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Socialist Appeal, March 1937, Volume 3 No. 3, Page 43
Transcribed and Marked Up by Damon Maxwell in 2009 for the Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line.


Amendments to the Spanish Resolution

(printed in the February issue of the APPEAL) adopted by the Institute. Bold type represents changes and additions; words in parentheses represent omissions.

Section II, par. 2 should read as follows: From the very first day of the fascist uprising, arms, munitions, technicians, – every material aid – poured into the reactionary fascist forces from their brothers in Italy. Germany and Portugal the vassal of British imperialism.

2. Paragraph 3 of the same section amended to read as follows: At the same time, in the name of “neutrality,” parties which claim to represent the interests of the working class used every effort to surround the Spanish proletariat with an iron blockade in order to prevent material support from reaching the Spanish workers.

3. In section II, par. five omit the word ‘four’ in the first sentence.

4. Section V. par. 2, amended to read as follows: The keystone of such a program is the fact that the socialist revolution is on the order of the day in Spain at the present time. The alternatives are clearly nothing less than Socialism or Fascism.

5. In the eighth line of par. 7 of section V substitute the word ‘subsequent’ for ‘second.’

6. In section six, paragraph four, insert the following after sentence two: “Indeed the policies of the Caballero wing of the Socialist party are by now indistinguishable from those of the Stalinists.”

7. Delete last sentence from paragraph four, section six and in its place add: “Recent events indicate the increasingly revolutionary potentialities of POUM. It is, in fact, in response to these that a bitterly intensified drive against the POUM has been unleashed by the forces of the People’s Front. The Valencia Government has called for the liquidation of the POUM; has closed the Madrid radio station of the POUM, suppressed its papers, and is now bringing its leaders to trial on charges of “treason” and “counter-revolution.” Similar steps are being taken against the left wing anarchists. These actions, if carried through, condemn the Spanish revolution in advance, tor destruction. The Socialist party must join in an international campaign to defend workers’ democracy in Spain, and the full exercise of workers’ social and political rights.

8. In the last paragraph of section six change the first sentence to read as follows: “The forces for such a party are present in Spain today in the left wing of the Socialist party, in the Socialist youth, and in the POUM.”

Amendments to Resolution on People’s Front

Published In the Last Issue of the APPEAL.

1. In Section 13 delete the sentence beginning: “The policy of the Communist International in China ...”

2. In Section 17, in the sentence beginning: “Chief responsibility ...” (twelfth line from bottom of second column on page 25 of February issue of APPEAL) change phrase beginning “going to such lengths” (third line from bottom) to read as follows: “... going to such lengths as to demand and secure the ousting of the POUM from the Catalonian government as the price of continued material aid from the Soviet Union, and in Madrid has led to the entirely reactionary attempt to suppress the POUM by shutting down its radio and its press, and by the bringing to trial of its leaders.”

3. In paragraph 18, after the sentence ending, “... in the coming war,” (sixteenth line in first column on page 26) insert: “In Wisconsin the state organization of the Socialist party itself operating in accordance with a basically People’s Front policy has entered into the Farmer-Labor Progressive Federation, a coalition both in form and content resting on a People’s Front foundation.”

4. In paragraph 19, the sentence beginning: “It reaffirms ...” should be changed to read as follows: “While resolved to continue under all circumstances the vigorous struggle for the preservation and extension of the concrete democratic rights of the workers, the party reaffirms ...” (continue the sentence as is from here on). In the same sentence insert “capitalist” before the term “democracy.”

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