolution? A Response to Comrades Riddell and Weisleder / Gerry Foley and Jeff Mackler


June 2006

Anti-Jewish Prejudice Yesterday and Today / Suzanne Weiss
The Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas: Dawn of an Alternative to Neoliberalism? (Introduction) / Paul Kellogg
The Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas: Dawn of an Alternative to Neoliberalism? (Full Text) Paul Kellogg
Statements on “Anti-Terror" Arrests / International Socialists, Toronto Coalition to Stop the War
The Toronto ‘Anti-Terror’ Arrests: An Attack on Muslims and Antiwar Opinion / Ian Angus
Bolivia’s Democratic and Cultural Revolution – Not One Step Backwards! / Evo Morales
End Canada’s Occupation of Afghanistan! Call for action
Québec Solidaire: Betting on Unity / Benoit Renaud
Moral Punishment for the Arrogance of an Empire / Felipe Pérez Roque
Chavez, Cuba, CAIA: Stop Israel’s Assault on Gaza Now!


July 2006

Cuban People Demonstrate Power of Internationalism / Sabrina Johnson
Canadian Union Takes Important Step Against Israeli Apartheid / Adam Hanieh
Cuba: ‘The Party Must Be Strengthened More Than Ever’ / Granma
‘The US Is Conspiring Against Bolivia and Venezuela’ / Evo Morales
Mercosur: More Than a Trade Pact / Marie Trigona
The Meaning of the Second Lebanese War / Daniel


August 2006

Haitian Masses Move Forward Against Foreign Occupation / Roger Annis
Thousands March in Montreal Against Israel’s War on Lebanon / Sandra Browne and Robert Johnson
Why Socialists Must Campaign for Troops Out Now / Katan Alder and James Haywood
The Social Economy and the Bolivarian Revolution / Michael A. Lebowitz, Jean-Pierre Daubois
Hugo Chavez: ‘The Future Is Yours, Go and Construct It’ / Coral Wynter and Jim McIlroy
Cuba Condemns Israel’s Aggression


September 2006

Iranians Proclaim Their Right to Nuclear Technology / Bahar Mast
Venezuela Rallies International Resistance to U.S./Israeli War / Suzanne Weiss
Venezuela and Cuba Promote Solidarity and Resistance / Derrick O’Keefe
We Are Rising Up Against the Empire! / Hugo Chavez


October 2006

Imperialized Canada or Canadian Imperialism? / Bill Burgess
Hugo Chavez Speaks on the Challenges Facing the Bolivarian Revolution Today / Stuart Munckton
Canada/NATO Invasion of Afghanistan Sows Destruction and Misery. / Roger Annis and Ian Beeching
Toronto Hotel Workers Score Union Breakthrough. / Chris Schenk
Washington’s Iraq Occupation Kills 655,000. / Doug Lorimer


November 2006

The Russian Revolution and National Freedom / John Riddell
Two Views on Cuba’s Leadership Transition / Mike Gonzalez, John Riddell
Challenges for Venezuela’s Revolution / An Interview with Michael Lebowitz
Nicaragua: The FSLN’s Evolution Since 1990 / Phil Cournoyer
Nicaraguan Voters Rebuff Imperialism / Phil Cournoyer


December 2006

The FSLN Victory: A National and Continental Defeat for Imperialism / Julio Briceño Davila and others
A ‘Québécois Nation’? Harper Fuels an Important Debate / Richard Fidler
Québec Solidaire Adopts a Program for Government / Richard Fidler
Cuba Stands Firm! / John Riddell
Cuba Está Firme / John Riddell


January 2007

Mexico Rising! Contested Election and Oaxaca Strike Movement Shake Republic / Ian MacDonald
An Ecosocialist Manifesto / Joel Kovel and Michael Lowy
Immigration Laws Serve Only the Bosses / James Haywood
‘More Than One Revolution Could Happen in Latin America When the United States Least Expects It’ / An interview with Fidel Castro
Chávez Calls for United Socialist Party of Venezuela / John Riddell
Bolivia’s Government Faces Right-Wing Offensive / Federico Fuentes
Ecuador’s President Calls for Socialist Latin America / Duroyan Fertl
Confronting the Climate Change Crisis / Ian Angus


