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Volume X No. 1 Saturday, January 4, 1947, New York, NY
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Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Real estate profiteers get 2 rent boosts, by Ruth Benson

Poll shows labor firm in demand for pay rise – workers are not impressed by Wall Street propaganda

30% pay rise feasible, CIO figures show – committee cites increasing productivity

Open the books! (cartoon)

’46 price rise highest since First World War

French drive aims at crushing Indo-China’s fight for freedom

Capitalists press for law against portal back pay

Military Jim Crow challenged in court

Meeting will protest eviction of 2,234 families in Harlem, by Milton Richardson

SWP scored Paris police raid on Indo-China protest meeting

Labor Party campaign gains more support in Flint area

Opposition hits CP anti-socialism

Trade Union Notes

Curran brands Stalinist CMU as bar to unity, by C. Thomas

Solidarity won for St. Paul teachers (photo)

Most employers are opposed to escalator clause

11 boilermakers face expulsion; led fight for union democracy, by Dan Roberts

Our Program:

Teachers win St. Paul strike

Unification announced by Trotskyist groups in Ceylon

Indo-China massacre backed by Stalinists and socialists

The lessons of the Nov. 10 elections in France and Italy – resolution of the International Secretariat of the Fourth International

RWP runs candidate for mayor of Toronto

German workers in U.S. zone display militancy in strikes

International Notes

The new Congress

Hands off Puerto Rico

”Labor Monopoly”

Revealing contrast

”If only the workers would . . . “ (cartoon)

President Truman in the role of historian, by George Breitman

Workers’ Bookshelf

Unravelling the secret of your electric bill, by Joseph Hansen

Whitewashing “military justice”

Workers’ Forum – veteran wants his bond cashed – letter to Truman on amnesty for COs – likes series on wages, prices, profits – the government and the mine strike – baby’s death indicts capitalism – blaming labor for capitalist Depressions – wants “Militant” given to more workers now

$2,430 chalked up in SWP fund drive; local hit 12 per cent of $20,000 goal, by William F. Warde

The Militant Army – Toledo branch elated as sub-drive scores rise


Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Newspaper guild striker speaks at forum in Phila.

Branches confident as FI sub campaign get underway [sic]

Youth Activities

Diary of a Steel Worker – Winter Descends on the World, by Theodore Kovalesky

Generals spur drive to militarize youth – War Department’s pamphlet envisages a new slaughter

Honor Tresca at two rallies on January 11

The Negro Struggle – The Republican Promises, by William E. Bohannon

Mourn Justus Ebert – devoted labor fighter

Police maul pickets

A Scientific Blow at Jim Crow, by Grace Carlson

Capitalist liberals set up new political organization

Threat of bribery exposure slackens drive to oust Bilbo

Notes of a Seaman – The Committee for Maritime Unity, by C. Thomas

Volume X No. 2 Saturday, January 11, 1947, New York, NY
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Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Chinese protest against U.S. Role – demand end of intervention and withdrawal of troops

Congress renews war on labor – union-crippling bills placed at top of agenda

Bills against lynch, polltax [sic] reintroduced

Housing relief – for congressmen

The state of the union (cartoon)

Trotskyist paper reported banned in Indo-China

Compromise check Bilbo but he still gets full pay, by William E. Bohannon

Plot to swindle workers out of back portal pay

Detroit SWP wins victory in fight to keep headquarters

Bill promises tax “relief” to rich

Labor-haters praise president’s message

Lynch witness beaten in Georgia

Joseph Curran hits Stalinists in maritime, by C. Thomas

Trade Union Notes

Flint SWP refutes Red-baiting slanders, by Jeanette Lane

Dave Beck’s strikebreaking edict rejected by Los Angeles clerks, by Harry Thompson

Woodard hits Red-baiters in Buick local

Evictions hit peak in New York City

61% raise won by teachers in St. Paul strike, by Grace Carlson

Our Program:

Crisis in Communist Party – Answering a Crude Slander

How revolutionary party should act in waging election campaigns

French rules act to drown Indo-Chinese revolt in blood

Indo-Chinese in France protest massacres

Japanese workers protest (photo)

The electoral policy of the French PCI

Revolt spreads in ranks of British Labor Party

International Notes

Trotskyist Fines, scores English policy on POWs

4th International plans world congress

Time to fight

Open the books

Truth about Greece

Warning on rents

”But don’t you have any striped or dotted mink? . . . “

Haymarket martyr’s last letter to union

Workers’ Bookshelf

Two signs of the U.S. policy on Germany

Congressmen at Work – Republican Leaders in Spotlight

” – Mexican government’s striker

Workers’ Forum – asks sliding scale for federal workers – language no barrier to “the Militant” – Mexican government’s strikebreaking role – eyewitness account of postwar Manila – 40-cent dollars – “to be or not to be” in world question

Buffalo branch is first to complete quota in $20,000 national SWP fund campaign, by William F. Warde

The Militant Army – five SWP branches top “Militant” goals


Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Milwaukee ACEWR bazaar nets $150 for relief, by Carol Andrews

Youth Activities

Chicago youth guard organized, by Bill Stone

Diary of a Steel Worker – Letter From Lackawanna, by Theodore Kovalesky

Evictions in Harlem fought by tenants, by Evelyn Atwood

New York tenants lead housing fight (photo)

The Negro Struggle – Wolves in Sheeps’ [sic] Clothing, by William E. Bohannon

Housing shortage goes back to pre-war years, by John Fredericks

Indo-China and Stalinism, by George Breitman

SWP convention featured in January Fourth International

Dunne analyzes labor’s tasks at Twin City Forum

Health and Welfare

Volume X No. 3 Saturday, January 18, 1947, New York, NY
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Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Marshall choice reflects growth of officer caste – Brass Hat placed in charge of State Dept. to emphasize military basis of foreign policy, by Joseph Hansen

Truman asks billions for war preparations – human needs ignored in budget proposals, by Art Preis

Wall Street’s diplomacy (cartoon)

80th Congress begins assault against labor – aims bill to break backbone of unions

Some contrasts in the budget

Marshall’s attitude to labor movement

Chicago SWP nominates two for city elections, by Robert L. Birchman

Green of AFL intervenes against strike in L. A., by Harry Thomspon [sic]

Strike halts run of all but two French papers

UAW local names 3 to run for City Council in Chicago

Senators draft bill to demolish rent ceilings

Toronto Trotskyist gets 3,201 votes for mayor

Conflict with Stalinist clique rocks NMU council; Curran threatens to carry fight to union ranks, by C. Thomas

Trade Union Notes

NMU aids guild strikers (photo)

Harlem tenants insist city provide housing

Out-of-work new dealers start 2 rival political organizations

Sliding scale works in Sweden

SWP launches new branch in Brooklyn, by Frank Marcazzo

Our Program:

Goodrich local says tax rich, not the poor

CIO veterans of New Jersey hit rent rises

Slogans and perspectives of the revolutionary vanguard in Spain – resolution of the international executive committee of the Fourth International, adopted October 1946

Japanese women win strike (photo)

Troops used against London drivers strike

Belgian labor shows militancy at convention

A letter of resignation from the C.P.


Brockway quits ILP in England

International Notes

Crook’s agreement

Marshall appointment

Blow to democracy

Victory in Detroit

For labor unity

”I’m sure if YOU were named . . . “ (cartoon)

”Economic report of the president,” by Art Preis

Workers’ Bookshelf

Congressmen at Work – Wall Street’s Washington Lobby

The payments due you under Social Security, by Joseph Hansen

Workers’ Forum – asks for pledges against rent rises – shows the gimmick in tax proposals – why laundry workers need minimum wage – augments police, cuts fire protection

One-quarter of quota contributed to date in $20,000 national SWP fund campaign, by William F. Warde

The Militant Army – Seattle SWP tops list for week’s sub-getting

Youth Activities


Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Buffalo raises $170 for relief, by Marie Crandall

134 subs in first 3 weeks of “Fourth International” drive

Diary of a Steel Worker – the Man of God, by Theodore Kovalesky

Leninism means: break with Communist Party! – an appeal to the members of the Communist Party, by the Editors

The Negro Struggle – the Purpose of Red-baiting, by William E. Bohannon

Lenin, Liebknecht and Luxemburg (illustration)

A Dangerous Weapon, by Grace Carlson

Notes From the News

”Private industry” and the housing crisis, by John Fredericks

Volume X No. 4 Saturday, January 25, 1947, New York, NY
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Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

A call to action! No retreat! Defend labor’s rights! by M. Stein

Wake up! (cartoon)

100 anti-labor bills in Congress – union-smashing laws rushed into hearings, by Joseph Hansen

Chicago SWP candidate files nominating petitions, by Robert L. Birchman

Sentiment grows for pay raises, poll reveals

Flint labor party movement develops despite obstacles

Oakland unions call for united political action, by Ed Davis

Stalinists block vote by NMU rank-and-file

How your union is threatened

Trotskyists elected in Bolivia and Ceylon

Proposal for mass march on the state capitol made to delegates at Michigan EPC conference

Trade Union Notes

Birds of a feather (photo)

Robert A. Taft – kingpin of GOP Senate machine

L.A. food clerks win strike despite Tobin-Green perfidy

Flint movement for labor party shows progress (continued from Page 1)

Crisis in Communist Party – dissidents hit election policy

Our Program:

Union activities bring jail term for CIO leader

What Zionist groups are doing in Palestine, by T. Cliff

British strikers jeer at troops (photo)

”Socialists” offer deal to Spanish generals


London strikers return as government pledges action

Slogans and perspectives of the revolutionary vanguard in Spain – resolution of the International Executive Committee of the Fourth International, adopted October 1946

German worker sends thanks to ACEWR

14,000 Antwerp dockers on strike

Cold intensifies misery, halts plants in Germany

International Notes

End secret diplomacy

The ranks must act

Warning in Georgia

”Sanctity” of courts

”Oh dear – if the workers . . . “ (cartoon)

Food company heads gloomy about future, by John G. Wright

Workers’ Bookshelf

Some doubts on the Army-Navy “merger,” by George Breitman

Congressmen at Work – lobbyists on union pay rolls

Workers’ Forum – “safety-conscious” after death! – scarce jobs a sign of coming Depression – scores imperialism in Indo-China – for government aid to worthy causes – Gen. Marshall and Army Jim Crow

St. Louis joins Buffalo by reaching 100% in $20,000 national SWP fund campaign, by William F. Warde

The Militant Army – persistent sub-getters boost score for Phila.

Youth Activities


Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Pioneer Notes

Philadelphia union leaders address militant labor forum, by George Clement

Diary of a Steel Worker – “Man the Whole World Envies” – by Theodore Kovalesky

Harlem’s firetrap tenements of death – fear haunts every household as eight more die in flames, by George Clarke

Homeless veterans camp in park (photo)

The Negro Struggle – A Letter to Truman’s Committee, by William E. Bohannon

Veterans’ Problems – Caught Short on the Campus, by Alvin Berman

Notes From the News

Government does little in housing crisis, by John Fredericks

Volume X No. 5 Saturday, February 1, 1947, New York, NY
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Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Bolivians elect 4 Trotskyists to parliament – “proletarian united front” makes impressive showing in first contest for public office, by Juan Valverde

Senate speeds hearing on anti-labor measures – House Republicans prepare omnibus union-busting bill, by Joseph Hansen

Chicago labor united against Congress attack, by Robert L. Birchman

Anti-labor laws (cartoon)

SWP asks to speak at Senate hearing

Why Stalinists refused to picket French consulate

”Get out of Indo-China!” cry pickets at consulate

New rent order chops huge holes in ceilings; CIO issues warning

Labor must fight! an Editorial

SWP names 2 candidates in Los Angeles elections, by Dave Dreiser

Philadelphia SWP issues emergency call to labor to fight city’s proposed transit fare increases, by Max Goldman

Hands off Indo-China! (photo)

Ball – “good right arm” of Senate labor-haters

Trade Union Notes

Meat trust’s profits anger packing workers, by M. Limton

Oakland SWP urges labor candidates

California SWP recorded gains in elections, by Al Lynn

Auto locals push campaign to build Flint labor party

Our Program:

Labor candidates discussed by Los Angeles CIO unions, by Al Lynn

How Stalinism tramples on Lenin’s work, by M. Stein

Belgium’s biggest postwar strike won by 14,000 dock workers, by H. Vallin

Four Bolivian Trotskyists win election to parliament (continued from Page 1)

What ACEWR means for gaunt European workers, by Margaret Worth

International Notes

Strikes in Spain are spreading

Aid the SWP fund

Class government

The war crooks

Student of Hitler

”I don’t care what it costs . . . “ (cartoon)

When a Negro was Mississippi’s senator

Democratic procedure and the Bilbo fight, by George Breitman

Workers’ Bookshelf

Congressmen at Work – Streamlining Didn’t Last Long

Workers’ Forum – rat hordes menace Akron families – first SWP meeting in Bedford-Stuyvesant – Belgian reader wants U.S. correspondent –

New York and Boston lead banner week of $20,000 national SWP fund campaign, by William F. Warde

The Militant Army – Flint SWP branch plan two-month campaign

Crimes against youth discussed at Philadelphia Militant forum

Film shown at Lenin meeting in Youngstown


Youth Activities

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Five SWP branches reach half-way mark in “Fourth International” sub campaign

Diary of a Steel Worker – Dagwood and His Boss, by Theodore Kovalesky

Fire deaths rouse tenants in Chicago, by Robert L. Birchman

Where 4 children died (photo)

The Negro Struggle – Political Solutions Required, by Henry Robinson

12,000,000 workers in dire need of homes, by John Fredericks

”The Golden Door,” by Grace Carlson

Meet the Chicago SWP candidates

Notes From the News

150 Detroit project residents protest threatened evictions

Volume X No. 6 Saturday, February 8, 1947, New York, NY
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Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Protests assault on PCI

Pleading instead of fighting (cartoon)

Union chiefs push “appeasement” – bow to Big Business demands; fail to fight anti-labor laws

SWP rally opens Chicago campaign, by Robert L. Birchman

Rent gougers push drive for 15 per cent increase

Paper monopoly endangers free labor press

N. Y. SWP asks to be heard on election laws

Chicago CIO supports 3 labor candidates, by Eugene Varlin

Rubber workers to press demand for 26-cent raise, by Joseph Andrews

Anti-labor law timetable stepped up by Senator Taft, by Joseph Hansen

Sen. Ball hurls new anti-labor knife

Briggs auto local militants fight against inclusion of Reutherite Red-baiting plank in caucus program

”Daily Worker” slanders steel union militants

New York teachers picket

Smith – Prudential life’s congressional watchdog

Rubber workers to press demand for 26-cent raise (continued from Page 1)

Crisis in Communist Party – Line of CP Dissidents on War

Our Program:

Events driving U.S. toward revolution

Lenin’s method, party, program important for workers of U.S., by M. Stein

First general strike in Japan broken by MacArthur’s order

Italian strikers march (photo)

Poll reveals most Japanese are opposed to Yoshida government

Drivers’ strike heralds upsurge of British labor, by J. Deane

Paris printers end strike aided by Trotskyists

International Notes

Marxist attitude to civil war in Poland

AFL unity proposal

”Withdrawal” in China

Tax “relief”

Encouraging signs

”Why the fuss about . . . “ (cartoon)

Hand-picked committee on youth consciption

Workers’ Bookshelf

Capitalist propaganda in AFL monthly organ

Congressmen at Work – Cash Payment on Terminal Bonds

Workers’ Forum – likes articles exposing Congress – exposes capitalist press on fascism – wake up in a hurry

”Hand in glove” (cartoon)

Youngstown joins 100 per centers; total hits 45% SWP $20,000 fund campaign, by William F. Warde

The Militant Army – socialist competition steps up sub-getting


Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

St. Paul SWP exposes bosses’ man, labor-baiter

Youth Activities

Akron tenants demand war on rats in federal housing, by Milton Genecia

When Housewives Dream, by Grace Carlson

Bosses invent new lies against wage increases, by Art Preis

New York tenants picket mayor

The Negro Struggle – The Kind of Action We Need, by William E. Bohannon

Stalinists try to sow division in NMU tanks, by C. Thomas

On the Railroads – Can You Spare a Billion? by Henry Adams

A program to meet the crisis in housing, by John Fredericks

Notes From the News

Arne Swabeck analyses housing shortage

Volume X No. 7 Saturday, February 15, 1947, New York, NY
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Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Judge reverses original ruling on portal claim – Supreme Court provided legal technicality for dismissing back-pay suits as “trifles”

Sliding scale protects oil workers’ real wage – Sinclair men get automatic cost-of-living boost in pay, by Art Preis

New York SWP hits move for 10-cent fare

Robber yelling “thief” (cartoon)

Stalinists forced to dissolve fake maritime “unity” body, by C. Thomas

Monopolists hurl venom at labor in hearing on anti-union bills

Oil workers vote on Western strike

SWP candidates speak in Chicago broadcast, by Robert L. Birchman

Truman and Congress cooking up deal to put through rent boost

Rubber workers urge Labor Party in Akron

Trotskyist candidate on Chicago ballot

Senator Ball admits aim of his anti-labor bills is to give bosses “the right to beak a strike”

