Revolutionary History
Unpublished articles

Revolutionary History is, unfortunately, all too often unable to publish all the material that comes into our hands. Sometimes this is because of lack of space in the planned volumes, or sometimes because we do not have a thematic issue into which the material might be placed. We are taking the opportunity to make this material available to revolutionaries and historians through our web page. (And also of course to give some credit to the authors and translators who have contributed their time and work to preparing this material.) This does not preclude the possibility of print-publishing some of this material in the future.

Editing and marking up the backlog of unpublished material relating to back issues of our magazine has taken much longer than was originally anticipated, but is now substantially complete. We will continue to announce the addition of new documents on this list through the What’s New? section of our welcome page.

Figures in brackets after titles are files sizes, which some readers of this page have asked us to add, in view of the length of some of our documents.

  1. Alexander Podsheldolkin: Origins of the Stalinist Bureaucracy – Some New Historical Facts. (23382)
  2. Mike Jones: A Letter and Bibliographical Notes on Danish Trotskyism, especially Trolle. Clarifications and developments on the material we published in Revolutionary History about Denmark. (35980)
  3. Grandizo Munis: The Politics of the Underground. 1962 analysis of the underground resistance to the Franco regime. (36300)
  4. Mike Jones: Obituary for Walter Seeland, and an appraisal of the Brandlerite tendency. (6431)
  5. Mike Jones: How Estonia became part of the USSR. Based on newly translated sources. (27059)
  6. Three articles from a special issue of the French journal Rouge to mark the 50th anniversary of Trotsky’s death, concerning the fates of members of Trotsky’s family. (25553)
  7. Lecture by Willie Brandt on the Spanish Civil War July 1937. (72905)
  8. Introduction by Ken Tarbuck to 2 essays by Trotsky. (17645)
  9. Report on discussions by Greek Trotskyists in the Acronauplia concentration camp, October 1940, by A. Stinas. (35013)
  10. Extract from Trotsky's speech to the 15th Party Congress, on China, September 1926. (3298)
  11. Errata to Revolutionary History Vol.2 No.1, on the Renault strike and related struggles in France. (1407)
  12. Harry Wicks: Answer to the slanders against the SWP of America. (7100)
  13. Note on the contents of the Cahiers Léon Trotsky, No.21 – Special issue on India. (1850)
  14. Juan Ponce: Obituary for Jorge Villaran, veteran Peruvian Trotskyist. (14457)
  15. Joe Rassool: Notes on the history of the Non-European Unity Movement in South Africa, and the role of Hosea Jaffe.(32477)
  16. Two letters from the South African Trotskyists on the ‘Lee Affair’ in the British Militant Group, 1938. (16439)
  17. Two letters from the South African Trotskyists to Trotsky. (4849)
  18. Document from Politica Obrera On the Argentine Trade Unions: Moreno’s Positions 1944-54 (51587)
  19. A collection of articles about the Bolivian revolution of 1952 This is a submenu
  20. Loukas Karliaftis: The Birth of Bolshevism in Greece (14778)
  21. Peng Shuzi: Criticisms of the Positions of the SWP [USA] (March 1981) On the class nature of the Cuban state (43685)
  22. Ted Crawford, David Turner and J.J. Plant: Notes on Percy Glading, (On early CPGB relations with India, and the Woolwich Arsenal spy case) (19082)
  23. “The Master and the Pupils”, from Gegen Den Strom, 1929 – A critical view of the early German Trotskyists by the KPO (3211)
  24. A biographical sketch of Otto Schüssler, by Pierre Broué (8380)
  25. A biographical sketch of Irwin Wolf, by Pierre Broué (14264)
  26. Ernest Stock: Why Jacob Walcher was a non-person for much of the time from Neues Deutschland, May 1997 (5878)
  27. Obituary of Baruch Hirson (1921-1999), the South African revolutionary and founder of Searchlight South Africa.
  28. Baruch Hirson: A selection of material by the recently deceased South African revolutionary Marxist (this is a submenu)
  29. 1923: A Missed Opportunity? The German October Legend and the Real History of 1923 by August Thalheimer
  30. Red Saxony in 1923 by Mike Jones
  31. Paul Levi on Lenin in retrospect in 1927 translated by Mike Jones
  32. Socialism and the Intelligentsia: The Ideas of Jan Machajski in Historical Retrospect, by Paul Flewers
  33. Did the Bolsheviks Seize Power by Deception? by Paul Flewers
  34. Obituary of Anton Ciliga, by Stephen Schwartz – Updated by ETOL: 16.8.2003