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Socialist Worker

Socialist Worker is an American socialist newspaper that was first published in April 1977 after the Left Faction was expelled from the International Socialists, an organization that traced its roots back to the Shachtmanite Workers Party/Independent Socialist League. It was first published in Cleveland, Ohio, but has been published in Chicago, Illinois, since the early 1980s.

Readers will notice a number of things about the PDFs of the first 20 issues we have put online from the years 1977 and 1978:

  1. The issues of November 1978 and December 1978 have both been numbered “Number 19”
  2. Two issues (May 1978 and November 1978) are represented solely by the front page at the moment;
  3. In the PDF of the December 1977 issue page 13 has been included twice.

These two years are the start of a project to archive the first 25 years of publication. Other PDFs will be included as they become available. Eventually a full list of contents will be added and selected articles will be published in searchable HTML format.

The Encyclopedia of Trotskyism OnLine (ETOL) would like to thank Joe Allen and Eric Kerl, who prepared the PDFs.

Socialist Worker

1977–1978 (Issues 1–20)


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