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The Militant, 20 July 1946

Stalinist Hacks Keep Silence on Nuremberg

From The Militant, Vol. X No. 29, 20 July 1946, p. 7.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


“Trotsky was an agent of German fascism,” asserts Samuel Sillen in the July 7 Worker. With this slander, Sillen proves once more that the favorite weapon of a Stalinist hack is muck.

Here is how Sillen tries to “prove” his slander: Max Eastman was a “translator” of some of Trotsky’s works. Eastman in turn wrote an article for the Reader’s Digest in 1943 “attacking Russian war relief.” Then Gerald L.K. Smith “praised” Eastman’s article. So “the Axis radio summarized it for an anti-United Nations propaganda broadcast to Asia.”

You still don’t believe this makes Trotsky “an agent of German fascism”? All right, Sillen let’s go with the works: “The proof is in the files of the Columbia Broadcasting Company, which recorded the broadcast.”

If this makes Leon Trotsky “an agent of German fascism,” what was Stalin when he signed a pact with Hitler which the Nazis triumphantly broadcast throughout the world?

Yet the “proofs” submitted by Sillen are precisely the kind submitted by the prosecution in the notorious Moscow frame-up trials. It is self-evident how quickly they would collapse under the slightest honest examination.

Small wonder the Stalinists are discreetly silent about Natalia Trotsky’s demand to the Nuremberg court to permit her attorney to cross-examine the Nazi defendants such as Rosenberg and Hess. In the Moscow Trials Hess was alleged to be the contact man between Trotsky and Hitler. The lie was an essential part of the frame-up. That is why the Stalinist prosecution, throughout the entire eight months of the trial, at Nuremberg, has not breathed a word about the Moscow trials.

The Stalinist sewer rats know that a Trotskyist attorney at Nuremberg would once again demonstrate to the hilt, as the Dewey Commission did, that the Moscow Trials were frame-ups from beginning to end.

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