Trade Union Notes, by Art Preis

Chicago joint labor committee (photo)

Oakland strikers enter 4th month

Briggs Local 12 calls for united action to win FEPC in Michigan

Railroad clippings, by Henry Adams

Our Program:

Crisis in Communist Party – Aims of Dissident Leaders

Leon Sedov 1906-1938

Burmese hit deal in London, want full independence now, by Robert L. Birchman

Protest Yoshida rule (photo)

Crisis in the Spanish government-in-exile, by Pedro

French authorities violate pledge to hold Cochin China referendum

After Poland’s elections, by N. Henri

International Notes

Viet Namese have “remarkable army”

Words vs. Actions

What price capitalism

Negro history week

Not Trotskyists

”Just think . . . “

More local unions join in united labor action

Workers’ Bookshelf

Paper monopoly threat to the free press

Congressmen at Work – Congressional Brain Service

Wiley emergency plan for third world war

Workers’ Forum – greetings from Trieste – likes Militant and trial pamphlets – Minneapolis worker tells off Senator Ball, “The Bosses’ Man” – student of Marx asks questions

Half-way mark passed by branches in $20,000 national SWP campaign, by William F. Warde

The Militant Army – nine SWP branches top “Militant” goals


Bronx SWP backs protest against Jim Crow movie

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Pioneer Notes

Youth Activities

Diary of a Steel Worker – Letter to a MILITANT Reader, by Theodore Kovalesky

N.Y. bankers push subway fare steal, by Joseph Hansen

New pamphlet by Cannon out in march

Picket for rent control (photo)

The Negro Struggle – Jim Crow in the Capital, by Joe Morgan

San Pedro police brutally beat, jail innocent Negro, by Louis Kisner

Cold Water Flat Available, by Joseph Hansen

Local 212 hits new witch hunt in Michigan

Detroit cops force way into home, beat Negro, by R. Young

Notes From the News

Bartell’s speech at rally

Homer Lewis talk on housing

Volume X No. 8 Saturday, February 22, 1947, New York, NY
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Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Harsh weather hastens British economic crisis – worn-out industrial plant shut down as government tries to patch up capitalism, by John Saunders

White, Negro unionists in Southern mass march – united labor demonstration at Tennessee state capital, by Art Preis

A “minor” operation (cartoon)

Rubber union rejects “Big 4” contract stall – URW policy committee calls for strike vote

Minneapolis union secures escalator clause

Chicago SWP candidate demands housing action from government

Oil walkout postponed after 22-cent offer

National conference seeks consolidation of enginemen

South Carolin Negro murdered by lynch gang

U.S. Steel pact on inequities stirs criticism, by Harry Braverman

Landlords handed “hardship relief”

”Caution” talk screens deadly anti-labor drive

N. Y. subway riders win round in battle to save 5-cent fare from assault of real estate interest, by Joseph Hansen

Trade Union Notes

Winter eviction (photo)

Vandenberg – anti-labor Senate Gavel-wielder

Rubber union rejects “Big 4” contract stall (continued from Page 1)

A Philadelphia story – the career of J. David Stern: from liberal to Red-baiter

Our Progress:

National conference demands consolidation of enginemen (continued from Page 1)

Slanderous attack on L. Trotsky printed in Trygve lie biography

10,000 workers attend rally called by Ceylon Trotskyists, by Robert Gunawardena

Left wingers quit CP in Germany

Demonstration in Athens (photo)

Harsh weather hastens British economic crisis (continued from Page 1)

Marxist literature in German wanted

French cabinet shaken by new wage struggles – workers tart action to secure raises to offset price jumps

International Notes

CP prints scab paper to fight union on strike

Police raid offices of India Stalinists


In “critical condition”

Sliding scale pays off

A bubble bursts

Stop the lynchers!

”Of course we’re a hardship case. . . . “(cartoon)

Signs of saturation in retail market, by John G. Wright

Workers’ Bookshelf

Congressmen at Work – the Score Up to Now

Few who own American want to hang on, by Jeff Thorne

Workers’ Forum

New York sets pace for rest of country in $20,000 SWP national fund campaign, by William F. Warde

The Militant Army – Flint and Connecticut tie for week’s subs


Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Youth Activities

Paper monopoly hits free press, CIO says

F. I. sub drive speeded for remaining month

Diary of a Steel Worker – What Can a Man Do? by Theodore Kovalesky

School crisis imperils free public education, by Art Preis

Joint AFL, CIO picket line (photo)

The Negro Struggle – Nothing Wrong They Can Fix, by William E. Bohannon

N. Y. anti-labor election bills attacked by Clarke

Chicago labor candidates wage strong campaign

”Feminine Delinquency,” by Grace Carlson

SWP candidate defends Negro beaten by cops

SWP and CP picket meeting of Senator Ball, by Milton Genecin

Cleveland union forces hearing in gas breakdown, industry tieup, byBill Foley

Notes From the News

Volume X No. 9 March 1, 1947, New York, NY
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Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

British workers set up councils to meet crisis, by J. Kelly

Biggest school strike begins in Buffalo – hard-pressed teachers unite on picket lines

Loading up the hopper (cartoon)

AFL, CIO protest anti-labor bills – congressmen bait politically-weak labor spokesmen

Wall Street pushes drive to Prussianize the youth

Portal-to-portal bills knife Fair Labor Act

British offer postpones Indian self-government, by Joseph Hansen

Oil workers win 20-cent increase

SWP candidate on the ballot in Los Angeles

OPA speeds up rent boosts before its final breakdown

Speculators, profiteers force prices skyward

A program for labor unity, by Art Preis

Trade Union Notes, by Art Preis

New York Governor Dewey bars housing marchers (photo)

Dewey order troopers to bar delegation on rent and housing, by Eugene Shays

Our Program:

Reactionary role of the ACTU

Both imperialists and Stalinists oppose united socialist Europe

Defenseless unionists brutally shot down by Trinidad police

”Europe’s economic unification is a life-and-death question”

Effects of British coal crisis (photo)

Calcutta general strike against repressive law

Growing danger of deal with Spanish militarists

International Notes

Workers council organized in Britain to defend labor (continued from Page 1)

Who was right about the war?

”Oh, goodness! Look at all those rats . . . “ (cartoon)

Lilienthal case shows witch hunters at work

Workers’ Bookshelf

Congressmen at Work – Butler of Butler-Welch Grain

How “Mr. John Rich” chisels on his taxes

Two new bills in Senate to halt deportation of Indonesians

Workers’ Forum – an appeal for aid to Trinidad strikers – a telling letter on Ohio gas shortage – UAW-CIO Local 776 holds out for victory – replies to letter by “P.M. of Vermont”

San Diego is first West Coast branch to hit 100% in national fund campaign, by William F. Warde

The Militant Army – new Lynn SWP branch sets record in renewals


Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Youth Activities

Diary of a Steel Worker – Not for Us! by Theodore Kovalesky

White terrorist fire bullets at Negro home, by Robert L. Birchman

Detroit teachers vote strike (photo)

”The Vitamin Craze,” by Grace Carlson

Socialist Workers Party backs seven labor candidates in L.A.

GM Fleetwood workers victimized by company

Veterans’ Problems – Make Wall Street Pay for Bonus, by Alvin Royce

SWP in Detroit pays tribute to Negro leader, by Mary Baker

Mahoning Valley vets demand low-rent homes, by Harry Braverman

Notes From the News

Detroit east side delegates plan drive for state FEPC

Volume X No. 9 Saturday, March 8, 1947, New York, NY
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Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Stalin’s guilt in Trotsky murder bared by ex-Daily Worker editor – Budenz discloses details of how 1940 assassination was prepared – implicated leaders of Communist Party in GPU conspiracy, by John G. Wright

Why Stalinism uses terror in labor’s ranks, an Editorial

Guilty! (cartoon)

How Stalin’s GPU gang organized slaying of Trotsky in Mexico, by Joseph Hansen

Collapse of Stalin’s frame-up structure

AFL leaders use issue of organic unity to block immediate joint action with CIO on anti-labor bills

Twin Cities net $250 for relief in Europe

States push anti-labor laws (graphic)

Detroit FEPC parley urges demonstration

$270 netted in Tri-City Pennsylvania bazaar

Why union bureaucrats weaken labor’s defense of its rights

V.R. Dunne hits ball as tool of capitalists

Seattle boilermakers local fights for union democracy

Our Program:

SWP supports Negro candidate in Santa Monica

San Francisco to hold dinner

Budenz exposes Stalin’s guilt in Trotsky murder (continued from Page 1)

GPU hand in “great conspiracy” shown by its version of slaying

Louis Budenz – the career of a Trotskyist, by Art Preis

How GPU gangsters organized killing of Trotsky in Mexico (continued from Page 1)

Stalinist terror (continued from Page 1)

End of conscription?

”Wait and See”

Teacher strikes

”I love to work with my hands . . . “

What “Big Four” will discuss in Moscow

Workers’ Bookshelf

U.S. grab in Pacific OK’d by Stalinists

Congressmen at Work – Cancer Can Wait

Workers’ Forum – wants campaign to force taxes down – build a new world, says Detroit reader – hits lack of letters in “Workers Forum” – gives up medicine for Marxist politics – Flint sub-getter hells how she does it – points out lesson of last election – Pittsburgh landlords anticipate rent boost – Red-baiting spreading into the schools

SWP national fund campaign reaches 71%; drive must be speeded up in next 2 weeks, by William F. Warde

The Militant Army – Militant dinner social held in San Francisco


Better housing conditions demanded by Bronx tenants

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

SWP branches prepare for final stage of drive to get “Fourth International” subs

Youth Activities

Diary of a Steel Worker – Story of Margaret McNett, by Theodore Kovalesky

Washington agrees to save Greek king

Buffalo teachers strike wins salary increases, by Libby Jones

The Negro Struggle – the South is Catching Up, by William E. Bohannon

Labor political weakness shown in Chicago municipal elections

First Chicago SWP candidate gets 113 votes, by Robert L. Birchman

”Advice” on making ends meet, by Grace Carlson

Tenants organize for action to halt evictions in Detroit

Newark CIO stewards map action program

All-white Louisiana jury acquits 5 identified lynch mob killers

Notes From the Notes

Volume X No. 11 Saturday, March 15, 1947, New York, NY
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Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

”Daily Worker” silent about GPU exposure – Communist Party mum following disclosure by Budenz of how Stalin murdered Trotsky

Supreme Court upholds judicial strikebreaking – mine rulings give courts deadly new anti-strike weapon, by Art Preis

Soaring prices hit 27-year record high – escalator contracts offer best protection

Wall Street’s verdict (cartoon)

Millions of low-income tenants threatened with 15% rent boost

Monarchists in Greece hail Wall Street’s aid

Lewis support of court helped disarm miners

How to answer court’s ruling, an Editorial

Planned economy vs. capitalist chaos, by Joseph Hansen

Judicial strikebreaking upheld by Supreme Court in mine case (continued from Page 1)

AFL seafarers join CIO pickets

GM demands drafted at Detroit UAW parley

Our Program:

Chicago jury scores owners of firetraps

What the Nathan report reveals

Why the GPU ordered Budenz to keep silent in Reiss murder

Upsurge in Asia poses big threat to world imperialism

Effects of martial law in Palestine (photo)

Zionism analyzed

French workers continued struggle for higher wages, by N. Henri

International Notes

What I saw in Korea under American rule, by Bill Morgan

Three articles on Latin America in March “Fourth International”

Black-robe tactics

By-passing the UN

UMT gains steam

Bittner’s testimony

”Of course the food here is abominable . . . “

American policy in occupied countries, by A. Codin

Workers’ Bookshelf

Union paper warns of danger in witch hunts

Unloading frozen garbage, by Joseph Hansen

Workers’ Forum – school lunch prices raised in Detroit – congratulates Philadelphia S.W.P. – appreciates address in Lenin’s memory – no confidence in capitalist future – Stalinists frantic at Budenz’s exposure – asks for exposure of drug trust profits – Stalinists decide to read “Militant”

SWP national fund drive reaches $15,895 with one week to go before the deadline, by William F. Warde

The Militant Army – three SWP branches top “Militant” goals


Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

59% of quota achieved in “Fourth International” drive

Youth Activities

Boston ACEWR chapter nets $225 in successful dinner

Diary of a Steel Worker – the Man Who Has Some Land, by Theodore Kovalesky

Upsets mark elections in Flint auto unions, by Jerry Kirk

Illustrations from “The Vanishing Paycheck” (illustrations)

The Negro Struggle – Ready to Storm New Heights, by William E. Bohannon

Florence Ward Dec. 24, 1915 - - Mar. 6, 1947

Veterans’ Problems – the Essence of the “Problem,” by Alvin Royce

Campaign for Kisner rolls ahead in L.A.

Supreme Court edict denounced by Flint union

Industrial explosion kills 15 in L.A. residential district

Notes From the News

Volume X No. 12 Saturday, March 22, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Ask grand jury to investigate Trotsky murder – delegation demands probe of Stalin’s agents who plotted assassination in New York City

Wall Street’s helping hand (cartoon)

Truman’s foreign policy speeds war moves against Soviet Union – wants to bolster rule of dictators in Greece, Turkey

Congress is cautious on Truman plan

A program of action to halt the war drive, an Editorial

New anti-Red bills imperil civil rights

Anti-labor offensive linked to war drive

Joint statement on unification of the SWP and WP

UAW Briggs Local 212 urges mass rally to start defense against anti-labor drive

Veteran protest in Washington (photo)

Seattle boilermakers win restraining order

Ohio Trotskyists set up state-wide organization

Maritime unions agree on joint defense action

SWP forum in Flint hears NAACP leader

Three labor candidates to run in Flint election, by Douglas Snyder

Our Program:

Ask grand jury probe in murder of Trotsky (continued from Page 1)

The truth about Turkey and Greece, by George Lavan

Which side are you on? (cartoon)

Truman foreign policy speeds moves to war (continued from Page 1)

Stalinists find “bitter taste” in Truman’s sabre-rattling, by Joseph Hansen

U.S. imperialism climaxes series of Greek moves

Defend labor month

The “Truman Doctrine”

A real success!

Anti-”Red” laws

”I never COULD see why . . . “ (cartoon)

Dictatorships hail Truman’s new Axis

Workers’ Bookshelf

Mass of state laws menace labor unions

Congressmen at Work – “A Declaration of War”

Workers’ Forum – wishes Negroes could win rights – suggests song on Labor Party – send financial aid to Trinidad strikers – praises “Militant” for exposing Stalin – reports success in Conn. sub drive – lauds Robeson as great artist – urges action to lick the anti-Labor drive

SWP national fund reaches 97% of total in final week of campaign for $20,000, by William F. Warde

Youth Activities


Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Campaign forces bread co. to hire Negroes in Chicago, by Robert L. Birchman

An Item Truman Left Out, by Joseph Hansen

Detroit tenants demand city freeze all rents

CIO pickets defy arrests (photo)

Trotskyists commemorate revolt of Royal India Navy

Rubber union sets deadline for strike against “Big 4,” by Milton Genecin

The Negro Struggle – Greece and the Negroes, by William E. Bohannon

The Drive Toward War, by George Breitman

Chicago SWP plans wind-up election rally

Meet the SWP candidate

Notes From the News

Urge Mass. CIO to set up joint action committee

Volume X No. 13 Saturday, March 29, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Stalinist press still silent on Trotsky murder – “Worker” article suppresses all mention of Budenz’s evidence that Stalin is guilty, by Evelyn Atwood

New war moves bring blows at civil rights – Truman edict means new witch-hunts, by Art Preis

Piling on the load (cartoon)

Congress worried by lack of support for Truman Plan, by George Breitman

Still going where “they damn please”

Senate and House vote to knife wage-hour law

Red-baiting disrupts maritime joint action

Korea – the next step

Hits Michigan ballot restriction bill

Stalinist press leads reactionary attack against sliding scale contract of CIO oil workers union

Trade Union Notes, by Art Preis

Police against picket (photo)

J. A. Sullivan deserts Stalinists in Canada

Truman’s war moves bring attacks on civil liberties (continued from Page 1)

Park Drop Forge men continue brave fight, by Bob Kingsley

Our Program:

Three main obstacles to Wall Street’s war plans, by George Breitman

Hearings in Congress open on Truman’s plan

Truman doctrine testimony (photo)

Withdraw the occupation troops! Manifesto of the Austrian Trotskyists

French Stalinists back war against Indo-China

Wallace sees another war in Truman’s foreign policy, by Joseph Hansen

International Notes

Truman on “non-intervention”

Ruth Fischer and the Stalinists, by James P. Cannon

Help the German workers

”Of course you’ll have to take . . .” (Cartoon)

Chiang massacres Formosan people

Movie Review

Stalin’s policies aid Soviet Union’s enemies

Congressmen at Work – Truman Doctrine Means War

Workers’ Forum – wants Mexican gov’t to extradite Budenz – stopped by sentence in Budenz review – explanation by Art Preis – raw deal for vets in garment industry – pickets press fight against Jim Crow

U.S. capitalism heading toward new crisis which cannot be averted, says economist, by Paul Schapiro

The Militant Army – Connecticut winds up with banners flying

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

790 new readers gained at close of FI sub drive

Late contributors augment total of SWP fund campaign

Youth Activities

Diary of a Steel Worker – Speaking of Operations, by Theodore Kovalesky

Flint progressives win in Chevrolet elections, by Sol Dellinger

Unionization firm in Panama Canal (photo)

Local 659’s new president issues statement on policy

The Negro Struggle – Marshall Defines Democracy, by William E. Bohannon

Bartell hits war plans in address over radio

Number One Killer, by Grace Carlson

New Jersey SWP runs candidates for convention

Merger of relief committees will aid needy Europeans

Notes From the News

SWP calls for labor unity against Red-baiting in L.A.