February 2007

The Holocaust and Defense of the Palestinians / Suzanne Weiss
The Birth of Canadian ‘Peacekeeping’ / Ian Beeching
The Cuban Revolution Inspired the Independentist Movement / Pierre Dubuc
Reviews: Noam Chomsky, Tariq Ali, Richard Dawkins / Barry Weisleder
Venezuela Shakes the Empire / John Riddell


March 2007

U.S. Prepares Large-Scale Assault on Iran / Robert Johnson
Afghanistan: No Gender Equality Under Occupation / Ramani Desilva
Chile: The Lesson That Venezuela Learned? / Hugo Blanco
After the Elections: Assessing Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution / Stuart Munckton
Is Cuba ‘State-Capitalist’? / Larry Seigle
Review: Independent Politics: The Green Party Strategy Debate / Derrick O’Keefe
France’s Election Campaign Reveals Deepening Political Crisis / Dimitris Fotis
The Onkwehonwe Democratic Agenda / Kahentinetha Horn


April 2007

Building a Fighting Labour Movement in Canada Today / Roger Annis
From resistance to power! / Declaration of Iximche’
Sovereigntists Open Debate on Quebec’s Post-Election Prospects / Richard Fidler
Cairo Conference Calls for World Resistance Against Imperialism / John Riddell, Suzanne Weiss
The ‘Indian Problem’ in Peru: From Mariátegui to Today / Phil Stewart Cournoyer, Hugo Blanco
Towards an International Alliance Against Imperialism and Zionism / Cairo Conference
Why the Antiwar Movement Must Defend Iran / Faline Bobier


May 2007

Venezuela’s Revolution Accelerates / Federico Fuentes
Ottawa’s Fraudulent Global Warming Plan / Ian Angus
Nobody Wants to Take the Bull by the Horns / Fidel Castro
On Global Warming, Biofuel, and World Hunger / Fidel Castro
The English Submarine / Fidel Castro


June 2007

Venezuela Fights for Freedom of Speech and Against Imperialism. / Federico Fuentes
How Women's Oppression Began, and How It Will End. / Suzanne Weiss
Vilma Espin, 1930-2007: A Heroine of the Cuban Revolution, A Builder of a New Society. / Fidel Castro, Marta Rojas
Review: Cowboy in Caracas. / Derrick O'Keefe
They Will Never Have Cuba! / Fidel Castro
Another Argument for the Manifesto. / Fidel Castro
Venezuela and the International Struggle for Socialism. / Roger Annis and John Riddell


July 2007

Cuba’s Fight Against Capitalism’s Climate Crisis / James Haywood
Stop the Deportation of John Graham! / Ian Beeching
The Killing Machine / Fidel Castro
Bolivia: The Clash of Autonomies / Federico Fuentes
World Tyranny – The Basis of the Killing Machine / Fidel Castro
Cuba’s Self-Criticism / Fidel Castro
Bush, Health and Education / Fidel Castro
Iranian People Stand Up to U.S. War Threats / Nasim Sedaghat
Review: Holding the Bully’s Coat / Yves Engler
‘The only thing that any Cuban revolutionary should never question is our unwavering decision to build socialism.’ / Raul Castro


August 2007

Review: Build It Now / James Haywood
Rough Waters for Canada’s War in Afghanistan / Roger Annis
Iran’s Nuclear Energy Progress Sparks New Threats of Aggression / Robert Johnson
The Epic Struggle of Indigenous Andean-Amazonian Culture / Hugo Blanco
The Empire and the Independent Island / Fidel Castro
1907: The Birth of Socialism’s Great Divide / John Riddell
Venezuela: Chavez Calls for a New Party / Paul Kellogg
Declaration of Kumarakapay
Review: A People’s History Of Science / James Haywood
Haiti: Unions Call for General Strike
Mayors Appeal for Urgent Aid / Roger Annis
The Bears Are Mounting the Silver Eagle to Meet the Condor / Kahentinetha Horn
Remembering Chibás, 100 Years After His Birth / Fidel Castro


