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Socialist Alternative, September 1936, Volume 2 No. 8, Page 16
Transcribed, Edited and Formatted by Damon Maxwell and David Walters in 2008 for the Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line.

Haim Kantorovitch 1890-1936

The death of Haim Kantorovitch on Aug. 17, is all the more a blow to the movement because of the developments in our party since the Cleveland Convention. A serious and able theoretician of socialism, his help to the left wing- movement in the coming period would have been invaluable. From him came the first critical analysis of the role of the left wing at the Cleveland Convention.

Socialism has lost an able and serious theoretician. The Appeal has lost a co-worker in the struggle for revolutionary socialism. In the following letter to the Appeal—one of the last products of his pen—he indicated his desire to co-operate with us and to carry forward the fight for revolutionary socialism, “beyond Cleveland.”

August 12, 1936
Dear Comrade Goldman:

Your letter arrived just at the time when I felt worse than ever. It is therefore out of the question for me to do any writing for some time to come. I really am sorry because I would like to write for the Appeal if only to express my appreciation of the work you are trying to do.

I can’t refrain, however, from at least telling you how much I liked the last issue of the Appeal.(1) The analysis of the Cleveland Convention, the article on the Labor Party, even though I hold a somewhat different opinion on the Labor Party, are excellent. Erber’s first article “For a United Nation-Wide Left Wing” I hope will be the beginning of a fruitful discussion of the fundamental principles of the Left Wing within the party. An open and frank discussion of the present situation in the Party, and the problems confronting the Left Wing, is the most pressing task confronting us. I wish I could do something to help along-.

Haim Kantorovitch.


(1) This refers to the July issue.

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