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IS Journal Writers: Paul Blackledge

Paul Blackledge

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Winter 2005: A life on the left (book review)

Summer 2006: What was done (book review)

Autumn 2006: The New Left’s renewal of Marxism

Winter 2007: Not just opium (book review)

Winter 2007: Questioning post-Fordism (book review)

Spring 2007: The struggle and the scrum (book review)

Winter 2008: How humans make themselves (book review)

Autumn 2008: Marxism and ethics

Winter 2010: Marxism and anarchism

Summer 2010: Irrational records (book review)

Winter 2011: Labourism and socialism – Ralph Miliband’s Marxism

Summer 2011: Anarchism, syndicalism and strategy –A reply to Lucien van der Walt

Autumn 2012: In perspective – John Holloway

Summer 2013: Left reformism, the state and the problem of socialist politics today

Winter 2014: Once more on left reformism – A reply to Ed Rooksby

Summer 2014: The great schism – socialism and war in 1914

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Last updated: 20 May 2022