September 2007

Should Marxists Support Venezuela’s New Socialist Party? / Ian Angus
Nicaragua Today, Part One: Nicaragua’s Sandinista Government Allies with Anti-Imperialist Forces / Phil Stuart Cournoyer
Proposal to Fund Separate Faith-Based Schools Endangers Ontario Public Education / Richard Fidler
Bolivia and Cuba: Radical Action Needed Now to Stop Global Warming / Evo Morales, Felipe Perez


October 2007

Internationalism and the Venezuelan Revolution / Ian Beeching
Nicaragua Today, Part Two: Defying Attacks from the Right, FSLN Government Stays on Course / Phil Stuart Cournoyer
A Triumphant Advance in Ecuador / Hugo Blanco
Today More Than Ever, the People Rise With Pride, Strength and Dignity / Daniel Ortega
The CAW and Magna: Disorganizing the Working Class / Sam Gindin
Review: Build it Now: Socialism for the Twenty-First Century / Paul Kellogg
Review: Haiti, From Revolution to the Kidnapping of a President / Roger Annis
Declaration of Indigenous Congress in Bolivia
Support the Indigenous Struggle in Peru / A Letter from Hugo Blanco
Employer Offensive Stalls as Australians Head to the Polls / Roger Annis


November 2007

Bolivia: A Democratic Revolution Transforming Society / Adriana Paz
Canadian Government Continues Lies and Cover-up on Afghanistan / Roger Annis
Roots and Revolutionary Dynamics of Indigenous Struggles in Canada / Mike Krebs
New Zealand Union Campaigns to Organize Young Workers / Roger Annis
Next Steps for the Palestinian Solidarity Movement / Adam Hanieh


December 2007

Ecosocialism and the Fight Against Global Warming / An Interview with Ian Angus
After Referendum Defeat, Chávez Pledges to Continue the Struggle / John Riddell and Suzanne Weiss
Quebec’s Debate on ‘Reasonable Accommodation’ — A Socialist View / Richard Fidler, Benoit Renaud
Comintern: Revolutionary Internationalism in Lenin’s Time / John Riddell
Report from Pakistan: Benazir Bhutto assassination sparks mass protests / Farooq Tariq


January 2008

Review: Latin America at the Crossroads / John Riddell
People’s Power in Venezuela / John Riddell
After Bali: Time for a Different Kind of Climate Politics / Ian Angus
Venezuelan Socialists Discuss Program and Principles / Socialist Voice editors


February 2008

Manley Report: Ottawa Gets Advice on Prolonging the Afghanistan War / Roger Annis
‘My only wish is to fight as a soldier in the battle of ideas.’ / Fidel Castro
Venezuela: Danger Signs for the Revolution / Kiraz Janicke and Federico Fuentes


March 2008

Masters of Greenwash: B.C.’s Carbon Tax Is No Answer to Climate Change / Roger Annis
Resisting the University: Students for a Democratic Society at the University of British Columbia / Jasmine R. Rezaee
Venezuela Responds to World Food Crisis / John Riddell and Suzanne Weiss
Ontario Jails First Nation Leaders; KI Pledges to Continue the Struggle / KI Council
Venezuela: ‘The PSUV is born, destined to make history.’ / Federico Fuentes


April 2008

Farmers Seek Defenses Against the Giants of Agribusiness / John Riddell
RCMP Attacks Peaceful Rally at UBC / Students for a Democratic Society
The Ontario Mining Act, Political Prisoners and the Right to Say “NO” / Joan Kuyek
The Foundation of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) / Carlos Torchia
Food Crisis (Part One): ‘The greatest demonstration of the historical failure of the capitalist model.’ / Ian Angus


May 2008

Toronto Transit Strike Exposes Labour Movement Fault Lines / Paul Kellogg
Race and Policing: Inquiry into Police Killing of Frank Paul Shows the Power of Protest / Ivan Drury
Food Crisis (Part Two): Capitalism, Agribusiness, and the Food Sovereignty Alternative / Ian Angus
Popular Struggle Intensifies in Bolivia / Federico Fuentes
Haiti and the Politics of Containment / Roger Annis


