Materials available by Baruch Hirson

1. The General Strike Of 1922

2. Lies In The Life Of ‘Comrade Bill’

3. Tribute From Spark (organ of the Workers Party of South Africa) on the death of S.P. Bunting

4. Communalism And Socialism In Africa: The Misdirection Of C.L.R. James

5. A Short History Of The Non-European Unity Movement – An Insider’s View

6. The Pan-Africanist Congress (PAC) Conference – 1959

7. Inside Quadro – An Account Of The ANC’s Infamous Concentration Camp For Leftist Dissidents

8. A Critical Discussion – South Africa: Ten Years Of The Stay-At-Home, Socialist League of Africa

9. South Africa: Once Again On The Stay-At-Home, Socialist League of Africa

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