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Workers’ International News, November 1938


Greek Trotskyists in Fascist Jails


From Workers’ International News, Vol.1 No.11, November 1938, p.10.
Transcribed by Ted Crawford.
Marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


Thirteen leading members of the Revolutionary Socialist Organization, Greek section of the Fourth International, have been arrested by police of the Metaxas dictatorship, according to press advises here.

Front-page stories in the controlled press of Greece have gleefully announced the crushing blow dealt to “the infernal Trotskyist gang.”

Quarters Raided

Headquarters of the organization were raided, these reports said, and large quantities of literature, including copies of the Proletarios and Class Solidarity, illegal organs, were seized.

All the prisoners have been subjected to unspeakable tortures in the dungeons of the Metaxas regime.

The list of the arrested was given as follows:

The last two named were charged with distributing revolutionary literature to soldiers.

These comrades are being tortured by police who are seeking to wrest the names of their fellow-workers from them. Every conceivable method of barbarous maltreatment is being used for this purpose.

3,000 Imprisoned

The Metaxas regime has already sent at least 3,000 militants to concentration camps on Aegean islands and to the jail at Acronauphlia, a medieval castle where our comrade Scalaios died. Among these exiles are at least ten of our comrades.

The notorious police tortures include castor oil, hanging by the feet, the beating of the soles of feet until they bleed, insertion of sharp sticks under fingernails, unnameable tortures of girls. Many are thrown out of windows, as was our young comrade, Telegades.

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