June 2008

Che Guevara’s Final Verdict on the Soviet Economy / John Riddell
From Marx to Morales: Indigenous Socialism and the Latin Americanization of Marxism / John Riddell
Bolivian President Condemns Europe’s Anti-Migrant Law / Evo Morales
Harvest of Injustice: The Oppression of Migrant Workers on Canadian Farms / Adriana Paz
Revolutionary Organization Today: Part One / Paul Le Blanc and John Riddell
Revolutionary Organization Today: Part Two / Paul Le Blanc and John Riddell
The Harper ‘Apology’ — Saying ‘Sorry’ with a Forked Tongue / Mike Krebs


July 2008

Strike by 5000 B.C. Grocery Workers Narrowly Averted / Roger Annis
CLC Convention Highlights Challenges Facing the Labour Movement in Canada / Roger Annis
Is Cuba Done With Equality? — Not So! / Fred Feldman
Taking Stock of the Bolivarian Revolution: Changing Venezuela by Taking Power / Derrick O’Keefe
On the Release of Hostages in Colombia / Fidel Castro
Bolivia’s Movement Towards Socialism Prepares for Recall Referendums / Federico Fuentes
Palestine in the Middle East: Opposing Neoliberalism and US Power / Adam Hanieh
If Socialism Fails: The Spectre of 21st Century Barbarism / Ian Angus
Latin America’s Struggle for Integration and Independence / Federico Fuentes


August 2008

The Siege of Gaza: Israel Uses Hitler’s Methods Against Palestinians / Suzanne Weiss
Bolivia: Historic Vote Confirms Will for Change / Federico Fuentes
The Myth of the Tragedy of the Commons / Ian Angus
The Struggle in Amazonia: A Clash of Cultures and Philosophies / Hugo Blanco


September 2008

New Pamphlets on Indigenous Struggles, Palestinian Rights
Venezuela: Nationalizations Aim to Make Industry Serve Peoples’ Needs / Federico Fuentes
Why Washington Hates Iran / Barry Sheppard
Cuba Supporters in Canada Launch Hurricane Relief Fund / Robert Johnson, Keith Ellis
The Nomination of Barack Obama: Two Socialist Views / Malik Miah, Barry Sheppard
Canada’s Election and the Climate Crisis: Five Parties, No Solutions / Ian Angus
Bolivia’s Indigenous Government Defies US-backed Fascists / Federico Fuentes
NDP or Bloc? Quebec left debates election tactics / Richard Fidler


October 2008

Canada’s Elections: What’s the Alternative to the Tories? / Roger Annis
Cuba at UN: ‘The very existence of the human species is at risk.’ / José Ramón Machado Ventura
Refounding Bolivia: Morales Calls for Vote on a New Democratic Constitution / Raul Burbano
Financial Crisis Signals Grim Times for Working People / Robert Johnson and Roger Annis
Election 2008 — the Quebec left’s challenge to socialists in the Rest of Canada / Richard Fidler
Bolivia: Unprecedented Alliance Defeats Right-Wing Assault / Federico Fuentes


November 2008

Manifesto of the First Pan-Canadian Young Feminist Gathering / Toujours Rebelles -Waves of Resistance
Afghan resistance is ‘terrorist’ under Canadian law, Khawaja trial judge rules / Richard Fidler
Olympics Financing and Housing Crisis Shape Vancouver Election / Roger Annis
Battered Labour Movement Needs to Agitate Like It’s 1944 / John F. Conway
Socialist Voice Editor Translates Proceedings of Fourth Comintern Congress / Interview with John Riddell
Making the World’s Poor Pay: The Economic Crisis and the Global South / Adam Hanieh
Toronto ‘Good Jobs for All Summit’ Builds Unity of Working People / Robert Johnson


December 2008

Coalition Government? Let’s Not Give Away the Store / John Riddell
Venezuelan Elections: Pro-Chávez Forces Advance, Prepare for New Struggles / Federico Fuentes
Bolivia’s Complex Struggle for Change / Federico Fuentes
A Ruinous Government, An Unpromising Alternative / Paul Kellogg
Political Crisis Exposes Canada’s National, Class Divisions / Richard Fidler
The Coalition: Its Nature, Its Future and Our Perspectives / Bernard Rioux
BC Labour Convention Confronts Economic Crisis / Roger Annis