Santa Monica City Council vote shows Carter, Mireles strength, by J. Hawkins

Volume X No. 14 Saturday, April 5, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Brewster links Middle East oil with war move, by Joseph Hansen

The Truman Doctrine (cartoon)

End the mine murders! an Editorial

Mine stoppage mourns 111 dead – government failed to enforce safety code at Centralia

Greek monarchy continued terror against workers, by Jean Paul Martin

Liberals back Pepper-Taylor bill as “alternative” to Truman Plan

Survey shows people oppose Truman Plan

120,000 German workers protest hunger under Allies

Waiting for the rescue squads to bring up the miners’ bodies, by George Lavan

Centralia miners worked under sentence of death for more than one year, appeals for action show, by George Lavan

Briggs meeting scores cliquism

Body of one of the 111 dead miners (photo)

Mine operators paid Republicans to “forget” code

Bay Area SWP hits Red drive

Mine stoppage mourns 111 dead at Centralia (continued from Page 1)

Our Program:

Cavalcade of California vets demands state build homes

Strength of minority shown in Los Angeles area voting

The correct way to fight Stalinism – full text of statement sent by Ruth Fischer, by James P. Cannon

Liberals back Pepper-Taylor bill as “alternative” to Truman Plan (continued from Page 1)

The “loyalty” decree

Defend civil liberties

Two more crimes

Truman and the UN

”Don’t you just love this . . . “ (cartoon)

MacArthur prepares more anti-labor edicts

Workers’ Bookshelf

Full freedom not won in Dutch-Indonesia Pact

Congressmen at Work – Righting a Great Injustice

10,000 slain for asking self-rule in Formosa

Workers’ Forum – holds gov’t violates Clayton anti-trust act – holds over-population is cause of misery – thinks Lenin would like “Militant” edit – rain fails to stop Phila. distribution – considers heckling with frozen peas – campus Red-baiting impression corrected – salutes “Militant” for courage, honesty

Diplomatic haggling at Moscow conference forces more secret Allied deals into open, by Joseph Hansen

The Militant Army – Pittsburgh’s success in six-week sub drive

Youth Activities

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

ACEWR asks for donations of food, clothing, cigarettes

Diary of a Steel Worker – the Dream They Gave Us, by Theodore Kovalesky

Weak FEPC legislation introduced in Congress, by William E. Bohannon

Grief-stricken widow of miner (photo)

The Threat of Germ Warfare, by Grace Carlson

Rubber workers union gets wage settlement, by Milton Genecia

Apprehension in Wall Street, by John G. Wright

Minnesota legislature forced to retreat on anti-Red bill

Issue in the New Jersey constitutional convention, by Alan Kohlman

Notes From the News

”Surprises” listed for World War III

Volume X No. 15 Saturday, April 12, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Telephone system shut down in first nation-wide strike, by Alan Kohlman

Murder for profit! (cartoon)

Miners and phone workers fight in defense of labor’s standards – memorial for dead extends into battle for safer mines

N. J. telephone workers defy state seizure

Steel union strike possible in May

Dollars for Greece part of “oil grab”

Senate foreign committee backs first step of Truman war policy

Shutdown of 518 mines confirms Krug’s guilt, by George Lavan

Accepting the challenge of the AT & T empire

Indo-Chinese send thanks for help in their struggle

Why the Truman “doctrine” will come to grief

Three demands raised on mine safety issue, by George Lavan

Accuses mine owners and state (photo)

Mine owners know “little or nothing”

Closing of 518 mines confirms Krug’s guilt (continued from Page 1)

Our Program:

First nation-wide telephone strike ties up switchboards (continued from Page 1)

The potentiality of physical harm

Franco makes open bid for deal with monarchy

British atrocities in Palestine

American Stalinism and anti-Stalinism – 2. Communist Party and the Red-baiters, by James P. Cannon

Greek monarchy a “difficult client” declares Krock

Washington “explains” United Nations by-pass, by Joseph Hansen

International Notes

Senate committee backs Truman war moves

Build a Labor Party!

The real power

Stalinists and Rome

Get out of China!

”But of course you’ll . . . “ (cartoon)

Bigger army sought to enforce Truman Plan

Workers’ Bookshelf

Easter sales flop alarms retail trade

Congressmen at Work – A Congresswoman Buys Groceries

Workers’ Forum – opposes cutting down population – how the workers in my shop reacted to recruiting blurb – why I decided to join the SWP – explains why Robeson supports Stalinism

Government to blame for mine dangers, Lawrence miners tell “Militant” reporters, by Eloise Gordon and Justine Lang

The rising cost of living (graphic)

The Militant Army – March sub total highest since September

How miners turn out for John Mitchell Day, by Eloise Gordon

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Youth Activities

Diary of a Steel Worker – A Great Many Centralias, by Theodore Kovalesky

SWP candidate in L.A. gets 4 percent of vote

Monopolists fear victory of labor in Flint election

Telephone girls vote strike! (Photo)

The Negro Struggle – the Aim of the Red-Baiters, by William E. Bohannon

NMU verdict on stack deals blow to Stalinism, by C. Thomas

The new Clare Luce, by Grace Carlson

Oakland workers rally against anti-labor bills, by Ed Davis

Labor’s rights involved in N. J. Constitution revision, by Alan Kohlman

Notes From the News

Volume X No. 16 Saturday, April 19, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

9 more miners die in explosion at Exeter, Penn. – failure of owners to provide oxygen masks delays rescue crews in gas-filled workings, by George Lavan

Phone strikers battle slave labor law in N. J. – force federal court order halting state enforcement

(Cartoon – untitled)

NFTW rejects Schwellenbach’s arbitration plan

Dunne to file for mayor of Minneapolis

Their strike too

Expropriate the telephone trust, an Editorial

Sidelights on the anti-labor plot

What they say about N. J. law

Value of escalator contract proved by union experience

An unholy conspiracy against the phone strike, by Alan Kohlman

Heroic women teach lesson to all of labor, by George Breitman

Why President Mary Hanscom is not afraid to go to jail

Phone strikers tell off scab

Click heels tap out “Solidarity” on phone operators’ picket line, by Mary Steele

Monopoly and plunder: the Story of AT& T, by Dorothy Lessing

Our Program:

”Until our entire membership has been locked up”

American Stalinism and anti-Stalinism – 3. Why and how the Communist Party degenerated – James P. Cannon

Survivors of mine explosion tell story to “The Militant,” by George Lavan

Picket signs demand living wage (photo)

Flint Labor Party committee scores success in election, by Sol Dollinger

Mine explosion kills 9 more in year’s 2nd big disaster (continued from Page 1)

U. S. mines most dangerous

Meaning of the Truman Doctrine


The Workers’ Mood

The price spiral

A sample poll

American Gestapo

”Imagine! I had to fly all this way . . . “ (cartoon)

War Dept. considering factory military units

Workers’ Bookshelf

Truman plan sets off all-out war in Greece

Congressmen at Work – Blueprint for World War III

Workers’ Forum – public opinion and the telephone strike – Louis Kisner’s vote in Los Angeles – Trinidad prisoners send thanks for aid – describes conditions in Pennsylvania mines – favors compulsory military training – the real power

SWP candidate for mayor of Chicago hits vote fraud against minor political parties, by Hayden Perry

The Militant Army – “Icebreakers” leading in Milwaukee campaign

Gains recorded in New York SWP city-wide convention

Youth Activities

Tragedy of Jews part of world crisis

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

New York unionists sponsor FEPC dance

Notebook of an Agitator – A Letter to Elizabeth

Strike of 100,000 protests jailing of Trotskyist in India, by V. Karalasingham

Violence against Negro people flares in Flint, by Henry Robinson

New Jersey cops aid strikebreakers (photo)

The Negro Struggle – the Negro Worker’s New Status, by Larry Carter

Five labor candidates elected in So. St. Paul

Detroit union to hold rally against anti-labor drive

6,000 Akron workers lead new strike wave, by Milton Genecia

State ownership of utilities urged for N.J. Constitution, by Alan Kohlman

A Case of Political Escapism, by George Breitman

Aid Indo-Chinese through boycott of French ships

”A little too radical”

Volume X No. 17 Saturday, April 26, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Workers’ world – or none! (cartoon)

Big rallies hit anti-labor bills – roar of protest over passage of Hartley measure

Phone strikers standing firm in third week, by Alan Kohlman

Picket AT & T meeting (photo)

For a nation-wide 24-hour stoppage, an Editorial

May Day manifesto of the Socialist Workers Party

Detroit workers respond to call for mass rally

15 cents an hour granted in new wage agreements

Socialist Workers Party May Day manifesto (continued from Page 1)

Our Program:

American Stalinism and anti-Stalinism – 4. The crimes and betrayals of American Stalinism, by James P. Cannon

Survivor of concentration camp kidnapped by GPU in Austria

Search for dead in Texas (photo)

How Hartley bill puts knife at American labor’s throat

Phone workers firm in third week of strike (continued from Page 1)


Distorting a poll

”Neutrality” revision

Red-baiter in action

Murder in Palestine

”With this omnibus labor bill . . . “ (cartoon)

May Day’s origin here in America, by Joseph Hansen

Workers’ Bookshelf

Notebook of an Agitator – what do they know about Jesus?

Workers’ Forum – Laura Gray cartoons saved for scrapbook – disagrees with views expressed by “Militant” – protest may save two from Franco’s noose – defends criticism of Robeson’s politics

Public utilities extortions can be ended by nationalization under workers’ control, by Arthur Burch

The Militant Army – Cleveland, Minneapolis launch sub campaigns

Letters to ACEWR portray dire need of Europeans

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Diary of a Steel Worker – May Day, 1947, by Theodore Kovalesky

Capitalist greed blamed in Texas city disaster, by Evelyn Atwood

Digging for bodies in Texas disaster (photo)

The Negro Struggle – From the Cradle to the Grave, by Larry Carter

Dunne files as candidate for mayor of Minneapolis

May Day and the Children, by Grace Carlson

Chicago tenants rally support in eviction fight

Proportional representation and New Jersey convention

Notes From the News

SWP candidates are on ballot

Volume X No. 18 Saturday, May 3, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Stalin’s guilt – Budenz book supplies link to GPU murder of Trotsky, by Natalia Sedov Trotsky

24-hour protest strike advocated by Flint CIO – united action needed to combat slave bills, by Farrell Dobbs

Urges calling nation-wide work haltage

How to put them on the run! (cartoon)

500,000 join in Detroit protest against Congress

Greek-Turkish despots continue repressive acts

Origin of Detroit rally

Release of jailed Indian Trotskyists demanded by SWP

Telephone strike in fourth week, by Alan Kohlman

Notebook of an Agitator – think it over, Mr. Dubinsky

After the 15c settlement, by George Clarke

Detroit workers rally against labor-haters (photo)

Anti-labor bills arouse giant protest in Detroit (continued from Page 1)

Demonstration in Newark protests slave-labor law, by Ruth Franklin

Our Program:

Camden CIO and AFL rally behind telephone strikers, by Max Geldman

The Stalinist bureaucrats and the other bureaucrats, by James P. Cannon

100,000 workers protest arrest of Trotskyist leader in Madras, by Manickam

The guilt of Stalin (continued from Page 1)

Detroit appeal

Failure at Moscow

Grooming Truman

Palestine and the UN

”Six cents! Don’t you know . . . “ (cartoon)

Workers’ Bookshelf

Congressmen at Work – the Senate Votes on Greece

Workers’ Forum – a gruesome crime in Mississippi – differ with M.E.C. on support of war – sidelights of rally in Cadillac Square – praises “Militant” for telling truth

Failure at Moscow conference underlines imperialist drive for another world war, by Jean Paul Martin

If I should die

The Militant Army – report brisk sales on single copies

Why the Wallace program cannot bring lasting peace

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

New SWP branch in Lynn built on firm foundations, by S. Brooks

Youth Activities

Diary of a Steel Worker – the Secret of the Cities, by Theodore Kovalesky

Voters show left trend in ex-Axis countries, by George Breitman

Detroit strikebreaking cops slug phone workers (photo)

The Negro Struggle – NAACP aims at a million, by WIlliam E. Bohannon

Police in San Francisco beat telephone strikers, by E. Chester

The Fountain of Youth, by Grace Carlson

New Jersey Constitution and the one-house legislature, by Alan Kohlman

Notes From the News

Dunne stresses Labor Party as American workers’ need

Volume X No. 19 Saturday, May 10, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Militarists draft secret blueprint for a new war, by William F. Warde

Senate speeds union-busting bill – Republicans and Democrats put knife at labor’s throat

Detroit’s gigantic rally against labor-haters (photo)

One-day strike urged by UAW foundry council

AFL-CIO unity discussed at Washington conference

Mid-West camp opens season on June 29

Ask CIO to call 24-hour strike to protest anti-labor bills

Telephone strikers stand firm despite AT&T’s split tactics, by Alan Kohlman

34,000 auto workers strike in France

Notebook of an Agitator – the lynching of “Monsieur Verdoux”

The crucial issues at stake in AFL-CIO unity proposals, by George Breitman

New York rally to defend labor (photo)

Our Program:

Militant picket line greets fascist Smith in Philadelphia, by John Haas

Angered by deal in Chicago phone strike

Is the Communist Party a workers’ organization? by James P. Cannon

Oust Stalinist ministers in France as Ramadier bids for Truman aid, by Joseph Hansen

British troops search refugee (photo)

British terror in Palestine recalls scenes under Hitler, by H. Vallin

Rising fear of war

They are all guilty

Vote – for whom?

Centralia whitewash

”To make good, Montgomery . . . “ (cartoon)

May Day celebrations throughout the world, by George Lavan

Workers’ Bookshelf

34,000 auto workers out on strike in France (continued from Page 1)

Greek workers honor martyrs on May Day

Militarists prepare secret blueprint for a new war

Workers’ Forum – telephone striker writes from Chicago – an answer to M.E.C. – wants information about the South – complaint from a small landlord

Postwar prosperity begins to fade away as first grim signs of Depression appear, by John G. Wright

Retail prices hit all-time high

The Militant Army – “Be the champ and go to camp”

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

First public hearing successful in Lynn, by S. Gordon

Phila. ACEWR nets $250 at benefit dinner

Dunne praises phone strikers, scores mayor

Detroit gives banquet to celebrate May Day

Diary of a Steel Worker – Career of a Clerk, by Theodore Kovalesky

General Motors fires 14 in reprisal for rally

(Cartoon – no title)

Meeting protests arrests in India

The Negro Struggle – Two Sides of the Same Coin, by William E. Bohannon

Political arrests of labor leaders continue in India

Oakland labor organizes to win in city election, by R. Chester

Notes From the News

The fight against Jim Crow at New Jersey convention, by Alan Kohlman

Akron CIO rally protests against anti-labor bills

Volume X No. 20 Saturday, May 17, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Fighting policy adopted by CIO packing union, by Ted Selander

More union bodies join call for 24-hour strike – demand action against anti-labor legislation

Supreme Court ruling dooms Negro to chair, by William Charles

Build a tank trap! (cartoon)

Mahoning County CIO council urges stoppage, by Harry Frankel

Demand release of jailed trade unionist in India

Socialist Party leader arrested in Madras

Local settlements pave way for end of telephone strike, by Alan Kohlman

Bilbao strike disturbs Franco’s fascist rule

Hunger demonstrations sweep Germany

Minneapolis vote

ACEWR plans to cable packages

Notebook of an Agitator – the mad dog of the labor movement

UPWA call for a new party represents a big step forward, by George Breitman

Fighting program adopted by CIO packing workers (continued from Page 1)

Our Program:

Meaning of attack on Henry Wallace

The prospects of American Stalinism, by James P. Cannon

Premier Ramadier’s new cabinet wins swift aid from Wall Street, by Joseph Hansen

Evicted into the rain (photo)

The Arab league vs. Arab masses in Middle East, by H Vallin

International Notes

The nature of Stalinism

A vote for war

Act now!

