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Proletarian Revolution No. 60—What’s Inside?

Showdown in New York Transit offers a unique, insider perspective on the recent strike movement within NYC transit. The article details the LRP’s involvement in leading the struggle against the James bureaucracy. We also examine the betrayal of the New Directions opposition. Due to the James misleadership, and the failures of New Directions, a momentous opportunity was missed for a demonstration of working class power.

New York: Why the Klan Wasn’t Smashed is one of two articles on the New York demonstration against the KKK last Fall. We draw the necessary lessons to be learned from the gulf between the passivity of the middle class leadership and the eagerness for struggle on the part of the mass of participants. The Democrats, International Socialist Organization (ISO), and the Spartacist League (SL) are all criticized for their methods of diverting the efforts to smash the Klan. Workers Vanguard’s Fabrications particularly focuses on the manner in which the SL invented its own version of the events, and seeks to justify its continued sectarianism through bogus criticisms of other organizations.

The ongoing struggle to eject the U.S. Military Out of Vieques is analyzed in terms of the imperialist terms offered by the Clinton administration and the various responses of the bourgeois parties of Puerto Rico. We advocate a working class strategy for winning this struggle and draw the connection between the U.S. stranglehold on Vieques and the need for revolutionary struggle to win self-determination for Puerto Rico as a whole.

The Revival of Authentic Marxism in the U.S. concludes a two-part response to a reader’s questions about our organization. We outline the historical reasons for the apparent uniqueness of the LRP. Combating the commonsense view that the size of an organization or degree of “agreement” with other groups demonstrates its historical correctness, in this article Sy Landy shows how the LRP was forged in relation to the outbreak of class struggle which challenged the “tailism” which is prevalent on the left.

Indonesia: Mass Upheavals Face Betrayal and Bloody Betrayal in East Timor: Developments in the ongoing struggles in Indonesia and East Timor are the subject of these two articles which offer a close, critical analysis of the political betrayals of the newly “democratic” Indonesian ruling class as well as the middle class left opposition parties. Drawing the lessons of the epoch of permanent revolution, we argue for a working class party as the only way to combat Imperialist intervention and Indonesian chauvinism.

Other articles include:

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