January 2009

Cuba’s Revolution: 50 Years of Resistance / Raul Castro
Worldwide Protests Condemn Israel’s Assault on Gaza / Suzanne Weiss
Confronting Industry Shutdowns: Multinational’s Assets Seized in Newfoundland / Roger Annis
The NDP, the Coalition, and the War / Paul Kellogg
Toronto Janitors Organize for Rights, Respect and Justice / John Riddell
Saskatchewan: Wall’s War on the Working Class / John Conway
Why Cuba Still Matters / Diana Raby


February 2009

The Capitalist Crash and the New Challenges Facing Socialists / Roger Annis and John Riddell
Charles Darwin and Materialist Science / Ian Angus
Improve Capitalism or Replace It? / Bill Burgess
Haiti, the Financial Crisis, and International Solidarity / Niraj Joshi


March 2009

New Left Party in Philippines Seeks Power for the Masses / Peter Boyle
‘First Victory’ in Guadeloupe General Strike; / Movement Spreads to Other French Colonies / Richard Fidler
Khawaja Sentenced to 10 Years; Tories Plan New ‘Anti-Terror’ Law / Richard Fidler
Israeli Apartheid Week Beats Back Attacks on Free Speech / John Riddell
‘We are facing something more than a mere financial crisis’ / Oswaldo Martínez
The Indian Nation / Ray Bobb
Federal Government in Denial as Economic Crisis Slams Canada / Roger Annis


April 2009

Another Left is Possible: The Protests in France and the New Anti-Capitalist Party / Nathan Rao
21st Century Socialism on the Move – Reflections on ‘The Path to Human Development’ / Ivan Drury
Not an Analogy: Israel and the Crime of Apartheid / Hazem Jamjoum
Americas Summit: ALBA Nations Condemn Capitalism
50 Years After: The Tragedy of China’s ‘Great Leap Forward’ / John Riddell.
Bolivia: National revolution and ‘communitarian socialism’ / Federico Fuentes
Ecosocialism – For a Society of Good Ancestors! / Ian Angus


May 2009

Stop the massacre of Tamils in Sri Lanka! / International Appeal
Unite union wins gains for vulnerable workers in New Zealand / Roger Annis
Nepal: The people resist elite coup / Stuart Munckton
Dissident Afghan MP Condemns NATO Bombings / Malalai Joya
Australia’s Continuing Assault on Indigenous Rights / Emma Murphy
NDP and working people lose out in BC election / Roger Annis
World Farmers’ Alliance Challenges Food Profiteers / John Riddell


June 2009

Venezuela: ‘When the working class roars, capitalists tremble’ / Federico Fuentes
Uniting the Socialist Left: the Australian Experience / An interview with Peter Boyle
Unprecedented Insight Into Che’s Economics / Diane Raby
Support for Palestine Builds in Latin America / John Riddell
Iranian Workers in Action for Democratic Rights / Robert Johnson and John Riddell


July 2009

‘Colonialism and racism are never something to celebrate’ / Mike Krebs
Air Canada Workers Reject Wage, Pension Concessions / Roger Annis
Honduras: The Hour of the Grassroots / Felipe Stuart Cournoyer
Debate: How Should Anti-Imperialists Respond to Iran’s Political Crisis? / Robert Johnson, John Riddell, Stansfield Smith


August 2009

Left Refoundation: For new unity on an anti-sectarian basis / Rowland Keshena
Vancouver Socialist Forum Statement of Purpose
Venezuela: The best defence is to deepen the Revolution / Marea Socialista
Venezuela: Class struggle intensifies over battle for workers’ control / Federico Fuentes
Honduras Coup: Template for a Hemispheric Assault on Democracy / Felipe Stuart Cournoyer
Climate Justice: Red is the New Green / Jeff White
ALBA, the English-Speaking Caribbean, and the Coup in Honduras / Faiz Ahmed
Two Accounts of Engels’ Revolutionary Life / Ian Angus
Afghan Women’s Rights Leader Says Foreign Troops Should Leave / Interview with Malalai Joya
Political Crisis, Economic Crisis: Challenges for the Radical Left / Alex Callinicos
‘Black Book’ Exposes Canadian Imperialism / Suzanne Weiss