Blow at civil rights

Look at China

”Don’t use so much polish . . . “ (cartoon)

Soviet co-ops become capitalist enterprises, by John G. Wright

Workers’ Bookshelf

Diplomatic war goes on as Moscow conference fails, by Jean Paul Martin

Communist Party outlawed in Brazil, by Charles Cornell

French Trotskyists may face prosecution

Workers’ Forum – why we ballot as Trotskyists – Stalinist goons attack “Militant” distributor – public funds used to extend Jim Crow – criticizes editorial on British murders – dump surplus spuds while prices soar

Seven-day strike forces Inland Steel Corp. to withdraw union-busting contract clauses, by J. Lyons

The Militant Army – special bulletin sparks Chicago sub campaign

Local settlements pave way to end of telephone strikes (continued from Page 1)

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Militant readers invited to the Mid-West camp

Gala floor show to be featured at ACEWR ball

Diary of a Steel Worker – the Unknown Child, by Theodore Kovalesky

Building workers feel impact of Depression, by Joseph Hansen

The big steal (graphic)

The Negro Struggle – Against the Anti-Labor Bills, by William E. Bohannon

GM rehires 15 men but UAW suffers bad blow

Beating a Rent Gouger

Delegates urge Labor party at Pa. AFL parley

Dunne winds up campaign for mayor of Minneapolis, by Grace Carlson

Notes From the News

Volume X No. 21 Saturday, May 24, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Oakland labor scores victory in city election, by R. Chester

Strike it out! (cartoon)

Slave labor bill veto demanded – Truman holds silence despite union appeals

South Carolina lynch trial goes to jury

More unions join call for one-day protest strike

CIO Marine cooks raise demand for a new party

Arab-Jewish union in general strike

CIO council in Newark urges 24-hour strike

Action they will heed, an editorial

Threaten death penalty for German food demonstrators

Truman scorns plea to veto measure knifing portal pay

10 years after the memorial day massacre

Scene of the 1937 mass acre [sic] (photo)

Notebook of an Agitator – the treason of the intellectuals

Our Program:

The working class fight against Stalinism, by James P. Cannon

Germany 1947: Four flags over a ruin, by Ernest Germain

Murdered by Stalin’s GPU (photo)

The Arab revolution and the Zionist labor movement, by H. Vallin


An emergency appeal

Oakland lessons

Class legislation

”Freedom from fear”

”I’ve got my belly full . . . “ (cartoon)

Fear grips Wall St. as stocks nosedive, by John G. Wright

Workers’ Bookshelf

Fate of Europe now hinges on French working class, by Arthur Burch

Abortions this year will kill 15,000 women, by Leigh Ray

Workers’ Forum – white-Negro unity in telephone strike – finds storekeeping is no easy life – San Diego cops beat Negro war veteran – mayor of Havana sets worthy example – union papers run ad for Ohio Bell tel.

Oakland labor movement deals stiff blow to long-entrenched Republican machine (continued from Page 1)

”Southern justice . . [sic]

The Militant Army – New York finds spot mobilization a success

Hilding Swan Olson

Strikers defy injunction in Columbiana

Mid-West camp opens June 29

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Film shown at largest meeting of Akron SWP

Pioneer Notes

Ball Point Frankenstein, by Joseph Hansen

Thousands out of work in Rhode Island slump

AFL and CIO leaders discu ss [sic] unity (photo)

The Negro Struggle – Plenty of Jobs – at Low Pay, by Larry Carter

Vote for Dunne shows rising interest in SWP, by Grace Carlson

Best of All Possible Worlds

Stalinists scored for failure to join anti-fascist action

The bi-partisan deal and N. J. constitutional convention

Notes From the News

Volume X No. 22 Saturday, May 31, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Lynch mob of 28 set free by lily-white jury, by George Lavan

24-hour strike demand mounts through nation – AFL unions join CIO in call for nation-wide stoppage

Acquittal gives green light to more lynchings

Monster on the loose (cartoon)

Truman weighs putting okay on slave labor bill

Ramadier decrees military rule for 85,000 utilities workers

10,000 protest anti-labor bills in San Francisco

Landlords await rent hikes as Congress stalls

Call on labor of all lands to help the German workers

The ranks want action! an Editorial

CIO now organizing new phone workers international

Notebook of an Agitator – a blood transfusion

Lynchers set free (photo)

Detroit UAW-CIO unions hit state anti-labor bill

28 in lynch mob freed by white Southern jury (continued from Page 1)

Lynn AVC chapter pushes militant fight for housing

Our Program:

Chicago tenants union halts mass eviction of 6 families, by Robert L. BIrchman

Northwest metal workers win victory after 2-day strike

Workers’ revolution and bureaucratic degeneration, by James P. Cannon

The Four Germanies, by Ernest Germain

Truman Doctrine in action (photo)

Revolutionary solution to Palestine question, by H. Vallin

Accept no substitutes!

Stop the lynchers

Arms for dictators

In economy’s name

”But Senator, if we did away with . . . “ (cartoon)

Wall Street tycoons run U.S. government

Workers’ Bookshelf

Capitalists bewildered about the Depression, by John G. Wright

Congressmen at Work – Wall Street and Wool

Workers’ Forum – candy store reflects capitalist anarchy – everyone should see “Monsieur Verdoux” – adopt resolution for 24-hour strike – advocates joining Socialist Workers – proposes additions to program box

World labor experience new upsurge as resistance mounts against U.S. imperialism, by Arthur Burch

The Militant Army – Detroit sub campaign starts with good score

Fun at Little Pleasant Lake (photo)

How one vacationer viewed benefits of Mid-West camp

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Columbiana strikers’ morale high despite vicious attack by court, by Art O’Brien

Youth Activities

Diary of a Steel Worker – Murray and Memorial Day, by Theodore Kovalesky

Dump surplus potatoes as world goes hungry, by Joseph Hansen

Unemployment rises to half million in New York

Strikers against Camels (photo)

The Negro Struggle – the case of Jackie Robinson, by Larry Carter

Dunne calls on unions to build a Labor Party

”Brothers Under the Skin,” by Grace Carlson

SWP candidates wind up campaign for N.J. Constitution convention election, by Alan Kohlman

Notes From the News

Volume X No. 23 Saturday, June 7, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Greek Trotskyists face death as terror reigns

Put the squeeze on! (cartoon)

Anti-labor law sure, says Taft – time to organize powerful protest strike grows short

Socialist Workers Party calls for picket line at consulate

Partial list of unions wanting 1-day strike

Cabinet shifts in Italy, Hungary are Truman “doctrine” product, by Joseph Hansen

Favor Labor Party and 24-hour strike

New Jersey layoffs sound warning signal to unions, by A. Stevens

Michigan State CIO to meet at height of labor crisis

Senate votes passage of bill granting rent boosts of 15%

Supreme Court ruling hit by CIO

Notebook of an Agitator – farewell to a socialist pioneer

Joint labor victory in Oakland election points road for workers in other cities, by Ed Davis

I wouldn’t budge an inch for a camel (cartoon)

Stalinist grip on Buffalo UE shaken by militant caucus

Chicago packing unions decide to cooperate

Our Program:

10,000 aircraft workers threaten strike in Seattle, by C. Kaye

Tri-State fabricators resist fringe demands in contract, by Art O’Brien

How German people are being “re-educated for democracy,” by Ernest Germain

Heroic record of Chinese Trotskyists during the war

Chen Chi-Chang (illustration)

The position of Stalinism after the Renault strike, by Pierre Frank

International Notes

Italy, Hungary cabinet shifts Truman “Doctrine” product (continued from Page 1)

Growing unemployment

Make it a crime

Why veterans join

”Unanimous” report

”They really ought to be glad . . . “ (cartoon)

Stalin’s fake concession on Russian death penalty, by Alan Kohlman

Workers’ Bookshelf

Congressmen at Work – Terminal Leave Pay

45 state legislatures legalize price gouging, by George Lavan

Workers’ Forum – wants more articles on basic questions – takes lambasting but renews sub – wants material on Socialist Party – agrees with article on CIO-AFL unity – Stalinists “aid” victim of police brutality – a worker’s answer to Depression

ACEWR begins cabling relief packages to hunger stricken workers in Germany

The Militant Army – week at camp is Akron award for most subs

Chicago groups join fight against job discrimination

Mid-West vacation camp opens season on June 29

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Youth Activities

Diary of a Steel Worker – the Truth Will Out, by Theodore Kovalesky

Seven out on bail after lynch attempt in N.C.

Capitalist monopoly grows bigger (illustration)

The Negro Struggle – Anger Is Not Enough, by William E. Bohannon

Secretary of war reveals real aim of UMT program, by Joseph Hansen

The Not-So-Happy Barefoot Boy, by Grace Carlson

Buffalo SWP steps up drive against pending sales tax, by Libby Jones

Pendergast machine scored in Kansas City vote fraud

Notes From the News

Mass meeting in L.A. protests freeing of 28 lynch murderers

Volume X No. 24 Saturday, June 14, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Budenz reveals Trotsky murder facts to jury – tells Grand Jury that Stalin’s GPU made assassination preparations in New York City

Mine strikers protest Taft-Hartley slave bill – rank-and-file miners lead fight on union-busting law

Favor people’s referendum on war or peace – Flint Chevrolet local hits Truman Doctrine

Wall Street’s rubber stamps (cartoon)


SWP chalks up 5% of vote in Essex County

Political expediency to decide Truman stand on anti-labor bill, by Joseph Hansen

24-hour protest strike urged by union groups

Pickets protest Greek regime’s reign of terror

Attacks on India Trotskyists spread as strike continues

Nationwide strike paralyzes railway system in France

Notebook of an Agitator – a rift in the Iron Curtain

N.Y. protest rally against slave-labor bill (photo)

Trade Union Notes, by Art Preis

Political expediency guides Truman on anti-labor bill (continued from Page 1)

Our Program:

2 political wings of Wall St. Vulture

Germany, 1947 – From Potsdam to Moscow, by Ernest Germain

Tense conflict over Hungary mirrors trend toward war, by William F. Warde

Picketing Greek consulate in New York (photo)

Mood of British workers shows rise in militancy, by T. J. Peters

Mass demonstrations rock bloody Kuomintang regime, by George Lavan

International Notes

An appeal for aid

Green’s politics

Pentagon conspiracy

Double standard

”Oh yes! Don’t forget to invite our dear friends . . . “ (cartoon)

Making the world safe from atom bombs, by Art Preis

Workers’ Bookshelf

Unions must adopt policies to fight cutbacks, layoffs, by John G. Wright

Spanish POUM moves farther to the right

Workers’ Forum – voice of Trotskyism must reach workers – holds J.P.C. erred in “Notebook” article on suspended cutters – lumberjacks picket for sixteen months – ILGWU suspension wrong and dangerous, says J.P.C. in reply – criticizes “Militant” editorial on resisting lynch murder

(Cartoon – no title)

The Militant Army – boosters send pledges to keep “Militant” going

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Classes on important topics featured at Mid-West camp

Diary of a Steel Worker – A Leader of Men, by Theodore Kovalesky

British capitalists hail deal to chop up India, by Joseph Hansen

House censors publication on fascist activity

Proposed dismemberment of India (map)

The Negro Struggle – In Answer to Mr. Staton, by William E. Bohannon

Big rally in New York to protest Jim Crow

Oakland angered by brutal police, demand shakeup, by Ed Davis

Notes From the News

Warehousemen settle 3-day strike in San Francisco, by D. Rossa

Volume X No. 25 Saturday, June 21, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

No ships move as CIO seamen await contract

Aroused unionists swell caravan to Washington en route from West

Toss ‘em in the ash-can! (cartoon)

Labor Party seen as vital need – Taft-Hartley bill exposes Wall St. two-party system

Defy anti-labor law

Railway workers in France win smashing strike victory

New raid projected on treasury to finance reaction in Europe, by Joseph Hansen

SWP radio speaker flays anti-labor bill

Why Big Business wants the slave-labor bill, by Art Preis

How Stalinists “answer” Murray on Red-baiting

American Veterans committee holds national convention in Milwaukee

Trade Union Notes, by Art Preis

Keep the home fires burning! (cartoon)

CIO president in Akron assails no-strike pledge

Mood of American workers analyzed

State of American economy surveyed in June magazine

Our Program:

Two-day picnic in Pennsylvania

N. Y. Negro freedom rally a fraudulent spectacle

The agony of life under the occupation, by Ernest Germain

Reports show existence of opposition in Soviet Union

Rail strike empties Paris station (photo)

How long will the new De Gasperi cabinet last?

Italian elections postponed 6 months

Heroic record of A. Leon, leader of Belgian Trotskyists

Differences in ruling class over the Truman Doctrine, by Arthur Burch

International Notes

Egyptian Trotskyists publish manifesto against British

Stab in the back

”Democrats” at home

Fight rent boosts

Veteran graduates

”After all, Baron, it’s only right . . . “ (cartoon)

Sliding scale of hours will prevent layoffs, by John G. Wright

Movie Review

Workers’ Bookshelf

Washington’s reasons for embracing Peron

Workers’ Forum – New Zealander tells how he became a “Militant” reader – demands real fight against slave bill – “Man of the Street” takes over the mike – sends $10 to help put out “Militant”

The Militant Army – Detroit sub campaign scores total of 233

Floods take heavy toll in land and lives as profiteers prevent storage dam control, by George Lavan

Raid projected on Treasury to back European reaction (continued from Page 1)

ACEWR requests donations for health clinic in Italy

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Mid-West school and camp opens season on June 29

Diary of a Steel Worker – Springtime Comes to Ames St., by Theodore Kovalesky

Crushing tax burden remains on workers

CIO rally against slave-labor bill (photo)

The Negro Struggle – Like Building on Quicksand, by William E. Bohannon

Tax bill seeks to smother political action by labor

Health for the Workers, by Grace Carlson

New York SWP hits O’Dwyer move to raise subway fare, by George Clarke

New Camel contract is being violated by Reynolds Co.

Notes From the News

Volume X No. 26 Saturday, June 28, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Truman gesture is bid for votes – last-minute veto designed to hide anti-union record, by Joseph Hansen

Baked to order (cartoon)

Fight Wall Street’s slave law by building labor’s own party – workers have lost battle, but they can win the war, by the Editors

Congress vote shows reactionary character of Democratic Party

Appeasement policy paved way to labor defeat

Fast-spreading walkout of miners demonstrates workers’ determination to fight anti-union law

Trade Union Notes, by Art Preis

Motorcade to Washington (photo)

How Trotskyists fought slave labor measure

Taft-Hartley provisions inspired by Wall Street

Our Program:

Union heads denounce law but offer no real program

Germany 1947 – What the People Are Thinking About, by Ernest Germain

Liberals are busy peddling disguised Truman Doctrine

Escaped lynch mob (photo)

French socialist youth fight dissolution order

International Notes

American veterans committee shows marked shift to right

Trotskyist rally commemorates Paris Commune

Factory committees in Paris organize for general strike

Labor rewarded

Dangerous illusion

Damning admission

Join the SWP!

