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The Militant, 15 August 1929


A Stalinist Provocation

A New Weapon Against the Opposition

From The Militant, Vol. 2 No. 13, 15 August 1929, p. 8.
Transcribed by Jan Leder.
Marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


In the early part of this year, comrade Ugo Girone, a member of the Italian Communist Party, and a refugee from Fascism in France received permission from the Central Committee of the Party to return to Italy so as to bring back his wife. After arriving in Italy, Mussolini’s bloodhounds suddenly arrested him in Milan, whence he was transported to Rome for trial. In the meantime, the Party Committee had discovered that comrade Girone is a member of the Central Committee of the Left fraction of the Party (Bordiga group). While he was still in the hands of Fascist murderers in Rome, the Italian Party Press in France in Belgium, as well as the Italian Party organ in New York, Il Lavatore, published official articles denouncing comrade Girone, declaring publicly that he had gone to Italy secretly to do work for the Opposition among the Party comrades, telling his name, that he was a professor of Avelino, and insisting that he was an Italian citizen, and not as Girone claimed, a citizen of the Argentine Republic. This infamous denunciation, the work of provocateurs or Centrists gone mad, was just what Mussolini was looking for. Fortunately, comrade Girone was able to prove his Argentine citizenship, and the Fascisti were unable to dig up clear evidence that he had engaged in seditious work. Girone is now in France again.

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