September 2009

Will U.S. Health Reforms Harm Working People? / Fred Feldman
A Time to Unite and March Together / Fidel Castro
Class Against Class? Real World Alignments for Revolution / Mike Ely
Suffering and Struggle in Rural China / John Riddell
A Model of Ecosocialist Collaboration / Ian Angus
Britain’s Conquest of Quebec: 250 years later / Richard Fidler
Toronto Festival Commemorates Chilean Coup / Carlos Torchia and Carlos Ulloa
Honduras: Street battles rage as military attacks pro-democracy uprising / Federico Fuentes
Palestine Solidarity Victories Alarm Pro-Israel Lobby / Art Young
How To Really Fight Anti-Semitism / Suzanne Weiss
Hands Off Honduras! / Fidel Castro


October 2009

Honduras: The Threat of Foreign Military Occupation / Ricardo Arturo Salgado
Crucial days in Honduras / Carlos Torchia
B.C. Government Prepares to Axe Social Programs / Ian Beeching
Positive Developments in the European Left / Ian Angus
Indigenous people are the vanguard of the fight to save the earth / An interview with Hugo Blanco
CBC ‘disappears’ Venezuela and Haiti coups / Roger Annis
Honduras: ‘Nothing will be the same again’ / Federico Fuentes
The Caribbean and Latin America at the Rendezvous of History / Melanie Newton
Revolutionaries and Broad Left Parties / Phil Hearse


November 2009

The Trial of Thomas Hardy / Ian Angus
Obama and Clinton Use ‘Smart Power’ Against Honduras / Eva Golinger
What the Québec Debate on the Hijab Conceals / Benoit Renaud
Québécois Denounce Supreme Court Attack on Language Rights / Richard Fidler, Amir Khadir
Vale Inco Strike Shows Need for International Action / Marc Bonhomme
Popular Resistance Rejects Fake Elections in Honduras / Felipe Stuart Cournoyer, NFRAC
Escalation of Afghanistan War: Canada Faces a Fateful Decision / Roger Annis
Eyes on the Maobadi: Four Reasons Nepal’s Revolution Matters / Mike Ely
Chavez Proposes International of Left Parties / Kiraz Janicke
Chavez’s Historic Call for International Socialist Unity / Federico Fuentes
Canadian government rocked by accusations of abuse, torture of Afghan prisoners / Roger Annis
Québec Solidaire supports pro-Palestine BDS campaign / Richard Fidler


December 2009

Why an independent Quebec? / Québec Solidaire
Quebec left debates independence strategy / Richard Fidler
Ottawa Citizen Smears Progressive Activists / John Riddell
Protests Condemn Canada’s Climate Crimes / Roger Annis
Bolivia: Morales Sweeps General Elections / Richard Fidler, Atilio A. Boron
Canada: Afghan torture scandal deepens / Roger Annis
Copenhagen: People vs. Polluters / Ian Angus, Chris Williams


January 2010

ALBA Statement on Copenhagen Climate Summit
How ALBA Fought for Humanity in Copenhagen / Ron Ridenour
Québec Solidaire Opts for Independence/Sovereignty / Robbie Mahood
Québec Solidaire: A Left-of-the-Left Formation? / Roger Rashi
Québec Solidaire’s collectives – Help or hindrance? / by Richard Fidler
Israel Resembles a Failed State / Ali Abunimah
Fidel: 51 Years After the Revolution, We Now Fight to Save Our Species / Fidel Castro
Australia: DSP Merges With Socialist Alliance / Peter Boyle
Socialists and China: An Exchange / John Riddell, Walter Lippman, Herman Rosenfeld
Vancouver Winter Olympics: A Festival of Corporate Greed / Roger Annis
Fidel: We are proud of Cuba’s doctors in Haiti / Fidel Castro
Québec Solidaire members defend party’s position on secularism and women’s rights / Benoit Renaud, Bernard Rioux, Richard Fidler
Secularism – For a broad, open and democratic debate / Françoise David and Amir Khadir
Haiti needs emergency relief, not military intervention! / Canada Haiti Action Network
Should Climate Activists Support Limits on Immigration? / Ian Angus and Simon Butler