”The next war will put us . . .” (cartoon)

Flint auto local prints Labor Party pamphlet

Workers’ Bookshelf

Notorious Nazis hold key posts under Allies

Congressmen at Work – “You Can Crack a Filibuster”

Workers Forum

Antoinette Konikow 1869 .àí 1946, by Evelyn Atwood

The Militant Army – $100 contribution sent to help “the Militant”

FE merger proposal causes heated dispute in UAW-CIO

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

How capitalists treat any law they don’t like

Fine fishing in Pleasant Lake at Mid-West vacation camp

Diary of a Steel Worker – Letter to a New Subscriber, by Theodore Kovalesky

Michigan CIO delegates call for a new party, by Sol Dollinger

End of CIO shipping tie-up (photo)

Like Building on Quicksand, by George Breitman

NMU gains contract concessions through union-wide job action

”The American Meddlers’ Association,” by Grace Carlson

Tax Wall Street to save the five-cent fare, by George Clarke

Notes From the News

Labor in Canada fights layoffs

Georgia officials give Klansmen whitewash job

Volume X No. 27 Saturday, July 5, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Labor must build own party to combat Taft-Hartley Act – statement of national committee of the Socialist Workers Party

The way to do it (cartoon)

Strike spreads to 132,000 in shipyards – vicious law stiffens holdout of profiteers

Battle begins against slave law – union ranks want militant struggle and open defiance

Akron labor urges nation-wide strike

Hi-jacking rent measure gets Truman’s signature, by Art Preis


Miners hurl first challenge at new union-busting law

Rent hike, eviction drive on full blast

Fight slave law with Labor Party (continued from Page 1)

We the people, by Marvel Scholl

Our Program:

Germany 1947 – The Working-Class Parties in Germany, by Ernest Germain

Madras textile strike firm despite government attacks, by V. Karalasingham

Three of a kind in labor-haters (photo)

Sentiment for new party shown by Wallace tour, by Arthur Burch

International Notes

How “unification” of Europe is used to cloak reaction, by John G. Wright

Make it boomerang

Two years of the UN

The witch hunt

Death of our society

”Isn’t it grand to relax . . . “ (cartoon)

Production curtailed by textile mills

Workers’ Bookshelf

Rail moguls catch the gravy train

Congressmen at Work – Orchids to Green and Murray

Filipino veterans cheated by Congress

Workers’ Forum – an example of Nazi-like neutrality – no submission to war or slavery – wishes success for our work – praises good work of “labor challenge” – rotting tenements collapse in N.Y. – feel hard times approach in Montana – they act together against the workers – appreciates articles on Negro struggle

Socialist Workers Party Youngstown local goes on the air in call for Labor Party

The Transition

The Militant Army – excellent response from Southern strikers

Rent hi-jacking bill made law by Truman’s signature (continued from Page 1)

First week of season begins at Mid-West camp

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Youth Activities

Diary of a Steel Worker – Another Letter to a New Subscriber, by Theodore Kovalesky

Rank and file sentiment felt at NAACP parley, by William Charles

CIO shipbuilders out on strike (photo)

Send Them Where They Belong, by Albert Parker

U.S. note to Indonesians backs Dutch colonial rule

”Made in Europe,” by Joseph Hansen

Uncover plot to establish French military dictatorship

Notes From the News

Philadelphia SWP urges unions to run labor slates in elections

Volume X No. 28, July 14, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Paris conference on Marshall Plan promotes war aims – push for Western bloc breaks up secret parley, by Joseph Hansen

No hope offered ruined Europe in Kremlin line, by John G. Wright

Mine victory spurs fight on slave law – unions bar no-strike pacts, NLRB procedure, by Art Preis

”This is protection–see!” (cartoon)

What miners won by their militancy

Mass resistance grows against 15% rent gouge

Trotskyists in Bolivia face Hertzog terror

Clean the rascals out, an Editorial

Coal miners triumphant after four strikes in year

New publishing date and copy deadline

CP invents “plot” to swing NMU votes

It worked (photo)

Trade Union Notes, by Art Preis

Miners victory spurs fight against slave law (continued from Page 1)

Coal Co. penalized $1000 for 11 dead

Mine agreement (photo)

Wallace program analyzed at Detroit meeting

Our Program:

Social Democrats whitewash Truman, oppose new party

Germany 1947 – First Steps on the Workers Road to Action, by Ernest Germain

Wall Street Western Bloc plan hailed by European capitalists, by Jean Paul Martin

Worse off than before (photo)

Stalin amends his criminal code

Secret Paris parley promotes war drive (continued from Page 1)

Kremlin offers no hope to devastated Europe (continued from Page 1)

Big wave of strikes sweeps through island of Ceylon, by Gamani Salgado

International Notes

Greek monarchy jails 2,800 in “Red” raids

UN by-passed again

”Forgive and forget”

An alarming health report

Prices coming down?

”Should I unload my oil shares . . . “(cartoon)

What happened to the building boom?

Workers’ Bookshelf

Congressmen at Work – Call It Anything But That

German paper charges deliberate starvation, by Eugene Shays

Workers’ Forum – Laura Gray recovering from serious illness – Vallin reply explains situation in Palestine – “shocked amazement” over Vallin article

Lives, land, food destroyed as profiteers block flood control, by Evelyn Atwood

The Militant Army – chalk up 344 subs in Chicago campaign

Three phases of the Stalinist attitude to French strikes

Eight years of Spanish fascism

First social of Lynn ACEWR is successful

Vacationers enjoy first week at Mid-West camp, Michigan, by William F. Warde

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Youth Activities

Diary of a Steel Worker – Steve’s Week End, by Theodore Kovalesky

Most of South for anti-lynch law

O’Dwyer responsible for 8-cent fare steal, by Charles Cornell

Speeches Are a Dime a Dozen, by William E. Bohannan

Robert Williams is SWP candidate for Senate

Horse-and-Buggy Medicine, by Grace Carlson

White hoodlums attack homes belonging to Chicago Negroes, by Robert Birchman

Horsetrade politics behind re-passage of tax bill

Bolivia deputy introduced bill on sliding scale

Notes From the News

Volume X No. 29, July 21, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

CIO defies political ban in slave law – union-financed papers back federal candidates

More unions ban NLRB procedure, no-strike clause

”Unifying” Europe (cartoon)

Profiteers renew price-gouging drive – living costs hit record despite high production

All incomes rise but wage-earners’

Shipyard strike holds firm in fourth week

Paris parley sharpens struggle over Europe, by Joseph Hansen

Witch hunt and anti-labor bills are signed into law in Michigan

CIO demands Michigan state rent controls

Rent-gougers open big eviction drive

Dutch despots press drive against Indonesian republic

”Cops-and-robbers” theory of politics, by Art Preis

We the people, by Marvel Scholl

No need for mass picketing (photo)

The Instinctive and Elemental Drive, by J. R. Johnson

Stalinist faction in NMU raises “unity” smokescreen, by C. Thomas

Our Program:

Threat of price slash frightens canned good manufacturers

Germany 1947 – Strategy of the Fourth International, by Ernest Germain

Fill Greek concentration camps as terror reaches new height

2nd convention of Trotskyists held in India

U.S. imperialist administrator (photo)

Paris parley sharpens struggle over Europe (continued from Page 1)

Three-power talks end in heightened tension, by Jean Paul Martin

Government goes easy on French military plot

International Notes

PAC’s registration drive

Year Three of the atom age

Open the doors of America

Chiang Kai-shek yells for help

”We absolutely must put down the communists . . . “

Most union bureaucrats opposed to Labor Party

Workers’ Bookshelf

Congressmen at Work – Millionaire Envoy to Argentina

Court-martial debate evades main issue

Workers’ Forum – hopes labor united for political action – thinks Truman speech at NAACP was good – gives source of quote ascribed to Lenin – recalls how Wallace killed little pigs – sends $5 to help circulate “Militant”

Marshall and Wallace deceive people about U.S. imperialism, by Art Preis

The Militant Army – Buffalo sub chart shows steady rise

Capitalist tycoon looks at labor bureaucrats, by Joseph Hansen

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Youth Activities

What the Joke Is, by John G. Wright

Eight Negroes murdered in Georgia prison-camp

Killed in cold blood (photo)

The Negro Struggle – Politics and the NAACP, by Albert Parker

Seattle tenants organize action against bill to sell project homes

That’s what we like about the South

SWP candidate for City Council in Philadelphia

Railroad fare raises hit by SWP candidate Williams

ACEWR urges aid be rushed to European anti-fascists

First day nets 1,800 signatures in drive

Insurance for the Doctor, by Grace Carlson

Notes From the News

Volume X No. 30, July 28, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Price rises continue as profits soar – Truman’s report reveals fear of worse inflation

UPWA parley renews stand on political action – packing workers urge independent candidates

Applying the “Atlantic Charter” (cartoon)

U.S. arms used in war on Indonesians – Dutch imperialists launch blitzkrieg on young republic, by Joseph Hansen

Elect union men, says state AFL

Western bloc squabbles over prize Ruhr area

Chicago tenants resist profiteering landlords

Socialist Workers Party protests use of U.S. planes, guns, in Indonesia

Auto union calls for united labor conference

Goodrich strike vote backs national contract demand

Housing, evictions crisis intensifies

All-white Georgia jury OKs massacre of eight Negroes

Washington concedes rise in unemployment

The elemental urge to socialism, by J. R. Johnson

Strikebreaking attempt fails (photo)

Trade Union Notes, by Art Preis

Union leaders now sing the blues about some old “friends of labor”

Warning to all labor – Tobin is on the loose

Prices and profits continue to climb

Our Program:

Germany 1947 – It Can Happen to You Too, by Ernest Germain

Heroic Greek Trotskyists listed among royalist terror victims, by Jean Paul Martin

Wall Street’s helping hand (cartoon)

U.S. arms used in war on Indonesian republic (continued from Page 1)

Athens dictators spread brazen lies as cover for their reign of terror

SWP pledges support of Indonesian republic

Call for unity of Jews and Arabs against British

International Notes

Labor must aid freedom fighters!

Dutch Trotskyists defend Indonesian people’s cause

German workers heckle and boo Stalinist minister

PCI conference backs Trotsky’s views on USSR

”There is no peace!”

A law against thinking

Lots of talk – but no action

Wall St’s aid to Greece

”It’s such a problem to find something to invest . . . “ (cartoon)

Who is right about the housing shortage?

Congressmen at Work – the Specter Haunting Congress

The sugar trust dips into your sugar bowl

The rich grow richer as the poor buy less

Workers’ Forum – predicts re-grouping of auto union ranks – Trotskyist in Germany reports on conditions – “moralist” Eastman and Lenin’s testament – words of Douglass still hold true – what a mother finds in “the Militant”

Wall Street dons rosy spectacles; economic outlook remains grim, by John G. Wright

The Militant Army – branches report plans on annual celebration

Auto union rejects FE-merger plan

Record attendance at Mid-West camp

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

AFL union urges labor candidate for U.S. president, by O. George

Youth Activities

Diary of a Steel Worker – An Accordion and Life in General, by Theodore Kovalesky

Robert Williams scores O’Dwyer’s strike breaking

CIO bank clerks on picket line battle policy (photo)

Plague of rats menaces families Phila. slums, by Max Goldman

In Memoriam Homer Lewis 1910-1947

Flays Jim Crow at Rockaway beach

3,200 signatures for R. Williams top legal quota

The Negro Struggle – Jim Crow and “Melodrama,” by Albert Parker

Aspirin Won’t Cure “Bean Headache,” by Joseph Hansen

Notes From the News

CIO railroad union wins PRR election

Volume X No. 31, August 4, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Wall Street backs Dutch in Java war – loan of $553,000,000 to help colonial depots, [sic] by Joseph Hansen

80th Congress record shows need for a Labor Party now – Republicans, Democrats both serve Wall Street, by the Editors

Keeping the nag moving (cartoon)

Taft Hartley Act gets major test in Murray strike – union seeks clauses to avoid reprisals

PCI issues call for revolutionary unity in France

Neglect of mines adds 27 more to death-toll

Washington big-wigs linked to war graft

Press silent about Marshall Plan while imperialists grab for Ruhr

Negro death-camp inmates send out desperate plea

Steel price hikes will boost high living costs still higher

Signs of the times

The elemental urge to socialism

FIghting Jim Crow on New York beach (photo)

Trade Union Notes, by Art Preis

Narrow margin gives NMU post to Stalinists

Our Program:

”King” Ryan – a success story, by Art Preis

4,500 Jews get another lesson in “democracy,” by Evelyn Atwood

British seize refugee ship (photo)

Bloody suppression used against Ceylon strikers

Stalinist line shifts to right in Australia

Burma assassinations are aid to reaction

Wall Street backs Dutch in war on Indonesians (continued from Page 1)

Wall Street as a new program for the Ruhr, by Arthur Burch

Trotskyist editor latest victim of Bombay jailers

International Notes

PCI proposes fusion to French SP youth

Action needed on Labor Party

Indonesia appeals to 1776

Bureaucrats and cooperatives

Stalinists and the Labor Party

”The Taft-Hartley Act . . . “ (Cartoon)

”All is confusion,” wails leading Wall St. organ

Movie Review

Congressmen at Work – A Job Well Done for Wall Street

What colonial peoples can expect from U.S.

Workers’ Forum – help the Indonesians with their freedom – scores Stalinist betrayers in Ceylon – wants “the Militant” better distributed – Spanish Trotskyist enjoys “the Militant” – brisk pamphlet sales at Yorkville meeting – finds Coles wrong on Truman speech

Grief-stricken tenant shoots landlord for fire-death of 4, by Robert Birchman

Where Hickman’s 4 children died (photo)

The Militant Army – Los Angeles score for week is 49 subs

Pioneer Notes

Mid-West camp is host to contingent from N.J.

Youth Activities

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

”Are polls fair to organized labor,” by Joseph Hansen

”A Health Pattern for Labor,” by Grace Carlson

Wall Street’s Epic Tuesday, by John G. Wright

Detroit CIO body debates key issue of Labor Party

It pays to organize (photo)

Powerful base for labor’s own party

Williams petition drive passes signature quota

Federal withholding tax a racket for the bosses

R. Williams flays Jim Crow ruling

NAACP and CIO council in Chicago fight rent hike

Hickman defense committee formed

Chicago comrades hold last rites for Homer Lewis

Volume X No. 32, August 11, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Wall Street muscles into Indonesia – UN “intervenes” after Dutch seize objectives, by John G. Wright

Philadelphia SWP files petitions for its candidate

They’re both right! (cartoon)

Price increases wipe out wage gains – inflation slices real incomes to levels of 1939

”Whopping” 84% rise in profits reported

Strike against firing pro-Indonesia worker

Strike threat forces Ford to sign temporary “no penalty” agreement

State Senate petitions submitted in New York

Attlee tried to unload crisis burden on masses

BLF&E progressives fight Robertson’s machine-rule

U.S. Steel hikes prices despite $18-a-ton less production cost

The Elemental Urge to Socialism, by J.R. Johnson

Congressional debris (photo)

SUP to fight for union hiring hall

We the People, by Marvel Scholl

Painters union gains wage rise in New York

Fight the rent hogs

GIs and “prosperity”

Henry Wallace pulls a fast one, by Art Preis

Our Program:

Six months of Indo-China’s war

Berlin worker earns more by sleeping than by working

Pogroms sweep Palestine leap over to England

Wall Street sends arms for Chiang (photo)

De Gaulle propagandizes for dictatorial state

Wall Street muscles into Indonesia; UN acts after Dutch gain objectives

Latin American Notes

Greek tyrants arrest more Trotskyists

Dutch unionists advocate boycott on war material

Greek monarchy asks for U.S. troops

The crisis in England

A crime against labor

World-wide spy system

Puerto-Rican tragedy

”I know it’s safer, but I’m so accustomed . . . “ (cartoon)

June exports sag as production slides down

Workers’ Bookshelf

New labor czar, Denham: the man and his record

Job statistics show how liars can figure

Workers’ Forum – her eyes opened by Indonesia war – don’t cast your vote for the atomic bomb – jobless family kicked from pillar to post – questions analysis of economic trend – appreciated series by Ernest Germain – explanation offered by John G. Wright – pins all his hopes on Henry Wallace

That’s where my money goes, by Albert Parker

The Militant Army – Seattle nets 15 subs first week of campaign

Pioneer Notes – a vital book on the Jewish question

Gratitude shown for ACEWR relief items

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Minneapolis SWP holds successful outdoor festival

Youth Activities

The Gentlemen Aren’t Kidding, by Evelyn Atwood

The Negro Struggle – Political Uncle Tomfoolery, by Albert Parker

Telephone paper says labor must build own party, by S. Foster

Survivors of mine tragedy (photo)

Hickman case victims tell tragic story to “Militant,” by Robert L. Birchman

Angry tenants demand Philadelphia rent control

Unionists picket Dutch consulate in San Francisco

Little Thieves and Big Thieves, by Art Preis

New Jersey cops uphold Jim Crow

Anti-Jim Crow demonstrations have strong effect at Rockaway

Notes From the News

Fewer new homes in 157 key U.S. cities

Volume X No. 33, August 18, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

SWP flays Truman Indonesian policy – State Dept. undertakes defense of U.S. aid to Dutch imperialists – Cannon hits evasions of state, Armour

Text of protest made by SWP

Detroit SWP runs Lerner for mayor

Labor Party can sweep country, Tobin admits – could rally 37 million to its fold

Truman Doctrine – Dutch model (cartoon)

Clark promises “probe” of price conspirators

Attention, Mr. Clark!

