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Nigel Haynes Fairbridge


No brick wall


From Socialist Review, No. 184, March 1995
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I am writing in response to your book review of Margaret Humphreys’ Empty Cradles entitled Cruel Cargo (December SR).

The Fairbridge Society was indeed one of the organisations responsible for some of the child emigration. However, whilst atrocities certainly did take place, it is inaccurate and unjust to clump all organisations operating at that time into the same bracket,as borne out by John Andrews’ letter to the Daily Telegraph of 6 October 1994, telling how Fairbridge enabled him to ‘break free of the spiritual and economic poverty of postwar Britain’.

Margaret Humphreys approached Fairbridge during the course of her research and spoke to our president, who had been involved with the Fairbridge Society for 30 years, and was invited to meet with us at any time to discuss any concerns or issues – hardly being ‘met with a brick wall’. Margaret Humphreys failed to make contact again.


Nigel Haynes Fairbridge

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