February 2010

Montréal Activists Plan People’s Summit Against War and Militarism / Richard Fidler
How the West Kidnapped Haiti / John Pilger
Olympic Flame Parades Through Ravaged Northern British Columbia / Roger Annis
Haiti: Restore Democracy, Let Aristide Return! / Amanda Zivcic
Socialist Voice Readers Debate China / Ian Angus et al
Manifesto for a Pluralist Quebec / Richard Fidler et al
Thousands protest opening of Vancouver Winter Olympics / Roger Annis
Did Engels Condemn Gay Sexuality? / Ian Angus and John Riddell
Venezuela’s Revolution Faces Crucial Battles / Federico Fuentes
Canadian Meetings Salute 10 Years of Venezuelan Revolution


March 2010

Cuba: Strides Towards Sustainability / Helen Yaffe
Israel Is an Apartheid State and That Is Why It Is Losing Legitimacy / Judy Rebick
Activists Debate Vancouver Olympic Protests / Derrick O’Keefe
A View From Toronto – A Hub of ‘Israel Delegitimization’ / Rafeef Ziadah
Haiti’s Earthquake Victims in Peril / Roger Annis, Canadian Dimension
Tour Builds Venezuela Solidarity in Canada / John Riddell
After Copenhagen: How Can We Save the World? / Ian Angus


April 2010

Climate Change: From Copenhagen to Cochabamba / Franz Chávez
Why the Parti Québécois Expelled SPQ Libre / Richard Fidler
UN Conference to Consummate U.S. Takeover of Haiti / Kim Ives
Venezuela: New Moves to Build Workers’ Power / Federico Fuentes
Appeal to Margaret Atwood: Reject Prize from Apartheid Israel
Quebec Government Joins Campaign Against Muslims and Other Minorities / Richard Fidler
Cuban Medical Aid to Haiti: One of the World’s Best Kept Secrets / Emily J. Kirk and John M. Kirk
Recent Media Coverage of Cuba: Selective Commendation, Selective Indignation / Emily J. Kirk, John M. Kirk, and Norman Girvan
Remembering Michel Chartrand / Richard Fidler
Clara Zetkin’s Struggle for the United Front / John Riddell
China Challenges U.S. Hypocrisy on Human Rights / Fred Feldman
Cochabamba: Climate Justice Has a New Program and New Hope for Victory / Ian Angus


May 2010

Preparing a new International: ‘Anti-imperialism should be the common element that brings us all together’ / Interview with Julio Chávez
New Pamphlets: Climate; Venezuela; Cochabamba; Population
Haitians need shelter and aid, now! End neglect and foreign interference! / Haiti Solidarity BC
Do Indigenous Concepts Help or Hinder in Fighting the World’s Climate Crisis? / Debate: Pablo Stefanoni and Hugo Blanco
Bolivia: When fantasy trumps reality / Federico Fuentes


June 2010

Class Struggles Heat Up in Greece / Dimitris Fasfalis
Gangs and Violence in Jamaica and Haiti / Roger Annis
British Columbia: Corporate Vandals Assault Rivers, Oceans, Forests / Roger Annis
British Columbia’s Fossil Fuel Superpower Ambitions / Roger Annis


July 2010

Toronto Appeal: No More Police State Tactics! / Judy Rebick
From Water Wars to the Fight for Climate Justice: Lessons of Cochabamba / Pablo Solon
Tax Revolt Destabilizes Government in British Columbia / Roger Annis
‘If protesting is a conspiracy, then we are all proud to conspire!’ / Derrick O’Keefe