J. P. Cannon’s answer to Armour

Akron Rubber bows before strike threat

The Elemental Urge to Socialism, by J. R. Johnson

Return to death mine (photo)

Greed trails mine victims to graves

Trade Union Notes, by Art Preis

Stalinists capture posts in NMU port elections, by Art Sharon

6 disappointed GIs kill selves

American labor after Taft-Hartley Act

What Hughes scandal revealed, by Art Preis

Our Program:

The labor movement in Japan today, by Robert L. Birchman

German Trotskyists hold first post-war national conference

Socialist party has major split in Southern India, by M. Usman

Brazil workers fight fare rise (photo)

F. I. analyzes crisis of British imperialism

Rio conference forges U.S. imperialist links

Indo-Chinese Trotskyists discuss tasks in France

Washington wants Ruhr coal for Wall Street

International Notes

Laborite “lefts” wilt; retain Cabinet posts

State Dept. indicts itself

Democracy and hypocrisy

Fight against rent sharks

Political bankruptcy

”They ought to be ashamed . . . “ (cartoon)

Ruark’s expose of Army life in Mediterranean

Workers’ Bookshelf

Bank boosts loan rates: credit structure shaky

Experts hide real views on coming Depression

Workers’ Forum – how much longer will we take it? – the State Department and Standard Oil – wants reviews of more movies – the rights of small nations – high prices shrink value of war bonds – like castor oil in childhood

Mine operators incite race hate in move to put over speed-up

The Militant Army – Tri-City Penn. picnic yields aid to Militant

Scene at West Coast camp (photo)

Purpose of Marshall Plan explained in Fourth International

West Coast camp-school opens 3d season Sept. 6

One week remains for fun at Mid-West camp

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

New friends gained at Los Angeles picnic

Youth Activities

Diary of a Steel Worker – the Day the Spell Was Broken, by Theodore Kovalesky

Troops will aid dictators in Greece, U.S. threatens, by John G. WRight

How prices have kept on soaring (graphic)

The Negro Struggle – Admiration for the Indonesians, by Albert Parker

Labor and Negro groups in Chicago rally to defense of James Hickman

Plan protest at Dutch consulate in Philadelphia

Health for All, by Grace Carlson

Chicago NAACP plans mass action on housing crisis

Rockaway pickets score victory against Jim Crow at bath-house

Notes From the News

Volume X No. 34, August 25, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Atomic bomb threat hurled at USSR – tension over Greece mounts to new high

Youngstown unionist in council race – steel local endorses own labor candidate

”Investigating” the price conspiracy (cartoon)

”Probe” will not halt price-gougers – high living costs to stay, admits President Truman, by Art Preis

Profiteers grab a bigger slice

Marshall presses Wal [sic] Street’s war aims at conference in Brazil, by Joseph Hansen

Dutch continue slaughter of Java freedom-fighters

Teamster convention held after 7 years, by Della Rossa

NMU urges boycott of ships loading Dutch war cargo

Demand U.S. recall arms from Dutch! an Editorial

Demonstration in New York (photo)

We’ll never forget martyrdom of Sacco and Vanzetti in 1927 – Editorial Note

Working class martyrs (photo)

The Elemental Urge to Socialism, by J. R. Johnson

Our Program:

Truman admits “probe” won’t halt price gouge

In memory of Leon Trotsky .Äì 1879 .àí 1940 – why GPU killed founder of Fourth International, by Pablo

In memory of Leon Trotsky .Äì 1879 .àí 1940 – heroic life of a fighter for socialist revolution, by Rose Karsner

Revolutionary leader’s great contributions to the world struggle for Negro emancipation, by J.R. Johnson

Trotsky appraised in “Fourth International”

Policy of the ostrich

Conference on the Ruhr

The struggle in Greece

$1,000,000,000 “gift”

”Why should they worry about being laid off? . . . “ (cartoon)

The inevitable decline of the British Empire, by Leon Trotsky [editorial note]

Workers’ Bookshelf

Why Truman atom-bombed Hiroshima

Workers’ Forum – finds evicted family but no apartment – Mid-West camp wins another fan – opposes cooperatives and sliding wages – they forget those who die in poverty – calls attention to error in editorial

A visit in jail with mother of 6, by Winifred Nelson

The Militant Army – Los Angeles scores 141 subs in July

Teamsters convention meets after 7 years (continued from Page 1)

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Milwaukee SWP enjoys annual holiday picnic, by C. Andrews

Diary of a Steel Worker – the Appeal That Must Be Made, by Theodore Kovalesky

Our Labor Day, 1947, message: Workers, build your own party! by the Editors

Seafarers strike ties up Isthmian shipping line – Taft-Hartley slave law threatens hiring hall, by R. Bell

”Hands off Indonesia” (photo)

I Hate to Pay the Light Bill, by Joseph Hansen

Wall Street’s “Internationalism,” by Art Preis

UAW mass pickets halt scabs at Clinton, Mich.

Wisconsin union urges Labor Party, by O. George

Howard Lerner scores Detroit park area lease

50 Negroes injured in Chicago as race haters incite violence, by Robert L. Birchman

Notes From the News

Denver unions elect 4 City Charter revisers

Volume X No. 35, September 1, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

SWP to run presidential candidate – maps 1948 election drive in main states

SWP candidate is challenged by Democrats – would ban party from Philadelphia ballot

Wall Street at work (cartoon)

Political action is needed to battle price-profiteers – “build the Labor Party’ is slogan of the hour, by the Editors

Labor must develop own political power, AFL paper warns

AFL seafarers win demand in Isthmian strike

”Liberal” front sought for Greek puppet govt., by Joseph Hansen

Clear path of war

Begin the pay off on loan to Greece

Java asks aid of U.S. labor

Workers feel crushing squeeze between living costs, slave law

Be the payment high or low, by J.R. Johnson

Waterborne pickets (photo)

Trade Union Notes, by Art Preis

N. Y. longshoremen rebel against Ryan’s sellout, by Forbes Peters

The shocking case of the S.S. America (or the tale of luxury liner life rudely disrupted), by Art Sharon

Our Program:

We the people, by Marvel Scholl

Phila. election board plans anti-CP terror

A report from the Indo-China front

Wall Street delegation crushes opposition at Petropolis parley, by Joseph Hansen

Dutch Trotskyists urge Indonesia aid – call for world boycott against imperialist war

Fires and misses (photo)

Greetings sent to Natalia Trotsky

Crisis of British economy affects many countries

Latin American Notes

Manifesto outlines program for Spain

German Trotskyists publish new paper

Griffith’s call for war

A question for PAC leaders

”The Exodus 1947”

Italian oil and American GIs

”You heard me . . . “ (cartoon)

The Stalinist deceit about a “third party”

Workers’ Bookshelf

No tears for Bilbo, by Art Preis

”Per capita” incomes another boss lie, by Jeff Thorne

Workers’ Forum – what is your opinion on running serials in “the Militant”? – accuse white oil man of raping Negro girl – surprised to see home town, name in “Militant Army” – count it out in cents to show how much it costs the workers – tells about Budenz in Auto-Lite strike – comes to defense of Treasury Dept. – sorry pension slash prevents contribution

Why some mothers can’t stay home to take care of children

The Militant Army – Harry of Los Angeles got 10 subs in half hour

The magnificent fighter – a tribute to the memory of Leon Trotsky

Pioneer Notes

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Wall Street role in UN angers Egyptian relief

Flint unionists honor memory of Leon Trotsky

Youth Activities

San Francisco SWP opens new quarters

Diary of a Steel Worker – “That Agony Is Our Triumph,” by Theodore Kovalesky

Drive to free James Hickman gains wide support in Chicago

Mass picket line forces Michigan boss to sign up – author of Taft-Hartley Act asks “investigator”

Scabs on parade (photo)

The Negro Struggle – Something New Must Be Added, by Albert Parker

3,000 Chicago families face Jim Crow eviction

Union advocates real Labor Party not “third” party

Little Orphan Annie, by Mary Wood

Detroit hospital overcrowding hit by Howard Lerner

New price peak (graphic)

Notes From the News

Relief-for-landlords law opens flood of rent hikes

Volume X No. 36, September 8, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Labor-Negro slate wins in Dayton – independent candidates nominated in primaries

Cite SWP nominee for “contempt”

Tipping the scales (cartoon)

People demand price relief but Washington talks war – Republicans, Democrats push militarist program, by Art Preis

N. Y. state CIO board rejects attack on American Labor Party

”Fortune” poll shows 35% find it harder to make a living

Popular anger mounts against big profiteers

Military pact signed at Petropolis ties Latin America to war machine

Non-operating rail workers get 15¬.-cent wage increase

Legion ignores veterans’ needs in rabid war-mongers confab

A mighty Labor Day rally in Chicago

Trade Union Notes, by Art Preis

Workers in the revolutionary party, by J. R. Johnson

Corporate profits after taxes (graph)

CCE resolution passed at BLF&E convention

Our Program:

AFL organizer cites need for Labor Party

Wall Street presses drive for domination of Europe

Truman administration shuffles quislings in Greek government, by Joseph Hansen

Refugees in floating cages (photo)

UNSCOP plan sets trap for Jews, Arabs alike

English miners strike as mass unrest rises

International Notes

Dutch despots spurn second “cease fire” order in war on Java

Majority of veterans need cash now

Bill of rights imperiled

Wallace’s tricky formula

Prepare for the boom-bust

The Ruhr agreement

”But with the housing shortage . . . “ (cartoon)

Hemlines go down as dress prices go up, by Jeanne Morgan

Workers’ Bookshelf

War crime trial calls U.S. trusts innocent lambs, by George Lavan

Does boom-bust lie ahead? by John G. Wright

Home-builders victims of new lumber racket

Workers’ Forum – welcomes proposal to print book serially – recommends 3 books on Sacco-Vanzetti – what life is like in a mining camp – calls for action now on wages and prices – “another rat is dead and probably frying” – “free enterprise” and the housing crisis

A miner’s chanty, by Karl Miner

It was necessary to disregard the president’s solemn advice, by Albert Parker

The Militant Army – warm response pleases subgetters in St. Paul

Canadian Stalinists bow to “Red” ban on ships

Dunne appraises role of Trotsky in Milwaukee

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Ship workers strike enters eleventh week

Diary of a Steel Worker – the Long Hot Spell, by Theodore Kovalesky

Cops assault and jail pickets for protesting against Jim Crow

N. Y. test case scores victory over Jim Crow – result of picket lines at Park Inn bathhouse

After brutal assault (photo)

Labor Party need stressed in Labor Party rally, by O. George

The Negro Struggle – a Visit With Sister Jones, by Albert Parker

Police attack strikers at Detroit UAW plant

Tomatoes at 2c a pound, by Joseph Hansen

Detroit SWP backs Negro to City Council

Carlson scores realty interests on shortage

Canadian pickets aid Indonesian fight

Notes From the News

Labor Day speeches stress political action

Volume X No. 37, September 15, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Democracy is key issue at UE parley – minority rights menaced by Stalinist bureaucrats, by C. Thomas

Needs of people by-passed in plan for special session – price squeeze ignored in agenda for Congress, by the Editors

Key to the situation (cartoon)

Food profiteers run wild in gouging the poor

Organized labor target of “Red” deportation cases

CIO leaders act to halt Jim Crow school strike

UN bankrupts to meet in 2nd General Assembly

Taft Slave Labor law upheld in court test

Plot to bar SWP from ballot brought to court in Philadelphia

Something New in the Mines, by J.R. Johnson

The fable of the fox and the bureaucrat, by Albert Parker

Cooking up new angles (photo)

Pope’s speech steps up reactionary intervention in Italian political life, by George Lavan

How to become a “friend” of labor, by Art Preis

Our Program:

Broker answers $64 questions

Laud Washington envoys for shift in Greek regime

Attlee government hit by strike of 60,000 coal mine workers

Marshall’s advice on shuffling puppets

Look over new domain (photo)

British Stalinists lead strikebreaking pack

New note in Kremlin propaganda designed to frighten Wall Street, by Joseph Hansen

See more gold where the last came from

International Notes

Peru decree ends civil liberties, by Tomas Robles

Democracy in the unions

Free James Hickman!

Let “exodus” victims come here

A Brass Hat for president?

”My husband says the unions . . . “ (cartoon)

The mysterious case of the displaced island, by Joseph Hansen

Workers’ Bookshelf

Will export sag puncture the boom? John G. Wright

Monopolies devour lion’s share of national income

Workers’ Forum – political action Labor Day keynote – controls – offers to submit short movie reviews – “I wept over Bilbo” – rising prices break up homes – opposes attempt to abolish parks – likes articles on women’s problems

A request for old songs and poems

Are you losing any benefits owed to you in Social Security? by Evelyn Atwood

The Militant Army – Los Angeles subgetters list gains of sub drive

Shipyard industry gripped by new post-war crisis, by R. Leonard

Youth Activities

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Meeting honors Trotsky memory in St. Paul, by Winifred Nelson

N. Y. weekend camp is highly successful

Diary of a Steel Worker – the Lucky Guy, by Theodore Kovalesky

Fact and figures prove how meat profiteers gouge people, by Norma Christensen

Just one year ago . . . (photo montage)

The Negro Struggle – Southern and European DPs, by Albert Parker

Robert Williams blasts conspiracy against PR

Defense committee asks state to free Hickman

Six Who Chose Death, by Mary Wood

SWP election drive stepped up in Detroit

Great majority now favor unions

Notes From the News

Labor’s independent campaign off to good start in Youngstown

Volume X No. 38, September 22, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

$16,000 Militant fund drive opens, by Rose Karsner

Build a Labor Party NOW! (cartoon)

”Eat less” say capitalist politicians – fight Wall Street hunger program with weapon of labor political action, by Art Preis

SWP again demands US recall arms – Cannon answers Armour on Dutch war in Java

Packing workers advocate sliding scale of wages

NMU progressives fight for Democratic unionism, by C. Thomas

Lewis blocks surrender move by AFL council

SWP councilmanic candidate sentenced by Philadelphia judge

Kick out the profiteers! an Editorial

Which road for PAC – Dayton or Allentown? by Art Preis

Capitalist trusts, imperialist war – breeders of ravaging price inflation, by Arthur Burch

Another homeless family (photo)

Wallace’s tilt at trusts is just a demagogic pose, by Evelyn Atwood

Maritime convention to debate political action, foreign policy, by C. Thomas

Our Program:

NMU progressives fight for democratic unionism (continued from Page 1)

The rapid growth of the NAACP, by J.R. Johnson

U.S. delegates sharpen conflict with Moscow in UN Assembly

”We want to live” (photo)

Mass demonstrations sweep Italy as fascist danger alarms people, by Joseph Hansen

Flint unions asked to help covenant fight, by W. H. Yancey

International Notes

Resounding victory won by Grimethorpe miners

Socialists in Poland face frame-up death

The Spivs are in the City of London

Capitalism’s program: Eat less!

Recall U.S. arms from Dutch!

Santo and Obermeier cases

Freedom train off the track

”Like Senator Taft said, . . . “ (cartoon)

Speculative orgy in coops as Kremlin’s “plan” flops, by John G. Wright

Workers’ Bookshelf

State Department again dodges on Indonesia

How billionaire bankers pinch pennies nowadays, by Evelyn Atwood

Workers’ Forum – likes ideas of publishing serial – plugs “Secret Life of Walter Mitty” – reader asks for Marxist definitions – finds the paper more readable now – apprecipates [sic] article by Albert Parker

An open letter to our readers

The Militant Army – stalled car a blessing to Los Angeles subgetter

Keep on!

Railroad strike ends but rules violations continue

$16,000 Militant fund

Toledo labor and consumers plan fight on HCL

Youth Activities

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Take 11 children from disabled vet, wife, by Winifred Nelson

West Coast camp holds 9-day vacation school

Diary of a Steel Worker – We Cannot Flee to Freedom, by Theodore Kovalesky

Hickman needs you help, says novelist after interview in jail, by Willard Motley

Chicago Hickman defense rally slated Sept. 28

Before disaster struck (photo)

The Negro Struggle – Along the Freedom Train Route

Trainor enters campaign for Boston school body

Good vs. Bad microbes, by Grace Carlson

Street rallies liven Detroit SWP drive

Notes From the News

New York candidate calls for expropriation of food trusts

Volume X No. 39, September 29, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

What a workers and farmers government would do about prices, an Editorial

Cost-of-living bonus demand is answer to rising prices – labor must begin

Drive to protect real wages, by Art Preis

The giant-killer (cartoon)

Profits, not wage costs, boost prices – federal reserve study backs labor’s charges

NLBR [sic] opens offensive to enforce slave law

Ball-bearing trust displays contempt for government suit

Rubber unionists to spurn NRLB [sic], by Joseph Andrews

Murray or Lewis for president in 1948, auto local urges

Ohio PAC groups run independent candidates

Lewis – his strength and his weakness

Trade Union Notes, by Art Preis

Lower wages sought by Senator (Eat Less) Taft, by Arthur Burch

”Freedom Train” document (photo)

L.A. unionists arrested for picketing Taft, by Al Lynn

Rubber union spurns submission to NLRB (continued from Page 1)

Our Program:

One hundred years of the Communist Manifesto, by J. R. Johnson

Wall Street drive for new war touches off bitter fight in UN, by Joseph Hansen

South African vets rap Franco (photo)

Coming – answers to your questions on England, by John G. Wright

Second anniversary of Viet Nam govt. hailed by SWP

International Notes

Ecuador palace revolt topples Ibarra regime, by J. Gomez

Unions in So. Africa face repressive law

Madras strike beaten after 100-day battle

Ferment in the Solomons

When the thieves fall out

Tilting Wall Street’s bottle

Join the SWP

Another Wallace novelty

”Don’t those Russians know . . .” (cartoon)

Wall St. expects a bust; so do all big profiteers, by John G. Wright

Workers’ Bookshelf

Profits – not wages – boost building costs

The truth about the LaGuardia record, by George Lavan

Workers’ Forum – this veteran held out longer – atomic bomb makes Labor Party urgent – Martin’s eulogy on Freedom Train – Dutch friend seeks correspondent – “Daily Mirror” tip arouses readers’ ire – isn’t it time for a change here too?

