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Revolutionary History Vol 4 No 3 was devoted to the questions of the Bolivian revolution of 1952, and the role of the Trotskyists in it. Here we are publishing additional material which we did not have the space for, but which we consider offers useful information and incisive polemic, which will allow our readers to deepen their understanding of these important events. Bolivia 1952 continues to be the subject of controversy, and Revolutionary History follows its regular policy of making available source material, not of seeking to impose its own viewpoint.

  1. F. & G. Chesnais: Introduction to G. Lora’s Bolivie: de la Naissance du Parti Ouvrier Revolutionnaire á l’Assemblée Populaire (extract)

    A strong endorsement of Lora and the POR from a ‘Lambertiste’ viewpoint
  2. "Juan Robles" : Reports from Bolivia

    Material which appeared in the ‘Shachtmanite’ press, including some severe crticisms of Lora and the POR
  3. José Villa : The 1952 Revolution: How the 4th International and the POR betrayed the revolution which could have carried Trotskyism into power

    Full text of the article which we had to reduce to publish in Revolutionary History, Vol.4 No.3. The author was at the time a supporter of the LRCI and reviews the history of the Bolivian events from that standpoint, and with the benefit of access to a large amount of Spanish language material

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it

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