August 2010

A Handbook for Defenders of Free Speech on Palestine / Suzanne Weiss
Why We Boycott Israel: A Reply to the U.S. Socialist Workers Party / Art Young
Canada’s Failed Aid to Haiti / Roger Annis
France Must Repay Historic Debt to Haiti!
Afghanistan Crisis Deepens: US, Canada and NATO Threaten to Extend War / Tim Kennelly
After A Highly Successful Year, Québec Solidaire Starts Debate On Program / Roger Rashi


September 2010

G20 Protests: What Was Gained and What Was Lost / John Riddell and Art Young
Did Consumers Cause the BP Oil Disaster? / Ian Angus
Venezuela: Land reform, food sovereignty and agroecology / Alan Broughton


October 2010

Venezuela: Left wins, but right makes gains / Federico Fuentes
Mariátegui and the ‘problem of the Indian’ — a critical appreciation / Luis Vitale, Richard Fidler
Afghanistan: Damning Revelations, a Fraudulent Election, and Possible Extension / Tim Kennelly
Rallies in Vancouver Protest Continued Detention of Tamil Asylum Seekers / Roger Annis
The Cuban Revolution: Challenges and Changes / Dave Holmes


November 2010

Ecuador and Venezuela: Danger South of the Border / Paul Kellogg
International Left Debates Cuba’s New Economic Measures / Richard Fidler
ALBA nations declare: Nature has no price!
Toronto Teach-In Responds to the Cochabamba Challenge / Ian Angus
Extension of Afghan military deployment stirs debate and protests in Canada / Tim Kennelly and Roger Annis
People’s Summit in Quebec issues call for antiwar actions


December 2010

Proposal to Restrict Refugee Rights in Canada Hits Roadblock / Roger Annis
Review: Putting humans back into socialism / Federico Fuentes
‘Ask Afghans what would help them, don’t ask Karzai’ / John Riddell
Internal Revolt Shakes B.C. NDP, Labour Movement / Roger Annis


January 2011

OAS Diplomat Delivers Searing Indictment of Haiti Occupation Regime / Roger Annis


February 2011

How Can We Defend Communities in Struggle? / John Riddell
The Struggle in Egypt Surges Ahead / Ahmed Shawki
How the Egyptian People Toppled Mubarak / Tim Dobson, John Riddell
At Home and Abroad, Canada Is Imperialist / Bill Burgess
Canada and the Failed Reconstruction of Haiti / Roger Annis
How Can We Aid Libya’s Freedom Movement? / John Riddell


March 2011

Announcement / Ian Angus, Roger Annis. John Riddell




Anti-Semitism, Zionism, and the Defense of Palestinian Rights / Suzanne Weiss

Canada’s Assault on Afghanistan: Behind the Lies and Cover-ups / Roger Annis & Ian Beeching

Comintern: Revolutionary Internationalism in Lenin’s Time / John Riddell

Confidence in the People, Confidence in the Grassroots: Venezuela Fights for Socialism in the 21st Century / Federico Fuentes and Kiraz Janicke

Cuba in a Time of Transition / John Riddell, Phil Cournoyer, Fidel Castro, and Duroyan Fertl

The Fight for Indigenous Rights in the Andes Today / Hugo Blanco

Food Crisis: World Hunger, Agribusiness and the Food Sovereignty Alternative / Ian Angus

For the Land! Roots and Revolutionary Dynamics of Indigenous Struggles in Canada / Mike Krebs

From Resistance to Power! Manifestos of the fight for Indigenous Rights

Global Warming, Biofuels and World Hunger / Fidel Castro

Haiti and the Myth of Canadian Peacekeeping / Roger Annis

If the Climate Were a Bank, It Would Already Have Been Saved: Latin America versus Imperialism at the Copenhagen Summit / Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, Pablo Solon, Angelica Navarro

Marx, Engels, and Darwin: How Darwin’s theory of evolution confirmed and extended the most fundamental concepts of Marxism / Ian Angus

Venezuela Eyewitness / Suzanne Weiss and John Riddell

Venezuela and the International Struggle for Socialism / John Riddell, Roger Annis, Ian Angus and Federico Fuentes

La Vía Campesina: Farmers North and South Confront Agribusiness / John Riddell and Adriana Paz

Why Washington Hates Iran: A Political Memoir of the Revolution that Shook the Middle East / Barry Sheppard


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