Quotas for the Militant fund

Militant fund drive begun by branches, by Rose Karsner

The Militant Army – St. Paul nets 15 subs in Sunday mobilization

Another letter to our readers

West Coast camp ends successful vacation school

Pioneer Notes

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Diary of a Steel Worker – the Furnaces and the Men, by Theodore Kovalesky

Flint UAW locals set up own grocery store to fight HCL, by Jerry Kirk

Detroit cops help scabs (photo)

Trainor opens Boston campaign on October 4

The Negro Struggle – Your Verdict on James Hickman, by William E. Bohannan

Lerner-for-mayor drive gains speed in Detroit

SWP labor secretary hits deportation drive as anti-union assault

Li’l Abner gagged, by George Lavan

Protest meeting held in Phila.

SWP wins right to use name on New York ballot

Notes From the News

Food prices at all-time high (cartoon)

Volume X No. 40, October 6, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Hickman’s freedom sought in Chicago – mass meeting backs defense; trial postponed until Oct. 27

Look who’s talking (cartoon)

Price-gougers fear new wage drive – cost-of-living bonus needed to protect workers standards

AFL group demands labor party – Santa Cruz council asks immediate action

The man for the job

Harold Russell hits Hickman case causes

CP domination fought at CIO maritime convention

A gold-dusted omelet

Members of Johnson Group resign from WP and join SWP, by William F. Warde

Truman echoes Taft “eat less” program

Local groups map new road for PAC-CIO

Can Democratic Party be reformed? A look at the record from Cleveland to Roosevelt

Bethlehem Steel leads opposition to settling of shipyard strike, by Bob Lowell

Food price gamblers lay stakes on empty cupboard, by Arne Swaback

Railway Express walkout (photo)

N.Y. Express pickets defy intimidation

Our Program:

UE Stalinists seek to ban all opposition groups

Capitalist politics from the inside, by J. R. Johnson

Rome steel workers strike (photo)

Marshall Plan offers no hope to starving people of Europe

What the Marshall Plan proposes to meet Europe’s postwar crisis

Did British workers gain by voting Labor ticket? by John G. Wright

40,000 down tools to protest speed-up in Polish textile mills

Tito calls on Stalinists to form people’s fronts

Fruit of PAC’s false policy

Glaring omission

Defend the Polish socialists

UN spot commercials

”Wouldn’t help the food crisis . . . “ (cartoon)

Profiteers defended in Congress price “probe”

Workers’ Bookshelf

Senators slurp soup as school kids go without

SWP resolution on Johnson-Forest Group

Apply for membership in SWP

Workers’ Forum – we are hoping for Hickman’s acquittal – British fascists getting bolder – cloud of doubt about revolutionary victory – friends abroad read the Militant avidly

Branches report good response to Militant fund drive, by Rose Karsner

Quotas for the Militant fund

The Militant Army – Flint swings into action on fall sub campaign

A reader answers our open letter

Court hearing held on SWP, WP right to Philadelphia ballot

Cleveland HCL probe achieves nothing, by Almeda Kingsley

The European Jew

New York SWP urges workers to register

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Diary of a Steel Worker – Will You Sleep So Well? by Theodore Kovalesky

Detroit motorcade asks action on rent control and evictions

Two baskets tell story (photo)

Spirited Detroit mayor campaign moves to finish

The Negro Struggle – a Crucial Period Ahead, by Albert Parker

Williams-for-Senate appeal issued in N.Y.

SWP candidate in San Francisco race

We Want Meat! by Grace Carlson

Many lessons n [sic] Jackie Robinson’s story, by George Lavan

Notes From the News

Volume X No. 41, October 13, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

The fight inside the auto union, by the Editors

Wall St. beats war drums over Stalin’s new “bureau” – Kremlin move designed to increase pressure for Stalin-Truman Pact, by Joseph Hansen

UAW urged to call for Labor Party – Briggs local submits convention resolution

Made to measure by NAM (cartoon)

Labor candidates show strength in Cleveland

Impressive gains by Trotskyists in Ceylon

Packing local votes to open fight for living-cost bonus

Hunger for workers, more for profiteers

AFL and CIO face crucial issue in Taft Act, by Art Preis

Hirohito visit is barred by union

NMU upholds union democracy in “outside influence” debate, by C. Thomas

Union combats high prices

The fight inside the auto union

Priests’ control over the ACTU exposed by Detroit Labor Party

Our Program:

Can the Democratic Party be reformed Part 2, by Art Preis

The Roosevelt myth

How Stalin wrecked Comintern built by Lenin and Trotsky

Resurrection of “People’s Front” is not a move toward revolution, by Joseph Hansen

Pioneer pamphlet on end of Comintern timely reading now

Reich survivors honor comrades (photo)

What labor in Britain expected; what it got, by John G. Wright

The social ties in the factory, by J. R. Johnson

Inside a concentration camp in Greece

Resist slave labor law

Another tax steal planned

How about opening the books?

A question for CP members

”Quick, doctor . . . “ (cartoon)

Forrestal lies about cause of modern war, by Arthur Burch

Workers’ Bookshelf

Why NAACP membership drive lags, by J. Blake

Workers’ Forum – truth, love, honor bartered over radio – warehouse workers fight high prices – recalls tragic death of Sanders family – government siphons off old age fund – reading the Militant helps school lessons

Fifteen percent mark reached in drive to finance “Militant,” by Rose Karsner

Militant fund scoreboard

The Militant Army – “Going to keep plugging” say Newark subgetters


Labor candidates show strength in Cleveland (continued from Page 1)

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Buffalo labor school opening fall sessions

N. Y. Marxist school opens

Diary of a Steel Worker – the Experiment, by Theodore Kovalesky

Philadelphia SWP fights against corrupt boss political machines

Discussing Hickman case (photo)

Irene LeCompte – a lifelong fighter for labor’s rights

The Negro Struggle – Destruction or Emancipation, by Albert Parker

Liberal labor figures come to aid of Hickman

Trainor speaks over the radio

How to vote for Irene LeCompte in 7th District

Two Generals Whitewash Another, by George Lavan

Philadelphia election program of Socialist Workers Party

Notes from the News

Sunday forum season opened in Twin Cities

Volume X No. 42, October 20, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

CIO appeals for united labor action – urges joint battle in arena of politics, by Farrell Dobbs

Right down the alley (cartoon)

Youngstown PAC backs Ausnehmer – labor’s own candidate voted council support

AFL sets up own political league – convention acts under pressure of slave law

Don’t debase yourselves, Lewis tells AFL on “yellow-dog” oaths, by Art Preis

Administration opens new drive to boost rents

4th International exposes “Comintern revival” fraud

N. J. committee formed to aid Hickman defense

Arrested because he cut his prices

French Trotskyists in municipal voting

”Eat less” drive won’t lower prices

Practical steps in building the Labor Party, by the political committee of the Socialist Workers Party

NMU convention further loosens Stalinist machine’s paralyzing grip, by C. Thomas

Victim of shipyard scabs (photo)

Lewis says AFL chiefs “debase” themselves (continued from Page 1)

Our Program:

Who controls the Democratic Party?

CIO convention urges united political action (continued from Page 1)

The Social Thinking of the Workers, by J. R. Johnson

The real meaning of Belgrade “bureau” set up by the Kremlin, by the Political Committee of the Socialist Workers Party

Italian kids protest hunger (photo)

Why laborite ministers follow imperialist policy, by John G. Wright

Bolivian gov’t terror hits labor movement, by J. Gomez

Ceylon elections showed masses moving leftward, by K. Tilak

British fascists are active again

Lewis and the Taft Act fight

Democrats and Republicans beaten in Norwalk

Stalinists strikebreaking under the Belgrade bureau

We are against partition in Palestine

Meatless Tuesday (cartoon)

Railroad labor paper peddles prize absurdity, by Joseph Hansen

Begining [sic] next week – story of Mother Jones

Gallup Poll reveals war disillusionment growing

”Voice of Local 212” rips new labor board

Workers’ Bookshelf

Workers’ Forum – Labor Party action needed for housing – Bill of Rights doesn’t apply in 30 states – sorry she can’t help on the fund – Los Angeles mothers win school victory

Steady pace kept by branches in collection of Militant fund, by Rose Karsner

Scoreboard for $15,000 Militant fund

The Militant Army – New York local sells 59 new subs in Harlem

Two rail unions on the road to merger, by James Montgomery

”Herald Tribune” gives readers the low down on “the Militant”

Trainor scores texts used in Boston schools

Dunne analyzes Truman’s “plan” at Twin City Sunday forum

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

No Truman-Burgers for Me! by Grace Carlson

4,500 ballots cast for Lerner in Detroit mayoralty primaries

Three arrested for picketing fascist meeting

Fascist picketed (photo)

Chicago fire disaster spurs public drive to enforce safety laws

The Negro Struggle – Authorities Display Hatred, by Lois Saunders

Asks nation-wide aid for Hickman defense

Report From Never-Never Land, by Joseph Andrews

Barbaria is only labor man in mayoralty race

Notes From the News

Biography of Barbaria, Bay City SWP nominee

Volume X No. 43, October 27, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Fight the yellow-dog oaths! by the Editors

CIO & AFL conventions show need for political action – fail to offer weapon of labor’s own candidates – AFL sets up own version of PAC, by Art Preis

Hey – you left out the motor! (cartoon)

CIO opens PAC drive for 1948, by Farrell Dobbs

AFL organizer says now is time for Labor Party

N. Y. building trades unions issue demands for escalator clause, by George Lavan

Truman pie – 1 crust for the price of 2, by Jeff Thorne

Factional heat grows fierce as convention of UAW nears

U.S. aids advance of French reaction

Internal conflicts at CIO convention

Sidelights from Boston conclave

Rank-and-file discontent breaks to surface at CIO convention

The gangster methods of Red-baiters

Murray greets militarist (photo)

CIO launches big PAC campaign in preparation for ‘48 elections (continued from Page 1)

Our Program:

What causes riots in India? by M. Naidu

Calls for Trotskyist Party in Japan

Byrnes’ new book part of Wall Street’s drive against Soviet Union

Strikers are arrested in Canada (photo)

Elections in Italy and France reveal rising danger of fascism in Europe, by Joseph Hansen

Chile government launches all-out anti-labor drive

Europe goes hungry as U.S. decides to scrap German plants

Was it wrong for British workers to elect Attlee? by John G. Wright

The class struggle in Argentine analyzed

I want a deal, admits Stalin

RCP leads the fight against the fascists

PCI co-operates with French socialist youth

Yes – it’s time for some serious thinking

The real criminals (cartoon)

The autobiography of Mother Jones Installment I

Lewis’s speech against the “yellow-dog” oath

Witch hunt in Latin America

Truman’s upside-down “police state”

Workers’ Bookshelf

”Mission to Moscow” – then and now

Urges Labor Party to win FEPC law

Workers’ Forum – holds that Stafford’s opinion on abilities of workers is false – tells Stafford about relation of “experts” to socialist movement – reader’s ire aroused over Stafford’s views – Stafford letter brings “old traps” to mind

Nineteen years of the Militant, by Rose Karsner

Scoreboard for $15,000 Militant fund

The Militant Army – branch mobilizations boost subs and bundles

Internal weaknesses slow membership drive of NAACP, by J. Blake

French longshoremen help Indo-Chinese

Swabeck’s article in FI is a must for unionists

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Diary of a Steel Worker – What the Future Holds, by Theodore Kovalesky

4 more CIO councils support Hickman; trial begins Nov. 5

Sitdown strike in New York (photo)

The Negro Struggle – Jackie Robinson and Bob Williams, by George Clarke

New Yorkers urged by SWP candidate to keep PR voting, by Robert Williams

Hits brutality against Negroes by New York cops

Burch speaks in Newark on Stalin’s new “bureau”

Planned Ignorance, by Grace Carlson

Demand action on Tresca murder case

Chicago tenants fight rent-gouge practices

How to vote for SWP in New York

Trainor shows Boston youth are miseducated

Notes From the News

Volume X No. 44, November 3, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

A labor program for Congress, an Editorial

The chief client for “aid” (cartoon)

Congress special session won’t halt high prices or aid hungry Europeans – Truman, GOP speed up Wall Street’s program to bolster dictators, by Art Preis

”Fortune” poll shows wide fear of future

Vigilantes break up New Jersey meeting of Communist Party

Landlords dominate local rent boards

More wages a “must” states AFL’s survey

De Gaulle threat mounts in France, by Joseph Hansen

Hickman defense getting nation-wide support

”Dangerous thoughts” in Hollywood probed by Red-baiting witch-hunters, by George Lavan

Profits, after taxes, of 5 food chain stores (graphic)

UAW Bell local urges progressive program

Congress will not halt inflation or aid hungry

Truman issues storm warning on “boom-bust” in radio talk

Our Program:

Labor candidate

Second series of N. Y. school to open on Nov. 17

Trusts seek L.A. transit control

Chicago opens forum series Nov. 23; “labor’s march to power”

30 years after Russian Revolution – what remains for the great Bolshevik conquest under Lenin and Trotsky, by Joseph Hansen

Lenin had a “magic weapon,” by J. R. Johnson

Campaign NOW for labor candidates

Save the factories in Germany

What does Red-baiting lead to?

Value of Roosevelt’s promises

(Cartoon – no title)

The autobiography of Mother Jones Installment 2

Workers’ Bookshelf

Will Labor Party give same results here as in Britain? by John G. Wright

Workers’ Forum – no funds for relief but plenty for war – what the revolution will offer “experts” – another sellout by a “friend of labor” in Cleveland – what did we gain from imperialist war?

Militant readers urged to help celebrate 19th anniversary, by Rose Karsner

Scoreboard for $15,000 Militant fund

The Militant Army – at 75, still gets around to sell plenty of subs

How NAACP can succeed in drive to make-it-a-million, by Jean Blake

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Princess Elizabeth’s Wedding, by Mary Wood

Organized against long skirts (photo)

UN is given NAACP petition protesting Negro oppression

Good vote seen for Barbaria in San Francisco

The Negro Struggle – Negroes and the Special Session, by George Clarke

Labor needs its own party, says Trainor

Toward Mental Health, by Grace Carlson

Notes From the News

Fight to save PR is vital in New York, by Robert Williams

How to vote for SWP in New York

Volume X No. 45, November 10, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Big issues face UAW convention

Hickman’s trial opens in Chicago – defendant is victim of restricted covenants

Aid to the “hungry” (cartoon)

American’s financial rules unmasked in U.S. indictment – 17 Wall Street firms accused of conspiracy, by Art Preis

Ausnehmer polls 20% vote in 4-way contest, Special to the Militant

Hickman defense is backed by 750,000

The deGaulle threat, an Editorial

Auto delegates to debate Taft oath

How Youngstown CIO took its long step toward independent action in politics, Special to the Militant

Capitalism in War and Peace (cartoon)

Ausnehmer polls 20% vote in 4-way contest (continued from Page 1)

Stalinist machine loses control at Minnesota CIO convention, by V. R. Dunne

Our Program:

Torbovich to speak at Twin City forum

Happy birthday Comrade Soderberg!

Christmas shoppers invited to bazaar

(Photo montage – no title)

”The Militant” celebrates its 19 years of struggle, by James P. Cannon

WIth “the Militant” on the picket lines, by Art Preis

Landmarks in our fight for a better world, by Evelyn Atwood

Great obstacles “Militant” faced in 19 year fight, by Joseph Hansen

How “Militant” began battle for socialism, by George Lavan

Our proud record in the Negro struggle

(Photo – no title)

Labor cannot exist half slave and half free

Housing – Truman style (photo)

The autobiography of Mother Jones Installment 3

Evicted family of twelve move into vacant barn, by Winifred Nelson

Truman Committee Report on Civil Right [sic]

British Labor Party suffers setback

Stalinists keep stranglehold on Minnesota farmers union, by Joe Simpson

Open the books of the landlords

Overpaid politicians and minimum wage

Workers’ Forum – reactionary nature of technocracy, inc. – reader fed up with Truman Pie – don’t need managers, says Texas worker in chemical plant – another worker answers Stafford – Lerner votes “vanish” in Detroit election

Competition in SWP grows keener in fund drive, by Rose Karsner

Scoreboard for $15,000 Militant fund

The Military Army – subgetter’s devotion stirs wide enthusiasm

New York coalition politics brings PR defeat

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Carlson speaks at St. Paul public forum

Diary of a Steel Worker – Homecoming of the War Dead, by Theodore Kovalesky

N. Y. building unions reaffirm escalator wage clause demand

Cops aid company (photo)

Those Who Did Not Die in Vain, by Evelyn Atwood

Philadelphia PCA rally disrupted by hoodlums, by C. Blake

Basic commodities (graph)

Elsa Maxwell and Karl Marx, by Ben Stone

Escalator clause pays off at Michigan tank

Roused Chicago tenants fight 15% rent gouge

Sample of labor’s “rights” under Taft-Hartley Act

Laxity in Tresca murder inquiry hit by committee

Notes From the News

Rocking the cradle – Jim Crow style

Volume X No. 46, November 17, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Labor needs to check up on Congress, by Farrell Dobbs

Chicago Tribune attacks Carlson for Nov. 7 talk – target is free thought at University of Chicago

The machine that never pays off (cartoon)

Red-baiters sweep UAW convention – strong minority resists retreat on Taft-Hartley slave labor measure, by Art Preis


Trial of James Hickman nears climax in Chicago

Greek puppet gov’t outlaws free press

Reutherite faction gives up struggle on yellow-dog oath

FBI and hoodlums spur red hysteria

UAW opposition fights against Taft-Hartley Act

Truman in a quandary (photo)

Reutherites put over “yellow dog” compliance (continued from Page 1)

Our Program:

Jobless insurance millions returned to the employers

How can USA be converted into land of plenty? – Confidence in capitalism justified, Walter Dorwin Teague maintains

Only revolutionary socialism can open the road to better world, by Joseph Hansen

How long Latin American miners must toil to earn their clothing

French cops charge strikers (photo)

Fined for spreading Marxist literature

UAW convention swept by Red-baiters (continued from Page 1)

The need for a Congress of labor

Wall Street cracks the whip in Chile

Growing assault on civil liberties

Amnesty for the CO’s by Christmas

(Cartoon – no title)

The autobiography of Mother Jones Installment 4

Bankrupt policy continued in French CP’s new turn, by T. J. Peters

Harriman and the housing situation

Workers’ Forum – the real murderer isn’t James Hickman – calls swamp couple in $13 a week offer – advocates marriage for church hierarchs – worked for 45 years and still has no savings for old age – holds it is possible to capture machine of Democratic Party

Militant fund at halfway mark with less then [sic] a month to go, by Rose Karsner

Scoreboard for $15,000 Militant fund

The Militant Army – sub drives gain ground and street sales rise

German workers resist dismantling of factories

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Twin City forum topic: “Menace of fascism”

Diary of a Steel Worker – Revolution Is a Natural Thing, by Theodore Kovalesky

Elections this year emphasize need for Labor Party in 1948

Condemned to eviction (photo)

Careful With Those Adjectives! by Albert Parker

4850 votes cast for Trainor in Boston elections

PR defeat followed by drive to raise 5c fare, by George Clarke

Reactions to an SWP campaign, by Frank Barbaria

Protest trend in New Haven vote, by F. Nelson

Encouraging vote for San Francisco SWP

Notes From the News

Volume X No. 47, November 24, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Reuther out to crush all opposition, by Art Preis

Mass upsurge rocks France, Italy on eve of “Big Four” conference

Thanksgiving dinner – 1947 style (cartoon)

Washington offers no price relief – Truman’s proposals fail to strike at sources of inflation

Hickman jury disagrees new trial set for Jan. 5

Vigilantes break up C. P. gathering in Bridgeport

Steel union, trainmen reject Taft Act oath

Vigilantes threaten Los Angeles meeting

U.S. officers to direct Greek troops

New UAW officers (photo)

Today’s social crisis will bring political explosion, by Farrell Dobbs

Reuther drives to crush all opposition in UAW (continued from Page 1)

Our Program:

War hysteria rises on eve of London conference, by Joseph Hansen

Labor movement in Japan on the rise, by Ria Stone

Strike wave forces collapse of Ramadier regime

Italy shaken by nation-wide demonstrations, by Joseph Hansen


Noblesse oblige

Preparing for the 1948 elections

(Cartoon – no title)

The autobiography of Mother Jones Installment 5

Thanksgiving Day

Some Photographs From Greece

Continue Hickman’s Defense

Workers’ Bookshelf

Victor Serge dies

Workers’ Forum – after 40 years holds it’s time for labor to build own party – three who taught me why we must fight for a socialist world – suggests cartoonist portray dummies on Wall Street’s knee – thinks rich men will rule under socialism

To the Russian workers

SWP branches confident of fulfilling Militant fund goal, by Rose Karsner

Scoreboard for $15,000 Militant Fund

The Militant Army – Militant boosters tell how they obtains subs

Washington offers no relief from inflation (continued from Page 1)

Small vote for SWP in New York

19th anniversary of “the Militant” celebrated in Twin Cities SWP

Warm response to Militant affair of Newark SWP

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

N. Y. Marxist school begins its fall series

Diary of a Steel Worker – A Kid Named Frankie, by Theodore Kovalesky

Brass Hat corruption is bared in Senate probe of Gen. Meyers, by George Lavan

Cost-of-living bonus sought by UAW militants

Steel workers in business (photo)

The Negro Struggle – How to Use the Truman Report, by Albert Parker

Hickman trial ends without jury verdict (continued from Page 1)

UAW Convention Sidelights, by Art Preis

Strike vote by 3 railroad unions

Congress geared for drive on building trades unions, by Raymond Rice

Notes From the News

Volume X No. 48, December 1, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Strikes show French workers’ might – aroused by growing menace of fascists, by Joseph Hansen

Real wages near 1939 low levels – but production almost doubles in eight years

The men on horseback (cartoon)

Special session won’t act on prices – Republicans, Democrats use issue of inflation as a political football

Longer hours, shorter pay urged by Eccles

Fake independence bill precipitates crisis in Ceylon – K. Mukerji

Striking Chicago printers spearhead Taft Act fight

Army brass covered up Meyers for years, now forced to act, by George Lavan

Labor political action – the bosses’ biggest fear, by Art Preis

Labor Party issue hotly debated by California CIO, by J. Blake

Meter’s mansion (photo)

Stalinophobia and UAW convention

Big Business press hails Reuther control of UAW

Vigilantes attack Democrat meeting in Los Angeles, by Dave Dreiser

Our Program:

Santa Monica Sears picketed by NAACP, by Al Lynn

C.O. amnesty petition signed by 480 citizens

Against the dismantling of the plants in Germany! by the International Secretariat of the Fourth International

German Trotskyists call for solidarity against dismantling 682 German plants

What Germany can expect from U.S. imperialists and the Kremlin, by Ernest Germain

London cops attack strike leader (photo)

”I saw the new French Stalinist line in action,” by Jack Daniels

International Notes

Chiang stuffs ballot boxes Tammany style

Left wing formed in French Socialist Party

French PCI Congress debates vital issues

Danish group asks to join 4th International

Thought control in Hollywood

Brass Hat “explanation” on Meyers

The “Freedom Train” down South

Stalinists are always “betrayed”

Republican big wigs map strategy (photo)

The autobiography of Mother Jones

Workers’ Bookshelf

Congressmen at Work – Tuning Up the War Drums

Workers’ Forum – birthday greetings from Greek comrades – cites EPIC failure to capture machine of Democratic Party – explains to Shapira why “Trojan Horse” theory won’t work – father of nine kills self when job ends – thinks 500 lb. cake is too extravagant for times like now

Branches step up collections to meet goal on Militant fund, by Rose Karsner

Scoreboard for $15,000 Militant fund

Building trades unions sign pre-fabs contract, by Raymond Rice

The Militant Army – groundwork laid at co-op for large newsstand sales

New “Militant” office opened in Watts, L.A., by Ed Smith

New York SWP “Militant” affair features skit

Good program featured at Milwaukee affair

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

San Francisco ACEWR to hold Xmas bazaar

Diary of a Steel Worker – a Royal Wedding, by Theodore Kovalesky

Arrest CIO pickets in Chicago (photo)

Hickman’s vindication at trial spurs broader defense drive

The Negro Struggle – the Supreme Court and Covenants, by Albert Parker

Chicago tenants fight against rent increases

Hickman committee set up in California

How they staged the first big Red scare, by George Lavan

Shock Treatment, by Grace Carlson

Notes From the News

Volume X No. 49, December 8, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

The new situation in the unions, by James P. Cannon

Fascist threat mounts as crisis grips France – Stalinists bar road to a workers government

Dairy strikers win cost-of-living bonus in Toledo

A fight to the finish (cartoon)

Stalinists bar road to a workers government

Cold War too good for Walter Lippman [sic]

Palestine partition incites Arabs against the Jews, by Irving Dale

NLRB tightens slave law noose around organized labor’s throat

Toronto Trotskyists run candidates

CIO will seek wage raises, leaders say

Sliding wage scale – fighting slogan of millions, by Art Preis

The present situation in the trade union movement (continued from Page 1)

Wall Street moves pawns on chessboard of Europe

Real issue in France and Italy is who shall run the country? by Joseph Hansen

No school in Paris (photo)

French Trotskyists call for workers government, by Ria Stone

International Notes

Trotsky’s book “whither France” gives key to situation of today, by Evelyn Atwood

Big Four spokesmen jockey for position in next war

Hint U.S. troops to stay in Italy

”Austerity” program faces American people

”So what if you did give . . .” (cartoon)

The autobiography of Mother Jones

The role of the Stalinists in the CIO auto workers, by Art Preis

Christmas spirit, capitalist style

Sealed train in Indonesia

Atomic scientists and the warmakers, by John G. Wright

Miners tell gov’t “hands off!”

Workers’ Forum – “good reading in the paper” – objects to printing Mother Jones serial – technocrat pamphlet lauding the fascists – dislikes review of Steinbeck book – the greedy must have fat profits

$15,000 Militant fund drive draws to a successful finish, by Rose Karsner

Scoreboard for $15,000 Militant fund

The Militant Army – readers take extra copies for their fellow workers

Partition incites Arabs against Palestine Jews (continued from Page 1)

The Marshall Plan and the American seamen

Militant affair best ever held in San Francisco

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Diary of a Steel Worker – the Case of Marty Kernahan, by Theodore Kovalesky

Truman pardons another crooked boss politican [sic]

Increase in profits, after taxes, 50 companies, 1946-47 (chart)

Labor fakers boost capitalist politicians for election in 1948

The Negro Struggle – Here Lies the NNC, by Albert Parker

Conscription law will be pushed in January

Big bargains offered at N.Y. bazaar

Medical Fraud! by Grace Carlson

How 1919-21 Red scare smashed labor, by George Lavan

Notes From the News

Volume X No. 50, December 15, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Justice Dept. issues political blacklist – Truman regime whips up Red scare, by Art Preis

NLRB threatens rights of millions – Remington-Rand ruling invites employers to scrap union contracts

Strike struggle in France knifed by Stalinist leaders – capitulate to ultimatum of anti-labor premier, by Joseph Hansen

Decorating the Constitution (cartoon)

Lays down T-H law to NLRB employee

Protest throttling of press in Greece

Trotskyists arrested

”Death-to-strikers” law passed by Greek regime

NAM launches drive to end overtime pay

New upsurge of wage struggles is coming

What trade unions leaders are doing about the Taft Act, by Art Preis

Shape of things to come (photo)

CIO and AFL peddlers of Wall Street’s plans, by Arthur Burch

4,000 scramble for 1,000 jobs in New York

Who are the subversives?

Our Program:

Justice Dept. issues political blacklist (continued from Page 1)

Billionaire Ford pays a visit to Reuther

Nation-wide strike wave rocks capitalist France, Special to the Militant

Head of French capitalist gov’t (photo)

Bitter conflict flares over Palestine division, by I. Dale

Stalinists knife strike struggle in France (continued from Page 1)

International Notes

A page from Trotsky’s works, by Evelyn Atwood

The SWP is loyal to the working class

”For heaven’s sake . . .”(cartoon)

The autobiography of Mother Jones

Workers’ Bookshelf

Lovett gives the tip off

French workers demand sliding scale

Congressmen at Work – the “Aid-Europe” Debate

Cheers from Taft law supporters

Workers’ Forum – who are the real “subversives” in U.S. – the troubles of a government worker – criticizes UAW convention article – indignant about the nature of U.S. “relief”

Militant fund goes to $16,000, exceeds quota before deadline, by Rose Karsner

Scoreboard for $15,000 Militant fund

The Militant Army – direct subs and renewals supplement branch sales

Need for independent candidates debated at Connecticut CIO parley, by Alvin Royce

SWP denounces Tammany Hall’s move against CP

U.S. oil rationing and Marshall Plan, by John Fredericks

Come and meet other “Militant” readers at these local activities of the Socialist Workers Party

Red-baiters run wild at CIO state convention in New Jersey

Diary of a Steel Worker – the Class, by Theodore Kovalesky

Unions with 15 millions members set up political action groups

CIO wage parley (photo)

The Negro Struggle – Politics and the ‘48 Elections, by Albert Parker

Hickman defense chairman outlines committee’s plans

Mass protest movement is only way to defeat fare rise in N. Y., by George Clarke

A Silk Hat for Santa, by Mary Wood

Red Scare couldn’t stop formation of CIO, by George Lavan

Notes From the News

Volume X No. 51, December 22, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

Hickman is saved; free on probation

”Big 4” end conference in blow-up – find no way to bridge Moscow-Wall St.


Democrats, Republicans pass the buck on prices – Congress fails to act against raging inflation

Police violence against Rome strikers (photo)

Committee hails Hickman victory

Economic crisis forces Moscow to devalue ruble, by John G. Wright

Blood-thirst whetted by Taft-Hartley law

Detroit unions backed Hickman

Lewis silent about this program as miners withdraw from AFL

Pauley case lifts lid on govt. food speculators, by George Lavan

Wallace still angling for deal with the Democrats

Hits discrimination (photo)

140,000 sign petition for California I.P.P., by Al Lynn

Youngstown SWP honors “Militant” at celebration

Stalinists betray heroic Italian workers struggle, by Joseph Hansen

Moscow’s latest “trials” in Eastern Europe, by K. Manfred

ACEWR statement on Clark’s blacklist

Rattle U.S. arms over heads of Italian workers

Soviet crisis forces devaluation of ruble (continued from Page 1)

San Francisco to hold New Year’s celebration

Newark invites readers for New Year’s Eve

The Militant Army – “renew my sub,” writes former reader

One way to make a living

Note to our readers

Total figure raised is $17,000 as Militant fund campaign ends, by Rose Karsner

$15,000 Militant fund final scoreboard

Victory for Hickman hailed by Committee (continued from Page 1)

U.S. imperialism in Panama

Trotskyist youth expose militarism

Workers’ Forum – Hitler, Wallace and Foster – How Trotskyism came to Australia – no wonder SWP is on blacklist

Editor’s Note

Activities of “Militant” readers and the Socialist Workers Party

Negro Unemployment Rising

Reutherites push for local compliance with Taft Act

Diary of a Steel Worker – the Christmas Spirit, by Theodore Kovalesky

Murray pleads for joint action as Taft Act deals double blow

Prices up, wages up (chart)

The Negro Struggle – Let Us Subvert Jim Crow, by Albert Parker

CIO and liberal groups hit government blacklist

Tuberculosis: The Dread Killer, by Grace Carlson

Milwaukee SWP runs J. Boulton for mayor

Need for Labor Party debated in Cleveland, by George Tobin

Did you get your $3,458? By Art Preis

Hansen to tour Midwest on “Struggle for Europe”

Volume X No. 52, December 29, 1947, New York, NY
Militant icon
Published in the Interests of the Working People

Editor: Farrell Dobbs

1947 – year of setbacks for American labor, by Albert Parker

Truman accused of covering up food speculators – official list intended to confuse the public

Headlines in the news (photomontage)

17 billions demanded to chain Europe – ERP intended to save bankrupt capitalists and prepare for war, by George Breitman

What a court!

Five Flint GM locals initiate drive for 25c wage boost

4,000 attend mass rally of IPP in Los Angeles, by Al Lynn

Stop waste of funds, NMU leaders insist

Gravy train hitched onto Marshall Plan

Briggs local backs Flint wage program

NAM spends 3 millions for new union-busting campaign

Like asking hogs to give up swill

Great decisions in France still to come, by T. J. Peters

Publishers spearhead union-busting offensive, by Arthur Burch

1947 – year of setbacks for American labor (continued from Page 1)

Same old company tune (photo)

Joseph Hansen to begin tour on January 3

Santa Monica NAACP gains support in fight against Jim Crow hiring

New Britain New Year’s Eve to be gala event

The Militant Army – branches getting more sub renewals

Workers’ Forum – some Negro leaders benefit from Jim Crow – Chinese readers asks for help – how Stalinists slander the Arabs

Sowing the wind

Labor lieutenants of capitalism

Socialist U.S. of Europe

Colonial and civil wars shake capitalist world during 1947, by Joseph Hansen

Japanese labor on the march (photo)

Gov’t shields grain speculators (continued from Page 1)

Hansen to speak in Cleveland on Jan. 8

Akron SWP to hold New Year’s cabaret

Activities of “Militant” readers and the Socialist Workers Party

Diary of a Steel Worker – New Year’s Day, 1948, by Theodore Kovalesky

Flint UAW official offers wage plan to meet inflation

Pauley admits grain tradings (photo)

Buick local votes to comply to avoid Reuther “administrator,” by Emmett Moore

Truman demands 17 billions to chain Europe (continued from page 1)

The Negro Struggle – Little Progress Recorded This Year, by Albert Parker

All SWP locals meet fund quotas

Christmas Comes to the Mines, by Morgan West

Readers invited to hear Hansen in Youngstown

Good affair held by Lynn ACEWR chapter

Purge at River Rouge

AFL and CIO officials reject Wallace

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